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5 That so, when angel-reapers come

To gather sheaves to Thy blest home,
Our spirits may be borne on high,
To Thy safe garner in the sky.

C.M. 91 Seed-time and harvest ... shall not

cease. -Gen. 8, 22. i Topraise the ever bounteous Lord,

My soul, thy
He calls, and at His voice come forth

The smiling harvest hours. 2 His covenant with the earth He keeps ;

My tongue, His goodness sing;
Summer and winter know their time,

His harvest crowns the spring. 3 Well pleased the toiling swains behold

The waving yellow crop;
With joy they bear the sheaves away,

And sow again in hope.
4 Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow,

The seeds of righteousness;
Smile on my soul, and with Thy beams
The ripening harvest bless.

92 Thy paths drop fatness—Ps. 65, 11.
Cow let us raise our voices high,

And bless His liberal hand
Who reigns enthroned above the sky,

And smiles upon the land.
2 We praise Thy name for fruitful fields

For autumn's ample store ;
For all the comforts nature yields,

To bless both rich and poor.
3 Yes, gracious God, year after year,

We prove Thy kindness still;
Seed-time and harvest both appear,

Thy promise to fulfil.
A But the provisions of Thy grace

All other gifts exceed ;
May we Thine offers, Lord, embrace,

And on the Saviour feed. 5 Then, when the glorious morn shall

That all Thy saints shall rise, [come, Angels will bear the harvest home

To garners in the skies.

C.M. 93 who can stand before His cold?

Ps. 147, 17. 1

STERN winter throws bis icy chains, How bleak, how comfortless the plains,

Late with gay verdure erowned ! 2 The sun withdraws his vital beams,

And light and warmth depart, And drooping, lifeless nature seems

An emblem of my heart. 3 My heart, where mental winter reigns

In night's dark mantle clad, Confined in cold inactive chains,

How desolate and sad!
4 Return, o blissful Sun, and bring

Thy soul-reviving ray:
This mental winter shall be spring,

This darkness, cheerful day. 5 O happy state, divine abode,

Where spring eternal reigns, And perfect day, the smile of God,

Fills all the heavenly plains ! 6 Great source of light, Thy beams dis

My drooping joys restore, [play And guide me to the seat of day, Where winter frowns no more.

C.M. 94 to the Lord our God belony

mercies and forgivenesses.-Dan. 9, 9. 1 WI THEN all Thy mercies, O my God!

My rising soul surveys: Transported with the view, I'm lost

In wonder, love, and praise. 2 O how shall words, with equal warmth,

The gratitude declare That glows within my thankful heart?

But Thou canst read it there.
3 To all my weak complaints and cries

Thy mercy lent an ear,
Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learnt

To form themselves in prayer.
4 When in the slippery paths of youth

With heedless steps I ran,
Thine arm unseen conveyed me safe,

And led me up to man.

5 Through hidden dangers, toils, and

It cleared my dubious way; (deaths, And through the pleasing snares of vice,

More to be feared than they. 5 When worn with sickness, oft hast Thou

With health renewed my face; And when in sins and sorrows sunk,

Revived my soul with grace.
7 Through every period of my life

Thy goodness I'll pursue;
And after death, in distant worlds,

The glorious theme renew. 8 When nature fails, and day and night

Divide Thy works no more, My ever grateful heart, O Lord !

Thy mercy shall adore.
9 Through all eternity to Thee

A joyful song I'll raise,
For oh! eternity's too short
To utter all Thy praise.


C.M 95 God sent not His Son into the world

to condemn the world.-John 3, 17. 1 Come happy souls, approach your God

With new songs Come, render to almighty grace

The tribute of your tongues. 2 So strange, so boundless was the love

That pitied dying men,
The Father sent His equal Son

To give them life again. 3 Thy hands, dear Jesus, were not armed

With an avenging rod,
No hard commission to perform

The vengeance of a God.
4 But all was mercy, all was mild,

And wrath forsook the throne, When Christ on the kind errand came,

And brought salvation down.

5 Now, sinners, you may healyourwounds,

And wipe your sorrows dry;
Trust in the mighty Saviour's name,

And you shall never die.
6 See, dearest Lord, our willing souls

Accept Thine offered grace;
We bless the great Redeemer's love,
And give the Father praise.

S.M. 96 God was in Christ, reconciling the

world unto Himself.-2 Cor. 5, 19. 1 RATO an immortal tune;

AISE your triumphant songs
Let the wide earth resound the deeds

Celestial grace has done. 2 Sing how eternal love

Its Chief-Beloved chose,
And bid Him raise our wretched race

From their abyss of woes.
3 His hand no thunder bears,

No terror clothes His brow;
No bolts to drive our guilty souls

To fiercer flames below.
4 'Twas Mercy filled the throne,

And Wrath stood silent by, WhenChrist wassentwith pardons down

To rebels doomed to die.
5 Now, sinners, dry your tears,

Let hopeless sorrows cease:
Bow to the sceptre of His love,

And take the offered peace. 6 Lord, we obey Thy call,

We lay an humble claim
To the salvation Thou hast brought,
And love and praise Thy name.

God is my salvation.-Isa. 12, 2.
1 ARISE my soul, my joy@powers,

And triumph in God;
Awake, my voice, and loud proclaim,

His glorious grace abroad.
2 He raised me from the deeps of sin,

The gates of gaping hell,
And fixed my standing more secure

Than 'twas before I tell.


3 The arms of everlasting love

Beneath my soul He placed, And on the Rock of Ages set

My slippery footsteps fast. 4 The city of my blest abode

Is walled around with grace; Salvation for a bulwark stands,

To sbield the sacred place. 5 Arise, my soul, awake, my voice,

And songs of gladness sing; Loud hallelujahs shall address My Saviour and my King.

L.M. 98 According to His own purpose and

grace.--2 Tim. 1, 9. 1

, Be everlasting honours given; He saves from hell, we bless His name;

He calls our wandering feet to heaven. 2 Not for our duties or deserts,

But of His own abounding grace,
He works salvation in our hearts,

And forms a people for His praise.
3 "Twas His own purpose that begun
To rescue rebels doomed to die;
He gave us grace in Christ His Son
Before He spread the starry sky.
4 Jesus the Lord appears at last,

And makes His Father'scounsels known, Declares the great transactions past, And brings immortal blessings down. 5 He dies; and in that dreadful night Doth all the powers of hell destroy: Rising, He brings our heaven to light, And takes possession of the joy.

L.M. 99 The Lord Jehovah is my strength

and my song.--Isa. 1.2, 2. 1 GMor

salvation, we adore Thy saving love, Thy saving power; And to our utmost stretch of thought, Hail the redemption Thou hast wrought. 2 Welovethestroke that breaks our chain, The sword by which our sins are slain; And while abased in dust we bow, We sing the grace that lays us low.

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