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á In the Cross of Christ I glory,

Towering o'er the wrecks of time: All the light of sacred story

Gathers round its head sublime.



78. 161 Why seek ye the living among the

dead ?-Luke 24, 5. 1 ORNING byeaks upon the tomb,

Day of triumph through the skies;

See the glorious Saviour rise.
2 Christians, dry your flowing tears,

Chase those unbelieving fears;
Look on His deserted grave,

Doubt no more His power to save. 3 Ye who are of death afraid,

Triumph in the scattered shade
Drive your anxious cares away,

See the place where Jesus lay.
A So the rising sun appears,

Shedding radiance o'er the spheres;
So returning beams of light

Chase the terrors of the night. 162

He is risen.-Mark 16, 6.
A ,

Death, resign thy mighty prey:
See the Saviour quit the tomb,

Glowing with immortal bloom.
2 Saints on earth, lift up your eyes,

Now to glory see Him rise;
Troops of angels on the road

Hail and sing the Incarnate God. 3 Heaven unfolds its portals wide;

Gracious Hero! through them ride;
King of glory! mount Thy throne,
Boiindless empire is Thine own.

4 Praise Him, ye celestial choirs,

Praise, and sweep your golden lyres,
Shout, 0 earth, in rapturous song;

Let the strains be sweet and strong! 5 Every note with wonder swell,

Sin o'erthrown, and conquered hell!
Where is hell's once dreaded king?
Where, 0 death, thy mortal sting?

S.M. 163 The Lord is risen indeed.–Luke

24, 34. 1 “THE

THE Lord is risen indeed!”

And are the tidings true?
Yes! we beheld the Saviour bleed,

And saw Him living too.
2 "The Lord is risen indeed!”

Then Justice asks no more;
Mercy and Truth are now agreed,

Who stood opposed before. 3 "The Lord is risen indeed!”

Then is His work performed;
The captive Surety now is freed,

And death, our foe, disarmed. 5 “The Lord is risen indeed!”

Then hell has lost its prey:
He rises with, His ransomed seed,

To reign in endless day.
“The Lord is risen indeed!"

Attending angels hear,
And to the courts of heaven with speed

The joyful tidings bear.
6 While on their golden lyres,

They strike each cheerful chord,
We join the bright celestial choirs,

To sing our risen Lord. 164 The firstfruits of them that slept.

1-1 Cor. 15, 20.
CHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day!

Sons men
Raise your joy and triumph high!

Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply. 2 Love's redeeming work is done;

Fought the fight, the battle won:
Jo! our sun's eclipse is o'er:
Lo! He sets in blood no more.

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal,

Christ has burst the gates of hell,
Death in vain forbids His rise,

Christ hath opened Paradise.
4 Lives again our glorious King!
Where, 0 death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save;

Where's thy victory, boasting grave? 5 Soar we now where Christ hath led,

Following our exalted Head;
Made like Him, like Him we rise,

Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. 6 King of glory! Soul of bliss!

Everlasting life is this:
Thee to know, Thy power to prové.
Thus to sing, and Thus to love.

148th. 165 Thou hast led captivity captive.

Ps. 68, 18. 1

Triumphant o'er the grave,
The Saviour leaves the tomb,

Omnipotent to save:
Captivity is captive led,

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 2 Who now accuses them,

For whom their Surety died ?
Who now shall those condemn,

Whom God hath justified ?
Captivity is captive led,

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 3 Christ hath the ransom paid,

The glorious work is done,
On Him our help is laid,

By Him our victory won :
Captivity is captive led,
For Jesus liveth that was dead.

8.8.6. 166 Christ both died, and rose, and

revived.-Rom. 14, 9. 1 J

Revives, and rises from the grave,

By His almighty power ;
From sin and death He sets us free,
He captive leads captivity,

And lives to die no more,

2. Children of God, look up and see Your Saviour clothed with majesty,

Triumphant o'er the tomb; Cease, cease to grieve, cast off your

fears: In heaven your mansions He prepares,

And soon will take you home. 3 His church is still His joy and crown, He looks with love and pity down

On her He did redeem;
The members of that church He knows,
He shares their joys and feels their

And they shall reign with Him.

167 Christ being raised from the dead, 1 Y ;


ES, the Redeemer rose;

And o'er our hellish foes
High raised His conquering head;
In wild dismay,

The guards around
Fell to the ground,

And sunk away.
2 Lo, the angelic bands

In full assembly meet,
To wait His high commands,
And worship at His feet!

Joyful they come,

And wing their way

From realms of day

To such a tomb,
3 Then back to heaven they fly,

And the glad tidings bear:
Hark! as they soar on high,
What music fills the air !
Their anthems say,

Jesus, who bled,
Hath left the dead;

He rose to-day."
4 Ye mortals, catch the sound,
Redeemed by Him from hell;
Ind send the echo round
The globe on which you dwell;

Transported cry,

Jesus, who bled,
Hath left the dead;

No more to die."
5 All hail, triumphant Lord,
Who sav'st us with Thy blood!
Wide be Thy name adored,
Thou rising, reigning God.
With Thee we rise,

With Thee we reign,
And empires gain
Beyond the skies.

8.8.6. 168 the beginning the firstborn from

the dead. -1 Cor. 1, 18. 'O

When Christ by His almighty power

Arose, and left the grave: Now let our songs His triumph tell, Who broke the chains of death and hell,

And ever lives to save. 2 The First-begotten from the dead, Behold Him rise, His people's Head,

Immortal life to bring; [die, What though the saints like Him shall They share their leader's victory,

And triumph with their King. 3 No more we tremble at the grave; For He, who died our souls to save,

Wiú raise our bodies too: What though this earthly house shall

fail, The Saviour's power will yet prevail

And build it up anew.

P.M. 169 Afterward they that are Christ's

at Nis coming.-1 Cor. 15, 23. IFT your glad voices in triumph on

high, For Jesus hath risen, and man shall

not die; Vain were the terrors that gathered

around Him, And short the dominion of death and the grave;

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