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O.M. 466 Lord, Thou knowest that I love

Thee.-John 21, 15. 1 DO

O not I love Thee, O my Lord?

Behold my heart and see:
And turn each cherished idol out,

That dares to rival Thee.
2 Do not I love Thee from my soul?

Then let me nothing love; Dead be my heart to every joy,

When Jesus cannot move. 3 Is not Thy name melodious still

To mine attentive ear? Doth not each pulse with pleasure

My Saviour's voice to hear?
4 Hast Thou a lamb in all Thy flock

I would disdain to feed?
Hast Thou a foe before whose face

I fear Thy cause to plead ?
5 Would not my ardent spirit vie,

With angels round the throne, To execute Thy sacred will,

And make Thy glory known? 6 Thou know'st I love Thee, O my Lord:

But oh! I long to soar Far from the sphere

of mortal joys, And learn to love Thee more.

C.M. 467 Weep with them that weep.-Rom.

12, 1 FATHER er mercies send thy grace

All powerful from above, To form in our obedient souls

The image of Thy love. 20 may our sympathizing breasts

That generous pleasure know, Promptly to share in others' joy,

And weep for others' woe.
3 When the most helpless sons of grief

In low distress are laid,
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,

And swift our hands to aid,

4 So Jesus looked on dying men,

When throned above the skies, And, while possessing boundless wealth

He felt compassion rise.
5 On wings of love the Saviour flew

To raise us from the ground,
And made the richest of His blood

A balm for every wound.



468 1 am, meek and lowly in heart.

Matt. 11, 29. 1 Poor in spirit, meek in heart,

i , I shall, as my Master, be

Rooted in humility:
2 Simple, teachable, and mild,

Changed into a little child,
Pleased with all the Lord provides,

Weaned from all the world besides. 8 Father, fix my soul on Thee;

Every evil let me flee:
Nothing want, beneath, above,

Happy in redeeming love.
40 that all may seek, and find

Every good Jesus joined!
Him let Israel still adore,
Trust Him, praise Him evermore!

L.M. 469 Adorn the doctrine of God our Sa.

1 Yo let our lips and lives express

So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine,

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad

The honours of our Saviour God, When the salvation reigns within, And grace subdues the power of sin. 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,

Passion and envy, lust and pride; While justice, temperance, truth, and

love, Our inward piety approve. Religion bears our spirit up, While we expect that blessed hope, The bright appearance of the Lord; And faith stands leaning on His word.


470 Male maite to help me, O Lord, my 10

Salvation.-Ps. 38, 22.
TAKE away this evil heart;

This heart of unbelief renew,
So prone, so eager to depart

From Thee, the living God and true. 20 sanctify this sinful soul;

Health to the dying leper give;
Thou, if Thou wilt, canstmakemewhole,

Speak but the word, and I shall live. 3 0 disenthral this

captive will, Free only when Thou mak'st it free; That I may glory to fulfil

Thy perfect law of liberty.
4 Then though a fallen child of earth,

In death returning to the clod,
I shall become, by second birth,
An heir of heaven-a child of God!


471 Blessed sare the pure in heart. –


. 5, 8. 1 LEST are the pure in heart,

For they shall see their God: The secret of the Lord is theirs;

Their soul is Christ's abode.
2 The Lord, who left the heavens,

Our life and peace to bring ;
To dwell in lowliness with men,
Their Pattern, and their King;


3 IIe to the lowly soul

Doth still Himself impart,
And for His dwelling, and His throne,

Chooseth the pure in heart.
$ Lord, we Thy presence seek;

May ours this blessing be;
O give the pure and lowly heart,-
A temple meet for Thee!

Joined unto the Lord. 1 Cor. , 17.3

EAR Saviour, we are Thine,

By everlasting bands: Our names, our hearts we would resign,

Our souls are in Thy hands.
2 To Thee we still would cleave

With ever-growing zeal ;
If millions tempt us Christ to leave,

O let them ne'er prevail ! 3 Thy Spirit shall unite

Our souls to Thee, our Head,
Conform us to Thine image bright,

That we Thy paths may tread, 4 Death may our souls divide

Froin these abodes of clay;
But love shall keep us near Thy side

Through all the gloomy way. 5 Since Christ and we are one,

Why should we yield to fear?
If He in heaven hath fixed His throne,
He'll place His members theru.


473 If any man serce me, let him folloro

HOW.shah I follow Him I serve?

-John 12, 1

How I copy I
Nor from those blessed footstepsswerve,

Which lead me to His seat above. 2 Privations, sorrows, bitter scor,

The life of toil, the mean abode,
The faithless kiss, the crown of thorn,

Are these the consecrated road:
3 'Twas thus He suffered, though a Son,

Foreknowing, choosing, feeling all;
Until the perfeet work was done,
And drunk the bitter cup of gall.

4 Lord, shouldmy path through suffering

Forbid it I should e'er repine; [lie.
Still let me turn to Calvary,

Norheed my griefs, rememberingThine. 5 To faint, to grieve, to die for me,

Thou camest ;--- not Thyself to please;
And dear as earthly comforts be,

Shall I not love Thee more than these 6 Yes, I would count them all but loss,

To gain the notice of Thine eye;
Flesh shrinks and trembles at the cross,
But Thou canst give the victory.


474 Keep yourselves in the love of God. My Fatingly adore

Y Father God! with filial awe,


And pray to keep Thy Spirit's law

With true heart more and more.
2 Forgiveness so my soul hash stirred,

Subdued, and reconciled,
I must obey my Father's word,

His dear word to His child. 3 My Father's word! ad therefore dear,

And blessed to fulfil!
With perfect love that casts ont fear,

Would I perforin Thy will.
4 The mind that was in Christ supply,

The Spirit of Thy Son!
Then Thou shalt guide me with Thine

And all Thy will be done!

BLESSED is the faithful heart,

78. He shall be like a tree plantel bir

the rivers of water.-Ps. ), 3. 1

Who all , Nor with sinners takes a part,

Nor with scorners sits at ease. 2 God's great law is his delight;

Mighty words that came from heaven,
Comfort him in silent night,
Are his daily portion given.

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