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The dwellings of Thy love,
Thine earthly temples are!

To Thine abode

My heart aspires,

With warm desires

To see my God.
2 O happy souls that pray

Where God appoints to hear !
O happy men that pay
Their constant service there!
They praise Thee still;

And happy they

That love the way

To Zion's hill! 3 They go from strength to strength

Through this dark vale of tears;
Till each arrives at length,
Till each in heaven appears:

O glorious seat,
When God our King

Shall thither bring

Our willing feet!
4 To spend one sacred day

Where God and saints abide
Affords diviner joy
Than thousand days beside:
Where God resorts

I love it more
To keep the door

Than shine in courts. 5 God is our Sun and

Our Light and our Defence;
With gifts His hands are filled;
We draw our blessings thence:

He shall bestow

On Jacob's race

Peculiar grace

And glory too.
6 The Lord His people loves :
His hand no good withholds
From those His heart approves,
From pure and pious souls:

Thrice happy he,

O God of hosts,
Whose spirit trusts
Alone in Thee.

774 A

In Thy fear will I worship toward

Thy holy temple.--Ps. 5, 7. 1

Away from earth our souls retreat; We leave this worthless world afar,

And wait and worship near Thy feet. 2 Lord, in the temple of Thy grace

We see Thy feet, and we adore;
We gaze upon Thy lovely face,

And learn the wonders of Thy power. 3 While here oturvarious wants we mourn,

United prayers ascend on high;
And faith obtains a quick return

Of blessings in variety.
4 If Satan rage, and sin grow strong,

Here we receive some cheering word; We gird the gospel armour on, To fight the battles of the Lord. 5 Or, if our spirit faints and dies, Our conscience galled with' inward

stings, Here doth the righteous Sun arise

With healing beams beneath His wings. 6 Father!

my soul would still abide Within Thy temple, near Thy side; But, since my feet must hence depart, Still keep Thy dwelling in my heart.


775 A day in the courts

is better than

a . 1 ORD of hosts, how bright, how fair,

Here Thy waiting people see

Much of heaven and much of Thee. 2 From Thy gracious presence flows

Bliss that softens all our woes;
While Thy Spirit's holy fire

Warms our hearts with pure desire. 3 Here we supplicate Thy throne;

Here thou mak'st Thy glories known
Here we learn Thy righteous ways,
Taste Thy love, and sing Thy praise,

4 Thus, with sacred songs of joy, We our happy lives

employ; Love, and long to love Thee more, Till from earth to heaven we soar.


How amiable are Thy tabernacles!

-Ps. 84, 1.
Y soul, how lovely is the place

Tis heaven to see His smiling face,

Though in His earthly courts. 2 There the great Monarch of the skies

His saving power displays;
And light breaks in upon our eyes

With kind and quickening rays. 3 With His rich gifts the heavenly Dove

Descends and fills the place;
While Christ reveals His wondrous love,

And sheds abroad His grace. 4 There, mighty God, Thy words declare

The secrets of Thy will;
And still we seek Thy mercy there,

And sing Thy praises still.

L.M. 777 My soul longeth

.for the courts of the Lord.-Ps. 84, 2. 1 HOW pleasant, how

divinely fair, O Lord of hosts, Thy dwellings are! With long desire my spirit faints

To meet the assemblies of Thy saints. 2 My flesh would rest in Thine abode

; My panting heart cries out for God : My God! my King! why should I be

So far from all my joys, and Thee?
3 Blest are the saints who sit on high,
Around Thy throne of majesty :
Thy brightest glories shine above,

And all their work is praise and love.
4 Blest are the souls that find a place
Within the temple of Thy grace;
There they behold Thy gentler rays.
And seek Thy face and learn Thy praise.

5 Blest are the men whose hearts are set To find the way to Zion's gate:

[road God is their strength; and through the They lean upon their helper, God. 6 Cheerful they walk with growing

strength, Till all shall meet in heaven at length: Till all before Thy face appear, And join in nobler worship there.


778 I have loved the habitation of Thy


house.. 8 1 Ow charming is the place,

Where my Redeemer God Unveils the beauties of His face,

And sheds His love abroad! 2 Not the fair palaces,

To which the great resort,
Are once to be compared with this,

Where Jesus holds His court. 3 Here, on the mercy seat,

With' radiant glory crowned,
Our joyful eyes behold Him sit,

And smile on all around,
To Him their prayers and cries

Each humble soul presents:
He listens to their broken sighs,

And grants them all their wants. 5 To them His sovereign will

He graciously imparts;
And in return accepts, with smiles,

The tribute of their hearts. 6 Give me, O Lord, a place

Within Thy blest abode,
Among the children of Thy grace,

The servants of my God.


779 Blessed are they that dwell in Thy


house.-Ps. 84, 4.

In the land of light and love;
Pleasant are Thy courts below,
In this land of sin and woe.

Oh! my spirit longs and faints
For the fellowship of saints;
For the brightness of Thy face,

King of glory, God of grace.
2 Happy birds that sing and fly
Round Thine altars, 0 Most

High ! Happier souls that find a rest In their heavenly Father's breast: Like the wandering dove that found No repose on earth around, They can to Thine ark repair,

And enjoy it ever there.
3 Happy souls! their praises flow,

Ever in this vale of woe;
Waters in the desert rise,
Manna feeds them from the skies.
On they go from strength to strength
Til hey see Thy face at length,
At Thy feet adoring fall

Who hast led them safe through all, 4 Lord, be mine this prize to win,

Guide me through a world of sin;
Keep me by Thy saving grace,
Give me at Thy side a place.
Sun and Shield alike Thou art,
Guide and guard my erring heart;
Grace and glory flow from Thee,
Shower, O shower them, Lord, on me.


780 My heart and my flesh crieth ove


1 OW honoured, how dear,

That sacred abode,
Where Christians draw near

Their Father and God !
Mid worldly commotion,

My wearied soul faints
For the house of devotion,

The home of Thy saints.
2 The birds have their home,

They fix on their nest;
Wherever they roam,

They return to their rest:
From them fondly learning,
My soul shall take wing:

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