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6 Lord ! submissive may we go,

Gladly leaving all below;
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee!

C.M. 555 The Lord will give grace and

glory.-Ps. 84, 11.
1 My soul, triumphant in the Lord,

And march with holy vigour on,

Supported by its God. 2 Through all the winding maze of life,

His hand hath been my guide;
And, in that long experienced care,

My heart shall still confide. 3 His grace through all the desert flows,

An unexhausted stream:
That grace, on Zion's sacred mount,

Shall be my endless theme.
4 Beyond the choicest joys of earth

These distant courts I love;
But oh, I burn with strong desire

To view Thy house above.
5 Mingled with all the shining band,

My soul would there adore, A pillar in Thy temple fixed, To be removed no more.

C.M. 556 Gird up the loins of your mind.

. 13. 1

ow, Your pilgrim-path pursue, In strength and weakness, joy and woe,

To God's high calling true:-2 Why move ye thus with lingering tread,

A doubting mournful band? Why faintly hangs the drooping head ?

Why fails the feeble hand? 3 Oh! weak to know your Saviour's power,

To feel your Father's care;
A moment's toil, a passing shower,

Is all the grief you share.

4 The Lord of light, though, veiled awhile,

He hide His noon-tide ray,
Shall soon in lovelier beauty smile

To gild the closing day.
5 Then, Christian, dry the falling tear,

The faithless doubt remove; Redeemed at last from guilt and fear,

O wake thy beart to love!

557 I am a stranger with Thee, anul a OUR

. 12. 1 UR country is Immanuel's ground:

We seek that promised soil; The songs of Zion cheer our hearts,

While strangers here we toil.
2 Oft do our eyes with joy o'erflow,

And oft are bathed in tears;
Yet nought but heaven our hopes can

And nought but sin our fears. [raise 3 We tread the path our Master trod;

We bear the cross He bore;
And every thorn that wounds our feet,

His temples pierced before.
4 Our powers are oft dissolved away

In ecstacies of love;
And, while our bodies wander here,

Our souls are fixed above. 558

11s. Faint yet pursuing.-Judg. 8, 4. 1 THOUGH faint, yet pursuing.

The Lord is our Leader,

His word is our stay;
Though suffering and sorrow

And trial be near,
The Lord is our Refuge,

And whom can we fear? 2 IIe raiseth the fallen,

IIe cheereth the faint,
If the weak are opprest,

He hears their complaint;
The way may be weary,

And thorny the road,
But how can we falter,

Whose help is in God?

3 And to His green pastures

Our footsteps He leads ;
His flock in the desert

How kindly He feeds!
The lambs in His bosom

He tenderly bears,
And brings back the wanderers

Safe from the snares.
4 Though clouds may surround us,

Our God is our Light,
Though storms rage around us

Our God is our Might;
So faint, yet pursuing,

Still onward we come, The Lord is our Leader,

And heaven our home. 5 And there all His people

Eternally dwell,
With Him who hath led them

So safely and well;
The toilsome way over,

The wilderness past; And Canaan the blessed

Is theirs at the last.

C.M. 559 And a highway, shall be there

the way of holiness.- Isa. 35, 8. 1 SING, ve redeemed

of the Lord ;
Pilgrims for Zion's city bound,

Be joyful in your King. 2 See the fair way His hand hath raised,

llow holy and how plain! Nor shall the simplest traveller err,

Nor ask the way in vain. 3 No ravening lion shall destroy,

Nor lurking serpent wound: Pleasure and safety, peace and praise,

Through all the path are found. 4 A hand divine shall lead you on

Through all the blissful road,

to the sacred mount you rise,
And see your smiling God.

5 March, then, in your Redeemer's

strength, Pursue His footsteps still; And let the prospect cheer your hearts,

While travelling up the hill,

C.M. 560 Your life is hid with Christ in God.

. 1 EJOICE, believer, in the Lord,

; The hope that's built upon His word

Can ne'er be overthrown.
2 Though many foes beset your road,

And feeble is your arm;
Your life is hid with Christ, in God,

Beyond the reach of harm.
3 Weak as you are, you shall not faint,

Or, fainting, shall not die;
Jesus, the strength of every saint,

Will aid you from on high. 4 Though unperceived by mortal sense,

Faith sees Him always near ; A Guide, a Glory, a Defence;

Then what have you to fear ? 5 As surely as He overcame,

And triumphed once for you; So surely you that love His name

Shall triumph in Him too.


561 Lead us not into temptation.

11, 1 EAVENLY Father! to whose eye

Through the desert where I stray,

Let Thy counsels guide my way. 2 Lead me not, for flesh is frail,

Where fierce trials would assail;
Leave me not, in darkened hour,

To withstand the tempter's power.
3 Save me from his treacherous wiles;

Arm me against pleasure's smiles:
Give me, for my spirit's health
Neither poverty nor wealth.

4 Lord, uphold me day by day:

Shed a light upon my way:
Guide me through perplexing snares:

Care for me in all my cares.
5 Should Thy wisdom, Lord, decree

Trials long and sharp for me,
Pain or sorrow, care or shame;

Father, glorify Thy name.
6 Let me neither faint nor fear,

Feeling still that Thou art near;
In the course my Saviour trod,
Tending still to Thee, my God.

L.M. 562 Call to remembrance the former

days.-Heb. 10, 32. 1 Thus far my God hath led

me on, And made His truth and mercy

known; My hopes and fears alternate rise,

And comforts mingle with my sighs. 2 Through this wide wilderness I roam,

Far distant from my blissful home; Lord, let Thy presence be my stay, And guard me in this dangerous way. 8 Temptations every where annoy,

And sins and snares my peace destroy ; My earthly joys are from me torn,

And oft an absent God I mourn. 4 Is this, dear Lord, that thorny road,

Which leads us to the mount of God? Are these the toils Thy people know

While in the wilderness below? 5 Tis even so: Thy faithful love

Doth all Thy children's graces prove; Tis thus our pride and self must fall, That Jesus may be All in all.

O.M. The Lord is thy keeper.-Ps. 121, 5. 1 no Zion's hill I lift mine eyes,

From thence expecting aid,
From Zion's hill and Zion's

Who heaven and earth has made.

563 TO

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