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4 Farewell, conflicting hopes and fears, Where lights and shades alternate dwell:

(pears! How bright the unchanging morn ap

Farewell, inconstant world, farewell! 5 Life's duty done, as sinks the clay,

Light from its load the spirit flies; While heaven and earth combine to say, How blest the righteous when he dies!


607 He shall enter into peace.

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softly on the western hills,

The sunset light is shed! So Christ the Lord sheds forth His

Around the dying bed.
2 How quietly the glowing sky

Melts into deeper gloom;
So calm the Christian fades away

Into his Saviour's tomb. 3 The sun is gone, but round the heavens

The crimson hues are east;
So sweet the memory left behind,

When good men breathe their last. 4 And now, above the dews of night,

The vesper star appears; Thus faith lights up the mourner's

heart, Lights up the mourner's tears. 5 The darkness deepens; sure to bring

The morning in the skies; So all that sleep in Jesus now, In glory shall arise,

78. 608 He will swallow up death in vic

, 8. 1 B'

LESSING, honour,thanks,and praise,

Pay we, gracious God, to Thee;
Thou, in Thine abundant grace,
Givest us the victory;
Free and faithful to Thy word,
Thou hast glorified Thy Son,
Jesus Christ, our dying Lord,
Hath for us the conflict won.

2 LO! the prisoner is releast,

Lightened of his earthly load;
Where the weary are at rest,
He is gathered in to God!
Lo! the pain of life is past,
All his warfare now is o'er,
Death and hell behind are cast,

Grief and suffering are no more.
8 Yes, the Christian's course is run,

Ended is the glorious strife;
Fought the fight, the work is done;
Death is swallowed up of life;
Borne by angels on their wings,
Far from earth the spirit ilies,
Finds his God, and soars, and sings,

Triumphing in Paradise.
4 Join we, then, with one accord,

In the new, the joyful song ;
Absent from our loving Lord
We shall not continue long;
We shall quit the house of clay,
We a better lot shall share,
We shall see the realms of day,
Meet our happy brother there.


609 it is sown in dishonour; it is UN

43 1 TNVEIL thy basora, faithful tomb!

Take this new treasure to thy trust, And give these sacred relics room

Awhile, to slumber in the dust. 2 Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear,

Invades thy bound; no mortal woes, Can reach the forms that sluuber here,

id ai Is watch their repose. 3 So Jesus slept: God's dying Son

(bed: Passed through the grave, and blest the Rest here, dear saint, till from His throue

shade. The morning break, and pierce the Break from His throne, illustrious

morn! Attend, O earth! His sovereign word; Restore thy trust, a glorious form: He must ascend to meet his Lord.

P.M. 610 Sorrow not, even as others which

have no hope.-1 Thess. 4, 13.
THOU art gone to the grave,

But we will not deplore thee,
Though sorrows and darkness
Encompass the tomb:
The Saviour has passed
Through its portal before thee,
And the lamp of His love

Is thy guide through the gloom. 2 Thou art gone to the grave,

We no longer behold thee,
Nor tread the rough path
Of the world by thy side;
But the wide arms of mercy
Are spread to enfold thee,
And sinners may hope,
Since the Sinless has died.
3 Thou art gone to the grave,
And, its mansion forsaking.
Perhaps thy weak spirit
In fear lingered long:
But the sunshine of Paradise
Beamed on thy waking,
And the sound which thou heard'st
Was the seraphim's song.
4 Thou art gone to the grave,
But 'twere wrong to deplore thee,
For God was thy ransom,
Thy guardian, and guide.
He gave thee, He took thee,
And He will restore thee;
And death has no sting,
Since the Saviour has died.


611 A good soldier of Jesus Christ.CAPTAIN and Sayiour of the host

2 Tim. 2, 3.


We bless Thee for our comrade true,

Now summoned up to Thee.
2 We bless Thee for his every step

In faithful following Thee;
And for his good fight fought so well,
And crowned with victory.

3 We thank Thee that the way-worn

The sleep in Jesus blest: (sleeps The purified and ransomed soul

Hath entered into rest.
4 We bless Thee that his humble love

Hath met with such regard :
We bless Thee for his blessedness,
And for his rich reward.

8.7. 612 1 will receive you unto Myself.

-John 14, 3. 1 HAPPY soul! thy days are ended,

thy : Go, by angel guards attended,

To the sight of Jesus, go!
2 Waiting to receive thy spirit,

Lo! the Saviour stands above;
Shows the purchase of His merit,

Holding forth the crown of love.
3 Struggle through thy latest passion,

To thy dear Redeemer's breast:
To His uttermost salvation,

To his everlasting rest.
4 For the joy He sets before thee,

Bear a momentary pain;
Die, to live the life of glory;
Suffer, with thy Lord to reign.

78. 613 That they may rest from their

1 ROTHER! thou art gone before;

Where the tears can fall no more;
For all sorrow is unknown
From the burden of the flesh,
And from care and toil releast;
There the wicked trouble not,

And the weary are at rest.
2 Ended is thy toilsome way,

And laid down thy heavy load,
Free thy spirit soars away
To thy Saviour's own abode :
There the holy and the good
Welcome thee with greeting blest;
There the wicked harm no more,
And the weary are at rest.

3 Sin can never taint thee now,

Doubts nor fears thy faith assail;
Christ, long trusted in below,
Doth not in His glory fail!
Thou art leaning now in love,
On thy great Redeemer's breast;
There the wicked trouble not,
And the weary are at rest.
4 "Earth to earth, and dust to dust,"

Here, mid earthly gloom, is said,
And we part--for part we must-
Weeping from thy narrow bed;
But thy spirit's birth-day, now,
Is in heaven's sweet home contest;
Where the wicked harm no more,

And the weary are at rest.
5 When the Lord for us shall send,
Whom thou now hast left behind,
May we each thy tranquil end,
And abundant entrance find;
Each like thee depart in peace,
To be there a glorious guest;
Where all earthly troubles cease,
And the weary are at rest.

7s. 614 We have a building of God, a house

not made with hands.-2 Cor. 5, 1. 1 SPI (PIRIT, leave thy house of clay!

Lingering dust, resign thy breath! Spirit, cast thy chains away! Dust, be thou dissolved in death! Thus the Almighty Saviour speaks, While the faithful Christian dies; Thus the bonds of life He breaks,

And the ransomed captive flies. 2 Prisoner, long detained below!

Prisoner, now with freedom blest!
Welcome, from a world of woe!
Welcome to a land of rest!
Thus the choir of angels sing,
As they bear the soul on high,
While with hallelujahs ring

All the regions of the sky.
3 Grave, the guardian of our dust!

Grave, the treasury of the skies !
Every atom of thy trust
Rests in hope again to rise !

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