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C.M. 631 They are without fault before the

throne of God.-Rev. 14, 5. 1 WHAT .countless crowd on Zion

, From every land and tongue, The palm branch waving in their hands,

The white robes round them flung? 2 These out of tribulation came,

The thorny crown they wore; Believing, they confest His name,

Whose cross they meekly bore. 3 In the Lamb's life-blood washed they

white Their robes of sin and woe, Now round His glorious throne of light

Purer they shine than snow. 4 Sinners no more, in Him complete,

Their Saviour's love they sing! While angels, listening, learn to greet,

With loftier joys their King. 5 We mourn our sins; with faint desire

A faltering prayer we raise; But sinners ransomed lead the choir Of everlasting praise!

78. 632 Clothed with white robes, and

palms in their hands.-Rev. 7, 9. 1 PALMS of glory, raiment bright,

, Gird and deck the saints in light;

Conquerors, priests, and kings, are they. 2 Yet the conquerors bring their palms

To the Lamb amidst the throne,
And proclaim, in joyful psalms,
Victory through His cross alone.
3 Round the altar, priests confess

If their robes are white as snow,
'Twas their Saviour's righteousness,

And His blood that made them so.
4 Kings for harps their crowns resign,

Crying, as they strike the chords, “Take the kingdom, it is Thine, King of kings, and Lord of lords !”

5 Who are these? On earth they dwelt,

Sinners once of Adam's race,
Guilt, and fear, and suffering felt,

But were saved by sovereign grace. 6 They were mortal, too, like us :

Ah! when we, like them, shall die,
May our souls, translated thus,
Triumph, reign, and shine on high!

8.7.4. 633 And again they said, Alleluia.

1 ALLELUJAH! high and glorious
Hallelujah! Church victorious!
How ye lift the strain on high!

We poor exiles
Join not yet your melody.
? Hallelujah! strains of gladness

Suit not always souls forlorn :
Hallelujah! sounds of sadness
Midst our joyous strains are borne,

Pilgrims, strangers,
In the wilderness we mourn.
3 But our earnest supplication,

Holy God, we raise to Thee;
Grant us Thy complete salvation,
Make us all Thy joys to see:

Then our endless song shall be.

C.M. 634 Absent from the body present

with the Lord.--2 Cor. 5, 8. 1 IN vain our fancy

strives to paint

, The glories that surround the saints

When yielding up their breath. 2 One gentle sigh their fetters breaks,

We scarce can say, they're gone! Before the willing spirit takes

Her station near the throne 3 Faith strives, but all its efforts fail,

To trace her heavenward flight; No eye can pierce within the veil

Which hides the world of light.

4 Thus much-and this is all-we know,

They are supremely blest, Have done with sin, and care, and woe,

And with their Saviour rest.


635 re 1 A FEW more years shall roll,

demption draweth nigh.-Luke 21,28.

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A few ; And we shall be with those that rest

Asleep within the tomb. 2 A few more storms shall beat

On this wild rocky shore, And we shall be where tempests cease,

And surges swell no more. 8 A few more struggles here,

A few more partings o’er;
A few more toils, a few more tears,

And we shall weep no more. 4 A few more sabbaths here

Shall cheer us on our way;
And we shall reach the endless rest,

The eternal sabbath-day. 8. Tis but a little while,

And He shall come again, Who died that we might live, who lives

That we with Him may reign. 6 Then, gracious Lord, prepare

Our souls for that great day,
And wash us in Thy precious blood,
And take our sins away.

C.M. 636 It doth, not yet appear what we

be1 John 1 THERE is a heaven of perfect peace,

The is ; But what that tearless region is

It doth not yet appear. 2 And there are angels, strong and fair,

Who know not sin nor fear; But what the robes of white they wearIt doth not yet appear.

3 And there are ransomed spirits too,

Who once were pilgrims here;
But how the Saviour's face they view

It doth not yet appear. 4 And there are sweet commingling

thoughts, And blest communion there; (notesBut how they blend their heavenly

It doth not yet appear.
5 And there is worship in the sky,

And songs of lottiest cheer;
But how they sweep their 'harps on
It doth not yet appear.

[high6 Then, O my soul, with patience wait,

The happy hour is near,
When thou shalt pass the pearly gate,

Where it will all appear!


637 in Thu presence is fulness of joy.O THE delights, the heavenly joys

Ps, 1

The Where Jesus sheds the brightest beams

Of His o'erflowing grace!
2 Sweet majesty and awful love

Sit smiling on his brow,
And all the glorious ranks above

At humble distance bow.
3 Princes to His imperial name

Bend their bright sceptres down, Dominions, thrones, and powers rejoice

To see Him wear the crown.
4 Behold those blessed feet of His,

That once rude iron tore,
High on a throne of light they stand

And all the saints adore.
5 His head, the dear majestic head

Which cruel thorns did wound, See what immortal glories shine,

And circle it around!
6 This is the Man, the exalted Man,

Whom we unseen adore ;
But, when our eyes behold His face
Our bearts shall love Him more.

88. 638 The things which are not seen.

. 1 WE NE sing of the realms of the blest,

That conntry so bright and so fair; And oft are its glories confest,

But what will it be, to be there!
2 We speak of its freedom from sin,

From sorrow, temptation, and care,
From trials, without and within,

But what must it be, to be there! 3 We speak of its service of love,

Of robes which the glorified wear,
The church of the first-born above;

But what must it be, to be there! 4 Do Thou, Lord, midst pleasure or woe,

For heaven our spirits prepare ;
And shortly we also shall

know, And feel what it is, to be there.



C.M. 639 Let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual covenant.-Jer. 50, 5.

, the way That leads to Zion's hill; And thither set your steady face

With a determined will.
2 Invite the strangers all around,

Your pious march to join;
And spread the sentiments you feel

Or faith and love divine.
3 Come, let us to His temple haste,

And seek His favour there; Before His footstool humbly bow,

And pour our fervent prayer.
4 Come, let us join our souls to God,

In everlasting bands;
And seize the blessings He bestows,

With eager hearts and hands.

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