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the period comprised in this volume.

FRANCIS FAUQUIER, Esq. continued Governor Francis Fawfrom 1758 to 1767; the last patents signed by him, be- quier, esą. ing dated the 10th of September, 1767;

after which John Blair, esq. officiated as President of the Council.

John Blair, esq. acted as President of the Council John Blair, until the latter part of the year 1768; the last patent esq. presi signed by him bearing date the 24th of October, 1768. dent of the

council. He was succeeded by Norborne Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt, by whom the first patents were signed the 6th of April, 1769.

Lord Botetourt continued governor until 1770, when Lord Butehe died; the last patents signed by him, are dated the 27th of August, 1770.


William Nelson, esq. was President of the Council William Nel. from the death of Lord Botetourt, in 1770, until the son, presiaccession of John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, in 1772; council. the last patents signed by William Nelson, esq. as president of the council, are dated the 3d of August, 1771, and the first by Lord Dunmore, ås governor, the 31st of March, 1772.

Lord Dun.

more, the Lord Dunmore continued governor until the com- last govermencement of the Revolution in 1775, when he fled. nor under

the colonia. government


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