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Glory and wealth of the kingdom of Israel in the time of Solomon,

153 Disasters and miserable death of Jehoram. 2 Chron. xxi.

154 Wicked people oppressive rulers,

156 A way of return providentially opened to the Jews

on the overthrow of the Babylonish empire by Cyrus.-Ezra i. 1,

157 Obstacles in the way of the Jews, in building the

Temple, on their return to Jerusalem, providentially thrown in their way and removed. Ezra iy.

161 Book of Esther,

162 Book of Job,

163 Sennacherib sent by God against his people, yet punished for going.-—Isaiah x.

166 Destruction of Babylon. Isaiah xiii.

168 Destruction of Tyre. Isaiah xxiii. 11,

169 Famine in Judah.-Jeremiah xiv.

170 Field of Hanameel providentially offered for sale. Jeremiah xxxii. 7,

172 Life of Jeremiah providentially saved by EbedMelech.Jeremiah xxxviii.

173 Capture and fate of. Zedekiah._Jeremiah xxxix. 7, 174 Preservation of Jeremiah and of Ebed-Melech in the capture of Jerusalem.--Jeremiah xxxix. 11,

ib. The forgetting of his dream by Nebuchadnezzar providential.-Dan. ii. 5,

175 The lot fell upon Jonah._Jonah i.

176 Jesus in a storm.Matt. viii. 24,

193 The two Gergesene demoniacs meet Jesus.—Matt.

viii. 28, The barren fig-tree blasted.. Matt. xxi. 17-20,

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The death of Christ providentially accomplished.-
Matt. xxvi. 14,

197 Purchase of the Potter's Field.—Matt. xxvii. 7,

199 Not this man, but Barabbas.-Matt. xxvii. 15; John xviii. 40,

201 Dream of Pilate's wife.—Matt. xxvii. 19,

202 Jesus given up by Pilate.—Matt. xxvii. ; John xix. 203 Adversity no evidence of providential disapprobation.—Matt. xxvii. 42,

206 Appointment of a watch at the tomb of Jesus. Matt. xxvii. 62,

209 Report of the soldiers that the disciples stole the body of Jesus.Matt. xxviii. 13,

211 Christ crucified between two malefactors.--Markxv. 27, 214 Combination of the Pharisees and Herodians to ensnare Jesus.—Mark xii. 13,

215 Jesus brought before Herod.Luke xxiii. 5,

216 Cross of Christ borne by Simon.—Luke xxiii. 26, 219 Christ's death by crucifixion.-John xviii. 31, 221 Title on the cross of Christ.-John xix. 19-22,

223 Lots cast for the coat of Jesus.--John xix. 23, 225 The legs of Jesus not broken.-John xix. 31-37, 226 The disciples pluck the ears of corn on the Sabbath-day.-Luke vi.

227 Certain disciples minister to the Lord Jesus of their substance.Luke viii. 3,

228 The calling of Zaccheus.-- Luke xix.

230 The enemies of Jesus restrained from injuring him by fear of the people.—Luke xix. 48,

231 Providential preservation of Peter when he smote

the servant of the high priest.—Luke xxii. 50, 232 Providential circumstances leading Peter into the

situation in which he denied his Master.Com.

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