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There's a happy, glorious place

Where men always see His face. 5 Who shall go to that fair land?

All who love the right;
Holy children there shall stand,

In their robes of white:
For that heaven so bright and blest,

Is our everlasting rest. 959 Suffer the little children to come

unto Me.-Mark 10,,14. 1

Makesweet musicround thethrone;
Them, the King of Kings hath given
Glory lasting as His own :
Lord, it was Thy mercy free,

Suffered them to come to Thee.
2 We would think of them to-day,

And their everlasting song;
We would sing as blest as they,
In the spirit-land ere long:
Lord, let us Thy children be,-

Suffer us to come to Thee.
3 Now to come with loving mind,

Simple faith and earnest prayer,
Seeking Thy dear cross, to find
Full and tree salvation there:
Lamb of God! our Saviour be,

Suffer us to come to Thee.
4 Lord, we come! be Thou our guide
Through life's dark and troubled way
And when trained and sanctified,
Raise us to the perfect day :
Then in heaven Thy words shall be,
“Suffer them to come to Me."

C.M. 960 These were redeemed from among

men.-Rev. 14, 4. 1 10 HAPPY land! O happy land!

Where saints and angels dwell; We long to join that glorious band,

And all their anthems swell. But every voice in yonder throng

On earth has breathed a prayer; No lips untaught may join that song,

Or learn the music there.

2 Thou heavenly Friend! Thou heavenly

O hear us when we pray!
Now let Thy pardoning grace descend,

And take our sins away.
Be all our fresh,

our youthful days,
To Thy blest service given;
Then we shall meet to sing 'Thy praise,
A ransomed band in heaven.

C.M.P. 961 And washed us from our sins in

His own blood. Rev. 1, 5. 1 A

Thousands of children stand:
Children whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy happy band,

Singing, Glory, glory, glory. 2 What brought them to that world above,

That heaven so bright and fair, Where all is peace and joy and love ? How came those children there?

Singing, Glory, glory, glory.
S Because the Saviour shed His blood

To wash away their sin,

in that pure and precious flood, Behold them white and clean;

Singing, Glory, glory, glory. 4 On earth they sought their Saviour's

On earth they loved His name: (grace,
So now they see His blessed face,
And stand before the Lamb;
Singing, Glory, glory, glory.

78. 962 They shall come from the east and

from the -, CHO are they whose little feet,

Passing life's darkjourney through, Now have reached that heavenly seat, They have ever kept in view ? "I from Greenland's frozen land ;" "I from India's sultry plain;" “I from Afric's barren strand;

I from islands of the main;" 2 All our earthly journey past,

Every tear and pain gone by :

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Here together met at last,
At the portal of the sky.
Each the welcome "Come" awaits,
Conquerors over death and sin,
Lift your heads, ye golden gates!
Let the little travellers in!


7.6. 963 Pray without ceasing.–1 Thess.

Go O when the morning shineth,

Go when the noon is bright,
Go when the eve declineth,

Go in the hush of night:
Go with pure mind and feeling,

Cast every fear away,
And in thy chamber kneeling,

Do thou in secret pray.
2 Remember all who love thee,

All who are loved by thee;
Pray too for those who hate thee,

If any such there be:
Then for thyself in meekness

A blessing humbly claim,
And link with each petition

Thy great Redeemer's name. 3 But if tis e'er denied thee

In solitude to pray,
Should holy thoughts come o'er thee

When friends are round thy way;
E'en then the silent breathing,

The spirit raised above,
Will reach the throne of glory,

of mercy, truth, and love.
4 Whene'er thou pin'st in sadness,

Before His footstool fall:

in thy gladness
His love who gave thee all,
Oh, not a joy or blessing

With this can we compare,
The power that has been given u

To pour our souls in prayer.


C.M. 964 He went up into a mountain upart

to pray.-Matt. 14, 23. | FAR from the world, O Lord, I fee, From scenes where Satan wages still

His most successful war. 2 The calm retreat, the silent shade,

With prayer and praise agree; And seem by Thy sweet bounty made

For those who follow Thee. 3 There, if Thy Spirit touch the soul,

And grace her mean abode, Oh, with what peace, and joy, and

love She communes with her God! 4 There, like the nightingale, she pours

Her solitary lays;
Nor asks a witness of her song,

Nor thirsts for human praise. 5 Author and Guardian of

Sweet Source of light divine!
And-all harmonious names in one--

My Saviour, Thou art mine! 6 What thanks I owe Thee, and what

A boundless, endless storé
Shall echo through the realms above,
When time shall be no more.


7s. 96) I will not let Thee go, except Thou

1 ORD, I cannot let Thee go,

Till a blessing Thou bestow :
Do not turn away Thy face,

Mine's an urgent, pressing case. 2 Dost Thou ask me who I am?

Ah! my Lord, Thou know'st my name :
Yet the question gives a plea
To support my suit with Thee.
3 Thou didst once a wretch behold,

In rebellion blindly bold,
Scorn Thy grace, Thy power defy;
lat poor rebel, Lord, was I.

4 Once a sinner near despair,

Sought Thy mercy-seat by prayer ;
Mercy heard, and set him free;

Lord, that mercy came to me.
5 Many days have passed since then,

Many changes I have seen;
Yet have been upheld till now;

Who could hold me up but Thou? 6 Thou hast helped in every need;

This emboldens me to plead;
After so much mercy past,

Canst thou let me sink at last? 7 No, I must maintain my hold,

Tis thy goodness makes me bold;
I can no denial take,
When I plead for Jesus' sake.

C.M. 966 I will walk at liberty, for I seek

Thy precepts.-Ps. 119, 45. 1 A

Its griefs, doubts, fears, are flown; Chased by a firm, resolved will,

To live to Thee alone. 2 To count each hour, each moment

To spend, be spent for Thee; (Thine, And so, in this fair boundless shrine

To walk at liberty.
3 But ah! my best resolve is frail!

The dewdrop on the flower
Might easier bear the stormy galé,

Than I the tempter's power!
4 The past, the past, reveals how vain

Hath been my holiest vow; And so, unless Thy grace sustain,

Will prove my purpose now.
5 But O my God! that grace accord,

In every time of need;
Do Thou, a present help, afford,
Strength to a trembling reed!


9670 that I knew where I might find 10 ,


Where I might find my God!

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