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5 And now that thou dost reign on high,

And thence Thy waiting people bless, No ray of glory from the sky Doth shine upon our wilderness; But we believe Thy faithful word, And trust in our redeeming Lord. 144 He humbled himself and became

obedient unto death.-Phil. 2. 8. 1

THOU, who didst stoop below

To drain the cup of woe, And wear the form of frail mortality,

Thy blessed labours done,

Thy crown of victory won, Hast passed from earth,--passed to Thy

home on high. 2 It was no path of flowers,

Through this dark world of ours, Beloved of the Father, Thou didst tread :

And shall we in dismay,

Shrink from the narrow way, When clouds and darkness are around it

spread? 3 O Thou, who art our Life,

Be with us through the strife; Thine own meek head by rudest storms

was bowed;
Raise Thou our eyes above

To see a Father's love, (cloud. Beam, like a bow of promise, through the 4 E'en through the awful gloom,

Which hovers o'er the tomb, That light of love our guiding star shall

Our spirits shall not dread

The shadowy way to tread, Friend, Guardian, Saviour, which doth

lead to Thee.

C.M. 145 He stedfastly set His face to go to

Jerusalem. --Luke 9, 51. 1

Was kindled in His breast,
When, hasting to Jerusalem,

He marched before the rest!
2 Goodwill to man and zeal for God

His every thought engross;
He longs to be baptized in blood,

He pants to reach the cross.

[be; 3 With all His sufferings full in view,

And woes to us unknown, Forth to the task His spirit flew;

'Twas love that urged Him on. 4 Lord, while Thy matchless sorrows here,

Engage our wondering eyes ; Teach us our lighter cross to bear

And hasten to the skies.

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Seen of angels.-1 Tim. 3, 16.
EYOND the glittering starry skies,

Far as the eternal hills,
There, in the boundless world of light,

Our dear Redeemer dwells.
2 Immortal angels, bright and fair,

In countless armies shine;
Before Him, in transported lays,

They offer songs divine. 3 “Tail, Prince!”they cry,“for ever hail!

Whose unexampled love
Moved Thee to quit these glorious

realms, And royalties above." 4 And whilst Hestooped on earth to dwell.

And suffer rude disdain;
They cast their honours at His feet,

And waited in His train.
3 In all His toils and dangerous paths

They did His steps attend;
Oft paused, and wondered how at last,

The scene of love would end.
6 As on the torturing tree He hung,

And darkness veiled the sky,
Amazed, they saw that awful sight,

The Lord of glory die! 7 They saw Him burst the gates of death,

And quell the tyrant's power;
And when the Conqueror arose,

They hailed the blessed hour. 8 They thronged His chariot up theskies,

And bore Him to His throne; (cried, Then swept their golden harps, and *The glorious ivork is done!"

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147 Having made peace through the

blood -1, 20. 1

To spread her Maker's praise

abroad; And every labour of His hands

Shows something worthy of a God.
2 But, in the grace that rescued man,

His brightest of glory shines;
Here, on the cross, tis fairest drawn,

With precious blood, in crimson lines. 3 Here His whole Name appears com

Nor wit can guess, nor reason prove,
Which of the letters best is writ,
The power, the wisdom, or the love.
4 Oh, the sweet wonders of that cross,

Where God the Saviour loved and died !
Her noblest life my spirit draws
From His dear wounds and bleeding

5 I would for ever speak His name

In sounds to mortal ears unknown;
With angels join to praise the Lamb,
And worship at His Father's throne.

C.M. 148 Christ suffered, the just for the

unjust. - 1 Pet. 3, 18.
ND did the Holy and the Just,


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Stoop down to wretchedness and dust

That sinners lost might rise ? 2 Yes, the Redeemer left His throne,

His radiant throne on high, Surprising mercy! love unknown!

To suffer, bleed, and die.

3 He took the dying traitor's place,

And suffered in his stead; For man, O miracle of grace!

For man the Saviour bled !
4 Jesus ! my soul adoring bends

To love so full, so free:
And may I hope that love extends

Its saving power to me?
8 What glad return can I impart-

For favours so divine ?
O take my all-this worthless heart,

And make it only Thine.

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C.M. 149 The Lord hath lạid on Him the,

iniquity of us all.-Isa. 53, 6. 1 THE

Saviour comes; no outward pomp Bespeaks His presence nigh, No earthly beauty shines in Him

To draw the carnal eye.
2 Rejected and despised of men,

Behold a Man of woe !
Grief was His heavy burden here,

Through all His life below.
3 Yet all the griefs He felt were ours,

And ours the woes He bore ;
Pangs, not His own, His spotless soul

With bitter anguish tore.
His sacred blood hath washed our souls

From sin's polluting stain;
His stripes have healed us, and His death

Revived our souls again.
8 All we like sheep had gone astray

In ruin's fatal road :
On Him were man'stransgressions laid ;

He bore the mighty load,
6 He died to bear the guilt of men,

That sin might be forgiven ;
He lives to bless them, and defend,

And plead their cause in Heaven. 7 0 God the Son, who lowly came

Lost sinners to restore,
All glory to Thy holy naine,

Ad glory evermore.

. C.M. 150 He hath made Him to be sin for us,

who knew no sin.-2 Cor. 5, 21. ? A ?

And did my Sovereign die?
Would He devote that sacred head

For such a wretch as I?
2 Was it for crimes that I have done

He groaned upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown!

And love beyond degree! 3 Well might the sun in darkness hide,

And shut his glories in,
When the Incarnate Maker died

For man, His creature's, sin.
4 Thus might I hide my blushing face,

While His dear cross appears:
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,

And melt my eyes to tears.
5 But drops of grief can ne'er repay

The debt of love I owe;
O Lord, I give myself away!

Tis all that I can do.

C.M. 151 He said, it is finished.-John 10,

. 1 I

SING my Saviour's wondrous death;

He conquered when He fell :
Tis finished ! said His dying breath,

And shook the gates of hell.
2 Tis finished ! our Immanuel cries ;

The dreadful work is done : Hence shall His sovereign throne

His kingdom is begun.
3 His cross a sure foundation laid

For glory and renown,
When, through the regions of the

He passed to reach the crown.
4 Exalted at His Father's side

Sits our victorious Lord;
To heaven and hell His hands divide

The vengeance or reward. L.

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