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Thy vine which oncefrom Egypt's sands,

To Canaan's fostering dew,
Transported by Thy tender hands,

So fair, so fruitful grew.
2 Like goodliest cedars, wide and vast,

Around her arms were spread, Deep in the rock her roots she cast,

To heaven she reared her head: Her fruits from farthest east to west,

With wonder kings surveyed; (blest, And earth, and earth's glad sons, were

Beneath' her cooling shade.
3 Alas! where once in joy she stood,

Her fences now are bare,
And boars and monsters of the wood

Her richest clusters tear:
Then turn Thee, Lord, and from above,

Once more in mercy shine, With looks of pity and of love

Regard Thy fallen vine.



766 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,


lands.. 1

Ye nations bow with sacred joy ;
Know that the Lord is God alone;

He can create and He destroy. 2 His sovereign power, without our aid,

Made us of clay, and formed us men;
And, when like wandering sheep we

He brought us to His fold again.
3 We are His people, we His care,

Our souls, and all our mortal frame;
What lasting honours shall we rear,

Almighty Maker, to Thy name? 4 We'll crowd Thy gates with thankful

songs; High as the heavens our voices raise; And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

(praise. Shall fill Thy courts with sounding 5 Wide as the world is Thy command,

Vast as eternity Thy love;
Firm as a rock Thy truth shall stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move

767 Bless the Lord, O my soul.–Ps.


, LESS, O my soul, the living God! Call home thy thoughts that rove

abroad: Let all the powers within me join

In work and worship so divine. 2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace!

His favours claim thy highest praise ; Why should the wonders He hath

wrought Be lost in silence, and forgot? 3 Tis He, my soul, that sent His Son

To die for crimes which thou hast done; He owns the ransom, and forgives

The hourly follies of our lives. 4 He sees the oppressor and the opprest,

And often gives the sufferers rest;
But will His justice more display

In the last great rewarding day. 5 His power He showed by Moses' hands,

And gave to Israel His commands;
But sent His truth and mercy down
To all the nations by His Son.
6 Let the whole earth His power confess,

Let the whole earth adore His grace:
The Gentile with the Jew shall join
In work and worship so divine.

768 Blessed are they that dwell in Thy

· BEAUTIFUL, desired, and dear,

Lord of Hosts, Thy dwellings here!
How we long for Thine abode!
How our spirits faint for God!
Birds are happy in their nest,
So Thy people find their rest
In their Father's house of prayer;
Blessed are the dwellers there!

2 Blessed are the ways of them,

Seeking loved Jerusalem!
On with eager joy they press,
Cheerful make the wilderness;
Easy, the divided length;
So they go from strength to strength,
Till in Zion's holy shrine,

Each one tastes the joy divine.
3 Like to them, we bring our prayer,

O Thou God of Jacob, hear!
For within the heavenly veil,
Marred by death, by suffering pale,
Our High Priest for ever stands,
See! He lifts His pierced hands!
Mighty pleadings

do they wield; O our God! behold our Shield!


769 Our feet shall stand within thy How did my heart rejoice to hear

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gates, o Jerusalem.-Ps. 122, 2. 1

My friends , “In Zion let us all appear,

And keep the solemn day!” 2 I love her gates, I love the road;

The Church, adorned with grace. Stands like a palace, built for God

To show His milder face. 3 Up

to her courts, with joys unknown,

The holy tribes repair;
The Son of David holds His throne,

And sits in judgment there.
4 He hears our praises and complaints,

And, while His awful voice Divides the sinners from the saints,

We tremble and rejoice.
5 Peace be within this sacred place,

And joy a constant guest;
With holy gifts and heavenly grace

Be her attendants blest!
6 My soul shall pray for Zion still,

While life or breath remains;
There my best friends, my kindred

There God my Saviour reigns.

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6.6.8. Peace be within thee.-Ps. 122, 8. 1 HO

OW pleased and blest was I

To hear the people cry,
Come let us seek our God to-day!
Yes, with a cheerful zeal

We haste to Zion's hill,
And there our vows and' homage pay.
2 Zion, thrice happy place!

with wondrous grace, And walls of strength embrace thee

In thee our tribes appear
To pray, and praise, and hear
The sacred gospel's joyful sound.
3 There David's

greater Son
Hath fixed His royal throne;
He sits for grace and judgment there:

He bids the saints be glad,

He makes the sinner sad,
And humble souls rejoice with fear,
4 May peace attend thy gate,

And joy within thee wait,
To bless the soul of every guest!
The man that seeks thy peace,

And wishes thine increase,
A thousand blessings on him rest!
5 My tongue repeats her vows,

Peace to this sacred house!
For there my friends and kindred

And, since my glorious God

Makes thee His blest abode,
My soul shall ever love thee well.


S.M. 771 let us go into the house of the

122, 1
ULAD was my heart to hear

My old companions say,
Come, in the house of God appear,

For tis a holy day.
2 Our willing feet shall stand

Within the temple door;

old and young, in many a band, Shall throng thy sacred floor.

Thither the tribes repair,

Where all are wont to meet,
And, joyful in the house of prayer,

at the mercy-seat. 4 Pray for Jerusalem,

The city of our God:
The Lord from heaven be kind to them

That love the dear abode!
5 Within these walls may peace

And harmony be found:
Zion, in all thy palaces,

Prosperity abound!
6 For friends and brethren dear,

Our prayer shall never cease;
Oft as they meet for worship here,
God send His people peace!

772 I will come into Thy house in the 1 road

Of worldly toil and care, To worship our Redeemer God,

In IIis own house of prayer. 2 As strangers in a land of woe

We pass our mortal days;
Yet now and then rejoicings know,

In God's own house of praise. 3 Ye mourning Christians, join the song,

Your harps once more employ; Remember, as ye pass along,

This is the housē of joy. 4 Dear Saviour, in Thy temple shine,

Then shall our souls be blest; And know and prove the truth divine,

Thine is a house of rest. 5 An emblem of our future bliss,

Thy temple, Lord, we love; While we anticipate in this Our Father's house above.


773 Blessed are they that dwell in Thy 1

.84, 4

How pleasant and how fair

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