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964 He went up into a mountain apart


to pray.-Matt. 14, 23.

FAR from the world, O Lord, I flee,

From strife and tumult far:

From scenes where Satan wages still
His most successful war.

2 The calm retreat, the silent shade,
With prayer and praise agree;
And seem by Thy sweet bounty made
For those who follow Thee.

3 There, if Thy Spirit touch the soul,
And grace her mean abode,

Oh, with what peace, and joy, and love

She communes with her God!

4 There, like the nightingale, she pours Her solitary lays;

Nor asks a witness of her song,
Nor thirsts for human praise.

5 Author and Guardian of my life,
Sweet Source of light divine!
And-all harmonious names in one-
My Saviour, Thou art mine!

6 What thanks I owe Thee, and what love!

A boundless, endless store

Shall echo through the realms above,
When time shall be no more.


965 I will not let Thee go, except Thou

bless me.-Gen. 32, 26.

LORD, I cannot let Thee go,

Till a blessing Thou bestow:

Do not turn away Thy face,
Mine's an urgent, pressing case.

2 Dost Thou ask me who I am?

Ah! my Lord, Thou know'st my name :
Yet the question gives a plea
To support my suit with Thee.
3 Thou didst once a wretch behold,
In rebellion blindly bold,

Scorn Thy grace, Thy power defy;
That poor rebel, Lord, was I.

4 Once a sinner near despair,
Sought Thy mercy-seat by prayer;
Mercy heard, and set him free;
Lord, that mercy came to me.

5 Many days have passed since then,
Many changes I have seen;

Yet have been upheld till now;
Who could hold me up but Thou?
6 Thou hast helped in every need;
This emboldens me to plead;
After so much mercy past,
Canst thou let me sink at last?
7 No, I must maintain my hold,
Tis thy goodness makes me bold;
I can no denial take,


When I plead for Jesus' sake.


966 I will walk at liberty, for I seek


Thy precepts.-Ps. 119, 45.

T length this restless heart is still; Its griefs, doubts, fears, are flown; Chased by a firm, resolved will,

To live to Thee alone.

2 To count each hour, each moment
To spend, be spent for Thee; [Thine,
And so, in this fair boundless shrine
To walk at liberty.

8 But ah! my best resolve is frail!
The dewdrop on the flower
Might easier bear the stormy gale,
Than I the tempter's power!

4 The past, the past, reveals how vain
Hath been my holiest vow;
And so, unless Thy grace sustain,
Will prove my purpose now.

5 But O my God! that grace accord,
In every time of need;

Do Thou, a present help, afford,
Strength to a trembling reed!


9670 that I knew where I might find

Him.-Job 23, 3.

THAT I knew the secret place,
Where I might find my God!

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I'd spread my wants before His face,
And pour my woes abroad.

2 I'd tell Him how my sins arise,
What sorrows I sustain;

How grace decays, and comfort dies,
And leaves my heart in pain.

3 He knows what arguments I'd take
To wrestle with my God:

I'd plead for His own mercy's sake,
And for my Saviour's blood.

4 My God will pity my complaints,
And heal my broken bones;

He knows the meaning of His saints,
The language of their groans.

5 Arise, my soul, from deep distress,
And banish every fear;

He calls thee to His throne of grace
To spread thy sorrows there.


968 Thou knowest that I love Thee.—


John 21, 16.

ARK, my soul! it is the Lord;

thy Saviour, hear


Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee,
"Say, poor sínner, fov'st thou Me?

2 "I delivered thee when bound,

And, when wounded, healed thy wound;
Sought thee wandering, set thee right,
Turned thy darkness into light.

3 "Can a woman's tender care
Cease towards the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be,
Yet will I remember thee.

4 "Mine is an unchanging love,
Higher than the heights above.
Deeper than the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.
5 "Thou shalt see My glory soon,
When the work of grace is done;
Partner of My reign shalt be,-
Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou Me?"
6 Lord! it is my chief complaint,
That my love is weak and faint,
Yet I love Thee, and adore-
O for grace to love Thee more!




A forgetful hearer.-James 1, 25. LONG have I sat beneath the sound Of Thy salvation, Lord;

But still how weak my faith is found, And knowledge of Thy word!

2 Oft I frequent Thy holy place,
And hear almost in vain,

How small a portion of Thy grace
My memory can retain!

3 How cold and feeble is my love!
How negligent my fear!

How low my hope of joys above!
How few affections there!

4 Great God! Thy sovereign power impart
To give Thy word success:
Write Thy salvation in my heart,
And make me learn Thy grace.

5 Show my forgetful feet the way
That leads to joys on high;

There knowledge grows without decay, And love shall never die.



He calleth thee.-Mark 10, 49.

1 HOW long the time since Christ began To call in vain on me!

Deaf to His warning voice, I ran
Through paths of vanity.

2 He called me, when my thoughtless prime

Was early ripe to ill:

I passed from folly on to crime,
And yet He called me still.

3 He called me in the time of dread,
When death was full in view;

I trembled on my feverish bed,-
And rose to sin anew.

4 Yet, could I hear Him once again,
As I have heard of old,

Methinks He should not call in vain
His wanderer to the fold.

5 O Thou that every thought dost know And answercst every prayer!

Try me with sickness, want, or woe,
But snatch me from despair.

6 My struggling will by grace control;
Renew my broken vow:

What blessed light breaks on my soul! My God, I hear Thee now!




Will ye also go away?-John 6, 67. HEN any turn from Zion's way,Alas what numbers do!


Methinks I hear my Saviour say,
Wilt thou forsake Me too?

2 Ah, Lord! with such a heart as mine, Unless Thou hold me fast,

I feel I must, I shall decline,
And prove like them at last.

3 Yet Thou alone hast power, I know,
To save a wretch like me;
To whom or whither could I go,
If I should turn from Thee?

4 Beyond a doubt I rest assured
Thou art the Christ of God,
Who hast eternal life secured
By promise and by blood..

5 The help of men and angels joined
Could never reach my case;

Nor can I hope relief to find,

But in Thy boundless grace.

6 No voice but Thine can give me rest,
And bid my fears depart:

No love but Thine can make me blest,
And satisfy my heart.

7 What anguish has that question stirred If I will also go;

Yet, Lord, relying on Thy word,
I humbly answer, No!


972 My times are in Thy hand.—Ps.

31, 15.

1 FATHER, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me,

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