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476 Blessed are the pure in heart: for

3 Thus his soul is like a tree,
By unfailing rivers seen;
Fruit it bears abundantly,
Every leaf is richly green.
4 But the godless are not so;

Where can be their trust or stay?
Like the chaff the wild winds blow,

In the storm they're swept away. 5 Therefore

in the judgment time The ungodly shall not stand, Never join, in bliss sublime,

The redeemed at God's right hand. 6 Lord! Thou watchest every day

O'er the good man's path of light;
But the sinner's darkening way,
Perisheth in fearful night.


they shall God.-, 8 1

Thither, to meet the God of love,

in spirit go;
There is a Paradise of rest;-
For contrite hearts and souls distrest

Its streams of comfort flow, 2 There is a Voice to mercy true;To them who mercy's path pursue

That voice shall bliss impart; There is a Sight from man concealed; That sight-the face of God revealed,

Shall bless the pure in heart. 3 There is a Name in heaven bestowed ;That name, which hails them sons of

The friends of peace shall know;
There is a Kingdom in the sky,
Where they shall reign with God on high,

Who serve Him here below.
4 Lord, be it mine like them to choose

The better part, like them to use

The means Thy love hath given;
Be holiness my aim on earth,
That death be welcomed as a birth
To life and bliss in heaven.

The poor


477 Keep the charge of the Lord that


1 CHARGE to keep I have,

A God to glorify;
A never-dying soul to save,

And fit it for the sky.
2 To serve the present age,

My calling to fulfil;
O may it all my powers engage,

To do my Master's will.
3 Arm me with jealous care,

As in Thy sight to live;
And on! Thy servant, Lord, prepare,

A strict account to give.
4 Help me to watch and pray,

And on Thyself rely; Assured, if I my trust betray, I shall for ever die.

C.M. 478 Brethren, he not weary in well

Thess. 3 1 ORD, as to Thy dear cross we flee, So let Thy life our pattern be,

And form our souls for heaven,
2 Help us, through good report and ill,

Our daily cross to bear,
Like Thee, to do our Father's will,

Our brothers' griefs to share. 3 Let grace our selfishness expel,

Our earthliness refine;
And kindness in our bosoms dwell

As free and true as Thine. 4 Il joy shall

at Thy bidding fly, Ånd grief's dark day come on, We, in our turn, would meekly cry,

“Father, Thy will be done."
5 Should friends misjudge, or foes defamo

Or brethren faithless prove,
Then, like Thine own, be all our aim

To conquer them by love.
6 Kept peaceful in the midst of strife,

Forgiving and forgiven;
O may we lead the pilgrim's life,

And follow Thee to heaven!!!

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479 The glory, which Thou gavest me,


them.-22. 1 ISMISS me not Thy service, Lord,

But train me for 'Thy will;
For even I, in fields so broad,

Some duties may fulfil;
And I will ask for no reward,

Except to serve Thee still.
2 Our Máster all the work hath done,

He asks of us to-day;
Sharing His service, every one,

Share too His Sonship may:
Lord, I would serve and be a son;
Dismiss me not, I pray!

S.M. 480 whatsoerer ye do, do it heartily,

Lord3 1

TEACH me, my God and King,

In all things Thee to see;
And what I do in anything,

To do it as for Thee! 2 To scorn the senses' sway,

While still to Thee I tend; In all I do, be Thou the was,

In all, bé Thou the end.
3 All may of Thee partake;

Nothing so small can be,
But draws, when acted for Thy sake,

Greatness and worth from Thee, 4 If done beneath Thy laws.

E'en servile labours shine; Hallowed is toil, if this the cause, The meanest work, divine.

C.M. 481 Quicken Thou me according to

Thy word.-Ps. 19, 25. 1 MY

Y soul lies cleaving to the dust,

Lord, give me life divine;
From vain desires, and every lust,

Turn off these eyes of mine.
2 I need the influence of Thy grace

To speed me in Thy way,
Lest I should loiter in my race,

Or turn my feet astray,

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* When sore afflictions press me down,

I need Thy quickening powers; Thy word that I have rested on

Shall help my heaviest hours.
4 Are not Thy mercies sovereign still,

And Thou a faithful God?
Wilt Thou not grant me warmer zeal

To run the heavenly road? 5 Does not my heart Thy precepts love,

And long to see Thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move

Without enlivening grace!
6 Then shall I love Thy gospel more,

And ne'er forget Thy word ;
When I have felt its quickening power

To draw me near the Lord.

C.M. 482 Teachume, O Lord, the way of Thy

statutes.1 THAT the Lord would guide my O

ways To keep His statutes still! O that my God would grant me grace

To know and do His will!
2 O send Thy Spirit down, to write

Thy law upon my heart !
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.
3 From vanity turn off mine eyes;

Let no corrupt design,
Nor covetous desires arise,

Within this soul of mine.
4 Order my footsteps by Thy word,

And make my heart sincere;
Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear.
5 My soul hath gone too far astray;

My feet too often slip;
Yet, since I've not forgot Thy way,

Restore Thy wandering sheep. 6 Make me to walk in Thy commands,

Tis a delightful road;
Nor let iny head, or heart, or hands,

Offend against iny God.

C.M. 483 walk as children of light.-Eph.

5, 8. 1 WALK in the light and thou shalt Thy

[own Because on thee the light hath shone

In which is perfect day.
2 Walk in the light-and sin abhorred

Shall not defile again;
The blood of Jesus Christ the Lord

Shall cleanse from every stain. 3 Walk in the light-and thou shalt find

Thy heart made truly His, Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined;

In Whom no darkness is. 4 Walk in the light! so shalt thou know

That fellowship of love His Spirit only can bestow

Who reigns in light above.
5 Walk in the light-and follow on

Till faith be turned to sight,
Where, in divine communion,
God is Himself the Light.

C.M. 484 Create in me a clean heart, O God.

, . 1 0

FOR a heart to praise my God,

A heart from sin set free!
A heart that's sprinkled with the blood

So freely shed for me!
2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek,

My great Redeemer's throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,

Where Jesus reigns alone. 3 A lowly and believing heart,

Abhorring every sin;
Which neither life nor death can part

From Him that dwells within.
4 A heart in every thought renewed,

And full of love divine;
Perfect and right, and pure and good,

A copy, Lord, of Thine.
5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart,

Come quickly from above;
Write Thy new name upon my heart,

Thy new best name of Love,

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