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C.M. 81 Hath given us everlasting consola

tion.—2 Thess. 2, 16, 1 COME, humble souls, ye mourners

And wipe away your tears Adieu to all your sad complaints,

Your sorrows and your fears. 2 Proclaim aloud the Father's grace,

And sing the Saviour's love : Soon shall you join the glorious theme,

In loftier strains above.
3 God, the eternal, mighty God,

To dearer names descends;
Calls you His treasure and His joy,

His children and His friends.
4 My Father God !--and may these lips

Pronounce a name so dear? Not thus could heaven's sweet harmony

Delight my listening ear.
5 Thanks to my God for every gift

His bounteous hands bestow,
And thanks eternal for that love

Whence all those comforts flow. 6 For ever let my grateful heart

His bounteous grace adore;
Which givesten thousand blessings now
And bids me hope for more.

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82 Thou, o God, nust prepared of Thy

goodness for the poor.-Ps. 08, 10. 1 TO ,

Who formed the earth, the sea, the To Him on whom all worlds depend,

Our humbled hearts in sighs we send. 2 Will He who hears the ravens' cry,

Reject our prayers, and bid us die
Will He refuse His help to yield,

Who clothes the lilies of the field? 3 Father of grace! whom we adore

Bless Thy large family, the poor:
The poor on Thee alone depend;
Continue Thou the poor man's friend.

4 Content to live by toil and pain,

May we eternal riches gain;
Meanwhile, by Thy free goodness fed,
Give us this day our daily bread.


83 In all thy ways acknowledge Him.

Prov. 3, 6.
SINCE, all the downward tracts of

Oh, who so wise to choose our lot,

And regulate our ways?
2 Since none can doubt His equal love,

Unmeasurably kind,
To His unerring, gracious will,

Be every wish resigned.
3 Good when He gives, supremely good,

Nor less when He denies,
E'en crosses from His sovereign hand

Are blessings in disguise.

84 Having therefore ovlained help of God,

I continue unto this day.-Acts 26, 22. 1 REAT God, wesing that mighty hand

The opening year Thy mercy shows;

That mercy crowns it till its close. 2 By day, by night, at home, abroad,

still are we guarded by our God; By His incessant bounty fed,

By His unerring counsel led. 3 With grateful hearts, the past we own;

The future, all to us unknown,
We to Thy guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before Thy feet. 4 In scenes exalted or deprest,

Be Thou our joy, and Thou our rest:
Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Adored through all our changing days. 5 When death shall interrupt these songs,

And seal in silence mortal tongues,
Our helper God, in whom we trust,
In better worlds our souls shall boast.


C.M. 85 Thou crownest the year with Thy

goodne88.-Ps. 65, 11. 1 G LOD of our life! Thy various praise

Let mortal voices sound:
Thy hand revolves our fleeting days,

And brings the seasons round.
2 To Thee shall annual incense rise,

Our Father and our Friend ;
While annual mercies from the skies

In genial streams descend.
3 In every scene of life, Thy care,

In every age, we see,
And constant as Thy favours are,

So let our praises be.
4 Still may Thy love in every scene,

In every age appear;
And let the same compassion deign

To bless the opening year.
5 O keep this foolish heart of mine

From anxious passions free; Each comfort teach me to resign,

And trust my all to Thee !
6 If mercy smile, let mercy bring

My wandering soul to God;
And in allliction I will sing,

If Thou wilt bless the rod.


86 The Lord preserveth all them that


love Him.-Ps. 145, 20. 1

Whose love for ever is the same; The tokens of whose gracious care

Open, and crown, and close the year. 2 Amidst ten thousand snares we stand,

Supported by His guardian hand;
And see, when we review our ways,

Ten thousand monuments of praise. 3 Thus far His arm hath led us on;

Thus far we make His mercy known;
And while we tread this desert land,
New mercies shall new songs demand.


7s. The pastures are clotked with flocks;

the valleys . . with corn.-Ps. 65, 13. 1

For the love that crowns our days; Bounteous Source of every joy!

Let Thy praise our tongues employ :2 For the blessings of the field,

For the stores the gardens yield,
Flocks that whiten all the plain,

Yellow sheaves of ripened grain:3 All that spring, with bounteous hand,

Scatters o'er the smiling land;
All that liberal autumn pours

From her rich o'erflowing stores. 4 God in Christ! to Thee we owe

All the mercies that we know,
And the gift,--all gifts above,
The great ransom of Thy love.

LM. 88 Thou renewest the face of the earth.

-Ps. 104, 30. 1 is

Trees and fields in bloom appear; Hark! the birds in artless lays,

Warble their Creator's praise. 2 Where in winter all was snow,

Now the flowers in clusters grow,
And the corn in green array,

Promises a harvest day.
3 Lord, afford a spring to me,

Let me feel like what I see;
Speak, and by Thy gracious voice,

Make my drooping heart rejoice. 4 On Thy garden deign to smile,

Cheer the plants, enrich the soil;
Soon Thy presence will restore,

Life to what seemed dead before. 5 Lord, I long to be at home,

Where these changes never come!
Where the saints no winter fear,

Where tis spring throughout the year. 6 How unlike this state below!

There the flowers unwithering blow,
There no chilling blasts annoy,
All is love, and peace, and joy.

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L.M. 89 Thou preparert them corn when Thou

hast so provided for it.-Ps. 65, 9. 1

, The clouds that cause our fields to grow,

[glide, And streams which through our valleys

And fruitful crops of corn provide. 2 Thy rain makes soft the harrowed clod,

And numerous blades break through Then, rising to the waving ear, (the sod,

At length in ripened grain appear.
3 Thy goodness thus prepares a crop;

Thy paths with fatness ever drop;
And teeming nature's cheerful voice

Seems in Thy bounty to rejoice.
4 The little hills have praising tongues;

The fruitful vales break forth in songs, While numerous bleating flocks are

Joyful among the pastures green.
5 Lord, make us fruitful thus in grace,

And joy shall animate each face:
With living spring our souls renew,
Our hearts shall leap and praise Thee

L.M. 90 Thou openest Thine hand, they are

filled with good.-Ps. 104, 28.
(REAT God! as seasons disappear,

And changes mark the rolling year,
Thy favour still has crowned our days,

And we would celebrate Thy praise. 2 The harvest-song would we repeat;

Thou givest us the finest wheat! The joys of harvest we have known: The praise, O Lord! is all Thine own. 3 Our tables spread, our garners stored,

() give us hearts to bless Thee, Lord! Forbid it, Source of light and love, That hearts and lives should barren

4 Another harvest comes apace,

Ripen our spirits by Thy grace;
That we may calmly meet the blow
The sickle gives to lay us low:-

1 GB

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