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How blest the righteous


How charming is the place


How condescending and how kind
How did my heart rejoice to hear



How do thy mercies close me round. 915
How excellent, O Lord, thy name
How firm a foundation.



How glorious, is our heavenly King. 933
How great, how solemn is the work. 694
How great the wisdom, power
How heavy is the night
How honoured, how dear

How long the time since Christ.
How lovely, how divinely sweet
How oft, alas, this wretched heart
How oft have sin and Satan strove
How pleasant, how divinely fair
How pleased and blest was I
How precious is the book divine

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How rich thy favours, God of grace. 567

How sad our state by nature is



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How shall a contrite spirit pray
How shall I follow him I serve
How shall I praise the eternal God
How shall the young secure
How softly on the western hills.
How strong thine arm is, mighty God 283
How sweet and awful is the place
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight 644
How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound 137
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 223
How sweet to think that all who love 641
How various and how new
How vast the treasure we possess . 494
How welcome to the saints when prest 834
Humble souls, who seek salvation.
Hungry, and faint, and poor

I have a home above

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I hear a sound that comes from far

I heard the voice of Jesus say
I hoped that with the brave
I lay my sins on Jesus

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I send the joys of earth away


I sing my Saviour's wondrous death. 151


I left the God of truth and light
I love the Lord, he lent an ear

I my Ebenezer raise

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I sing the Almighty power of God I think when I read that sweet story 944 I weep, but not rebellious tears will not mourn my weakness, Lord 983 will praise thee every day



I would commune with thee, my God 443
If human kindness meets return
If Jesus Christ was sent

If tis s veet to mingle where

I'll praise my Maker with my oreath.
I'll speak the honours of my King.
I'm but a stranger here







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I'm not ashamed to own my Lord
Immersed beneath the closing wave
In age and feebleness extreme
In all my Lord's appointed ways
In all my vast concerns with thee.
In all things like thy brethren thou. 281
In God's own house pronounce.
In heavenly love abiding

In sleep's serene oblivion laid

In the cross of Christ I glory
In the dark and cloudy day
Infinite excellence is thine
Infinite pity touched the heart



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In vain our fancy strives to paint

Inspirer and hearer of prayer.

It is thy hand, my God

I've found the Pearl of greatest price 235

Jehovah reigns, exalted high
Jehovah reigns! his throne is high

Jerusalem, my happy home

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Jesus, I love thy charming name
Jesus, I my cross have taken
Jesus, in thee our eyes behold




Jesus, in thy transporting name
Jesus invites his saints

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Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone.

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Jesus, my Redeemer, lives
Jesus, Saviour, thou dost know
Jesus, seek Thy wandering sheep
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun.
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me.
Jesus the Lord, our souls adore.





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Jesus, the name that charms our fears 227
Jesus, the name to sinners dear
Jesus, the spring of joys divine
Jesus, the very thought of thee
Jesus, thou everlasting King.
Jesus, thy robe of righteousness
Jesus, thy sovereign grace we bless
Jesus, we look to thee.
Jesus, we love to meet
Jesus, we thus obey.

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Jesus, where'er thy people meet
Jesus, who lived above the sky
Jesus, who passed the angels by
Jesus, who died the world to save.
Jesus, whom angel-hosts adore
Join all the glorious names
Joy is a fruit that will not grow.
Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Just as I am, without one plea.

Kindred in Christ, for his dear sake

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Laden with guilt, and full of fears
Lamb of God, whose bleeding love
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
Leader of faithful souls, and Guide
Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us
Leave God to order all thy ways
Let all the just to God with joy
Let everlasting glories crown.

Let every mortal ear attend

Let me be with thee where thou art. 747 Let me but hear my Saviour say


Let others boast how strong they be. 360 Let party names no more

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Let plenteous grace descend on those 719
Let the whole race of creatures lie 61
Let us sing the King Messiah
Let us with a gladsome mind
Let Zion and her sons rejoice
Let Zion's watchmen all awake
fe is the time to serve the Lord

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Lift up your glad voices in triumph 169
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates 372
Light of those whose dreary dwelling 452
Like sheep we went astray

Lo! at noon tis sudden night.
Lo! God is here, let us adore


947 805

Lo! he comes, with clouds descending 184
Lo! on a narrow neck of land
Lo, what a glorious sight appears.
Long as I live, I'll bless thy name
Long ere the lofty skies were spread.
Long have I sat beneath the sound
Lord, a happy child of thine
Lord, as to thy dear cross we flee
Lord, at thy feet we sinners lie
Lord, at thy table I behold.
Lord, cause thy face on us to shine
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing.
Lord, from whom all blessings flow
Lord God, the Holy Ghost









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. 650



Lord, I address thy heavenly throne 459

. 941

Lord, have mercy when we pray
Lord, how delightful tis to see

Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove 591

Lord, I believe a rest remains

Lord, I cannot let thee go

Lord, I have made thy word
Lord, if thou thy grace impart





Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear 842 Lord, in this blest and hallowed hour 731 Lord, it belongs not to my care

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Lord Jesus, are we one with thee. 457 Lord, let me know mine end

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Lord, let my heart still turn to thee
Lord of hosts, how bright, how fair. 775
Lord of mercy and of might

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Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows 896
Lord of the Sabbath, thee we praise. 820
Lord of the world's majestic frame
Lord of the worlds above

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Lord, there is a throne of grace
Lord, thou hast promised to baptize. 713
Lord, thou hast searched and seen
Lord, tis a pleasant thing to stand
Lord, to thy bounteous care we owe .
Lord, we bless thee, who hast given. 746







Lord, we come before thee now
Lord, we confess our numerous
Lord, we must labour, we must care
Lord, when my thoughts delighted. 394
Lord, when our offerings we present 858
Lord, when thou didst ascend on
Lord, when we bend before

Lord, when we creation scan

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Lord, while for all mankind we pray 758 Love Divine, all love excelling

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Love is the sweetest bud that blows. 652 Lowly and solemn be.

Maker, Upholder, Ruler, thee

Man of sorrows and acquainted



. 129

May the grace of Christ our Saviour. 898
Meet and right it is to sing

Men of God, go take your stations
Met again in Jesus' name

Mighty God, while angels bless thee
Millions within thy courts have met
Morning breaks upon the tomb
Mortals awake, with angels join
Mountains by the darkness hidden
My dear Redeemer and my Lord
My faith looks up to thee
My Father God! with filial awe
My God, how cheerful is the sound
My God, how endless is thy love
My God, I love thee, not because
My God, in whom are all the springs
My God, my everlasting hope
My God, my Father, blissful name
My God, my Father, while I stray
My God, my King, thy various praise
My God, my portion, and my love
My Gol, now I from sleep awake
My Gol, permit me not to be
My God, permit my tongue

My God, the covenant of thy love
My God, the spring of all my joys

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My God, what silken cords are thine 565
My God, who makes the sun to know 986
My heart is resting, O my God
My Jesus, while in mortal flesh.
My never-ceasing song shall show
My Saviour, my Almighty Friend
My Saviour, on thy word of truth

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