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4 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud with solemn voice;
While British tongues exalt His praise,

And British hearts rejoice. 5 He, the great Lord, the sovereignJudge,

That sits enthroned above, Wisely commands the worlds He made,

In justice and in love.
6 Earth shall obey her Maker's will,

And yield a full increase;
Our God will crown His chosen isle

With fruitfulness and peace.
7 God the Redeemer scatters round

His choicest favours here;
While the creation's utmost bound

Shall see, adore, and fear.


758 Our help is in the name of the LO

124, 8. 1 ORD, while for all mankind we pray,

Of every clime and coast,
O hear us for our native land,

The land we love the most.
2 Our father's sepulchres are here,

And here our kindred dwell:
Our children too ;-how should we love

Another land so well?
3 O guard our shores from every foe,

With peace our borders bless;
With prosperous times our cities crown,

Our fields with plenteousness. 4 Unite us in the sacred love

of knowledge, truth, and Thee; And let our hills and valleys shout

The songs of liberty.
5 Here may religion pure and mild

Upon our Sabbaths smile;
And piety and virtue reign,

And bless our native isle.
6 Lord of the nations, thus to Thee

Our country we commend;
Be Thou her Refuge and her Trust,
Her everlasting Friend.


148th. Olet the nations be glad, and sing

for joy.-Ps. 67, 4.
RTSE, racious God, and shine,

In all
And prosper each design,

To spread Thy glorious light:
Let healing streams of mercy flow,

That all the earth Thy truth may know. 2 O bring the nations near,

That they may sing Thy praise, Let all the people hear, And learn thy righteous ways; Reign, mighty God, assert Thy cause,

And govern by Thy righteous laws. 3 Put forth Thy glorious power,

The nations then will see,
And earth present her store

In converts born to Thee;
God, our own God, His church will

bless, And earth will teem with fruitfulness.


760 The people achich sat in darkness

saw light.. 1

Look, my soul, be still, and gaze: All the promises do travail With a glorious day of grace:

Blessed jubilee!
Let thy glorious morning dawn.
2 Let the Indian, let the Negro,

Let the rude barbarian see
That divine and glorious conquest
Once obtained on Calvary :

Let the Gospel
Loud resound from pole to pole.
3 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness,
Grant them, Lord, Thy glorious

And from eastern coast to western,
May the morning chase the night;

And redemption,
Freely purchased, win the day.

4 May the glorious day approaching,

On their grossest darkness dawn,
And the everlasting gospel
Spread abroad Thy holy name,

O'er the borders
of the great Immanuel's land.
5 Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel,

Win and conquer, never cease:
May thy lasting, wide dominion
Multiply and still increase;

Sway Thy sceptre,
Saviour, all the world around.

LM. 761 And where is the fury of the op

. , HOLY Father, just and true 10

Are all Thy works, and words, and

And unto Thee alone are due

Thanksgiving and eternal praise. 2 As children of Thy gracious care,

We veil the eye, we bend the knee;
With broken words of praise and prayer,

Father and God! we come to Thee.
3 For thou hast heard, O God of right!

The sighing of the helpless slave;
And stretched for him the arm of might,

Not shortened that it could not save. 4 Speed on Thy work, Lord God of hosts!

And when the bondman's chain is riven,
And swells from every country's coasts

The anthem of the free to heaven 5 Oh, not to those whom Thou hast led,

As with Thy cloud and fire before.
But unto Thee, in fear and dread,
Be praise and glory evermore!


762 Bogst not against the branches.


Rom. ,


Enthroned once on high,
Thou favoured home of God on earth,

Thou heaven below the sky;

Now brought to bondage with thy sons,

A curse and grief to see,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem !

Our tears shall flow for thee. 2 O hadst thou known thy day of grace,

And flocked beneath the wing of Him who called thee lovingly,

Thine own anointed King:
Then had the tribes of all the world

Gone up thy pomp to see,
And glory dwelt within thy gates.

And all thy sons been free. 3 "And who art thou that mournest me?"

Jerusalem may say.
"And fear'st not rather that thyself

May prove a castaway!
I am a dried and abject branch,

My place is given to thee;
But woe to every barren graft

Of thy wild olive tree!
4. “Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Our time oť mercy spent,
For heavy was my children's crime,

And strange their punishment:
Yet gaze not idly on our fall,

But, sinner, warned be;
Who spared not His chosen seed,

May send His wrath on thee!
5 Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Thy noon is in its prime;
O turn and seek thy Saviour's face

In this accepted time.
So, Gentile, may Jerusalem

A lesson prove to thee,
And in the new Jerusalem

Thy home for ever be."

763 God is able to graft them in again. 10

WHY should Israel's sons, once

Still roam the scorning world around,
Disowned of heaven, by man opprest,
Outcasts from Zion's hallowed ground?

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2 O God of Israel, view their race;

Back to Thy fold the wanderers bring: Teach them to seek Thy slighted grace,

To hail in Christ their promised King. 3 The veil of darkness rend in twain, Which hides their Shiloh's glorious

light: The severed olive-branch again Back to its parent stock unite. 4 While Judah views his birthright gone,

With contrite shame his bosom move,
The Saviour he denied, to own,
The Lord he crucified, to love!


764 upon CHU

they have pierced. --Zech, 12, 10. 1 HILDREN of Zion, know your king,

Your own Messiah hail; Hosanna in His temple sing,

For He hath rent the veil. 2 Himself the sacrifice for sin,

As your High Priest He died, With His own blood He entered in,

Behold Him crucified!
3 Behold Him on the mercy-seat,

High in the holiest place;
Now cast yourselves before His feet,

Then rise to see His face. 4 So shall your hearts within you burn,

While guided by His voice;
With songs to Zion you return,

And in your God rejoice.
5 At His great name bow every knee,

Let every tongue confess;
Christ whom your fathers slew is He,

The Lord your Righteousness.


765 Thou hast brought a vine out of * set,

. 80, 8. 1

On Israel's fallen line?
And canst Thou, gracious Lord, forget

The long-regarded vine?

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