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Chap. II.

Sect. 33. The Character of Jesus

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25 Jesus delivered the parable of the marriage fenfi13

replied to the Pharisees and Herodians, on the payment

of tribute -- confounded the Sadducees, by proving the 59 refurreétion-answered a Scribe, respecting the first

and great commandment-baffled the Pharisees, by 75

proposing a quiftion about the Mejiah-warned his disciples against the Scribes and Pharisees, whom

he reproved and condemned in the most awful lan04

guage. 18

WHERE is the wise? where is the Scribe?

where is the disputer of this world * ?” Such were +5

the opponents of our Lord; and in their proud and SI malicious contentions with him they were completely

vanquished and confounded. Towards the close of his life, especially, they set upon him with all their subtlety, in order to ensnare him; but their bestconcerted plans were baffled. We know also, that all his adversaries, who object to his Gospel, though they may be thought to possess an uncommon degree of fagacity and learning, shall be convicted of the groffest_folly, and finally be filenced and


I Cor. i. 20.


Vol. IV,


I overcome. “ All that are incensed against him ftail be ashamed *."

Part of his audience had withdrawn, Tuesday in Pation week. being enraged by his faithfuladmonitions;

but he proceeded to instruct the rest by a very interesting parable t. In language fonething fimilar to what he had used on a fornier occalion 1, he represented the great blesings of the Gospel under the description of a feast. Plenteous provisions, and fuch as are most exquisite in their nature, are here exhibited. They are sufficient for the supply of every guest, and capable of yielding inexpreflible delight. This is more than a common entertainment: it is a royal banquet; what the King of heaven has prepared for the accommodation of his creatures upon earth. It is, also, designed for the celebration of a marriage, the union of his own Son with the Church : for Jesus is the Bridegroom of his people, having espoused them to himself. What extensive and unparalleled grace does this display!

A numerous company had been desired to give their attendance; and at the proper season, when reminded of their sovereign's expectations, they refused to obey his fummons. Yet such was his condescenfion, that after this insult he renewed the invitation, and sent one message upon another, afsuring them that his table was richly furnished for their reception, and requesting their presence withoutdelay. Even then his kindness was rejected with disdain, being considered as a matter not worth regarding : for “ they made light of it,” and turned their attention to their common occupations. Is this a natural defcription? Are men, in general, backward to partake of a sumptuous entertainment? Do they not run with eagerness to gratify their sensual appetites? Yes : but the feast here exhibited, is spiritual; and the con

* Ila. xlv. 24 | Matt. xxii. I14. Sect. 26.


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