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With Thy gracious presence cheer ns;

Let Thy sacred kingdom come. Raise to heaven our expectation :

Give our favoured souls to prove Glorious and complete salvation, In the realms of bliss above.

C.M. 900 Jesus was called, and His disciples,

to the marriage.--John 2, 2. 1

SINCE Jesus freely did appear
O Lord! we ask Thy presence here:

Be Thou our glorious guest.
2 Upon the bridal pair look down,

Who now have plighted hands: Their union with Thy favour crown,

And bless their nuptial bands. 3 In purest love their souls unite,

That they, with Christian care,
May make domestic burdens light,

By taking mutual share. 4 With gifts of grace their hearts endow,

Of all rich dowries best;
Their substance bless, Thy peace bestow,
To sweeten all the rest,

7s. 901 What God hath joined together:let

not put .. EIGN this union to approve,

And confirm it, God of love!
Bless Thy servants; on their head
Now the oil of gladness shed;
In this nuptial bond, to Thee

Let them consecrated be.
2 In prosperity, be near
To preserve them in Thy fear;
In affliction, let Thy smile
All the woes of life beguile:
And when every change is past,
Take them to Thyself at last.

C.M. 902 And they blessed Rebekah.—Gen.

24, 60. 1 W

E join to crave with wishes kind, On those who now the bands have

Which ne'er may broken be. (twined


2 We know that scenes not always bright

May unto them be given;
But let there shine o'er all the light

of love, and truth, and heaven. 3 Still handin hand theirjourneythrough,

Meek pilgrims may they go, Mingling their joys as helpmeets true,

And sharing every woe. 4 The Saviour whom they trust, the same;

The same their home above; May each in each still feed the flame

of pure and holy love. õ And when the solemn hour shall come,

Which severs earthly ties, [gloom, May hope rise brightening through the

And point to fairer skies!


7.6. 903 In the morning will I direct my

prayer unto Thee.-Ps. 5, 3. 1 TO 10 thee, my God and Saviour,

My soul exulting springs; Rejoicing in Thy favour,

Almighty King of kings. I'll celebrate Thy glory,

With all the saints above; And tell the pleasing story

Of Thy redeeming love. 2 Soon as the morn with roses

Bedecks the dewy east, And when the sun reposes

Upon the ocean's breast; My voice in supplication

Well pleased Thou shalt hear: O grant me Thy salvation,

And to my soul draw near.
3 By Thee through life supported,

I'll pass the dangerous road,
By heavenly hosts escorted,
Up to Thy bright abode;

There cast my crown before Thee,

When all iny woes are o'er ; And day and night adore Thee

Rejoicing evermore.

L.M. 904 Man goeth forth unto his labour,

until the evening.-Ps. 104, 23. 1 A WAKE, my soul, and with the sun

Thy stage of
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise
To pay thy morning sacrifice.
2 Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart,
And with the angels bear thy part,
Who, all night long, unwearied sing

High praises to the Eternal King. 3 May I, like nem, in God delight;

Have all day long my God in sight;
Perform, like them, my Maker's

And celebrate His glories still.
4 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew,

Disperse my sins as morning dew: Guard my first springs of thought and And with Thyself my spirit fill, [will, 5 Direct, control, suggest this day,

All I design, or do, or say,
That all my powers,with all their might,

In Thy sole glory may unite.
6 Glory to Thee, who safe hast kept,

And hast refreshed me while I slept :
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall
I may of endless life partake. (wake,

L.M. 905 when I awake I am still with Thee.

-Ps. 139, 18. 1

N sleep's serene oblivion laid,

I safely passed the silent night:
Again I see the breaking shade;

I drink again the morning light.
2 New-born, I bless the waking hour ;.

Once more with awe rejoice to be:
My conscious soul resumes her power,
And springs, my guardian God, to Thee.

3 O guide me through the various ways
My doubtful feet are doomed to tread;
And spread Thy shield's protecting blaze
Where dangers press around my head.
4 A deeper shade shall soon impend,
A deeper sleep mine eyes oppress;
Yet then Thy strength shall still defend,
Thy goodness still delight to bless.
5 That deeper shade shall break away,
That deeper sleep shall leave mine eyes;
Thy light shall give eternal day,
Thy love, the rapture of the skies.


906 Do all to the glory of God.—1 Cor.


10, 31.

FORTH in Thy name, O Lord, I go,

My daily labour to pursue;

Thee, only Thee, resolved to know,
In all I think, or speak, or do.
2 The task Thy wisdom has assigned,
O let me cheerfully fulfil;

In all Thy works Thy presence find, And prove Thy good and perfect will. 3 Thee may I set at my right hand, Whose eyes my inmost secrets see; And labour on at Thy command, And offer all my works to Thee. 4 Give me to bear Thine easy yoke, And every moment watch and pray; And still to things eternal look, And hasten to Thy glorious day. 5 For Thee delightfully employ Whate'er Thy bounteous grace hath given,

And run my even course with joy,
And closely walk with Thee to heaven.


907 And there shall be no night there.

-Rev. 22. 5.

1WEthat have passed in slumbersweet Our peaceful resting hours,

And rise the cheerful morn to greet
Anew with freshened powers,

Now lift our hearts, our voices raise,

Our early tribute bring,
And pay a grateful song of praise

To heaven's Almighty King.
2 And as the gloomy night did last

But for a little space,
As heavenly day, now night is past,

Doth show its pleasant face,
So will we hope, when faith and love

Their work on earth have done,
God's blessed face to see above;

Heaven's better, brighter Sun. 3 God grant us grace that height to gain,

That glorious sight to see,
And send us, after worldly pain,

A life from trouble free;
Where cheerful day shall ever shine,

And sorrow never come:-
Lord, be a place, a portion mine
In that bright peaceful home!

C.M. 908 Toshew forth Thy loving-kindness

in the morning.-Ps. 92, 2.
TOW from the altar of our hearts,

Let flames of incense rise ;
Assist us, Lord, to offer up

Our morning sacrifice.
2 Awake, our love, awake, our joy ;

Awake, our heart, and tongue,
Sleep not when mercies loudly call;

Break forth into a song.
8 New time, new favour, and new joys,

Do a new song require:
Till we shall praise Thee as we would,

Accept our heart's desire. 4 Lord of our time! whose hand hath set

New time upon the score,
Thee may we praise for all our time,

When time shall be no more.

L.M. 909 Ye are all the children of light,

and of the day.-1 Thess. 5, 5. 10 TIMELY happy, timely wise,

Hearts that with rising moru arise,

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