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LEGACIES The following suggestions in regard to the drafting of Wills are made for the information of those who desire to leave bequests to the Society, and thus to perpetuate the work when their own personal efforts are ended:

FORM OF A BEQUEST I give and bequeath to the American Bible Society, formed in New York in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen, and

red and forty-one, the

ociety in trust, the in

te, the above form can

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ible Society, formed in
and sixteen, and incor-
forty-one, the following

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The Seity

1 act of the Legislature

has by subsequent leg. Harvard College Library

38 it was authorized to
eal property by gift or

grants, bequests and
ay be made directly to
the purposes compre-
ciety, and such trusts
cessary to accomplish
ated. It is, however,
ise by residents of the
the provisions of the
ted that
child, or parent, shall,
ise or bequeath to any

religious, or mission

in trust or otherwise, wau vuc uant part om uis or ner estate, after the payment of his or her debts (and such devise or bequest shall be valid to the extent of one half, and no more).”

The Society, by the general and special powers given to it by the Legislature of New York, can, in the absence of local statutory restrictions, take and hold real estate in other States by gift or devise.

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