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May 1. Mrs William Maxwell Little, Dundas Street, of a daughter.

2. At Edinburgh, the lady of John Sinclair, Esq. of Barrock, of a son.

4. At his lordship's house, in Piccadilly, London, the Countess of Roseberry, of a daughter. -In London, the lady of the Right Hon. Robert Peel, of a son.

5. At Dean-bank house, Stockbridge, Mrs Bruce, of a son.

7. At Gallanach, the lady of Dugald Macdougall, Esq. of Gallanach, of a son.

9. Mrs J. A. Cheyne, No. 30, London Street, of a daughter.

-At Stirling, the lady of John Fraser, Esq. advocate, of a daughter.

-At Georgefield, parish of Westerkirk, Mrs Murray, of a son and heir.

10. Mrs Forrest, wife of Mr Forrest, banker in Forfar, of two sons and one daughter. The girl is since dead, but the mother and the two boys are doing well.

Mrs Vans Hathorn, Prince's Street, of a


11. Mrs J. S. Brown, No. 5, Graham Street, of a daughter.

At Kensington, Mrs Carnegie, of a daughter. - Mrs Paul, 65, York Place, of a son.

12. Mrs Anderson, No. 90, Prince's Street, of a daughter.

13 At the Manse of Dumbarney, Mrs Anderson, of a son.

At Portsmouth, the lady of Major Stuart Dalziel, Royal Marines, of a son.

17. In Northumberland Street, the lady of Captain Hodgson, R. N. of a daughter.

17. Mrs Clark, 51, George's Square, of a daugh


19. At his house, George Street, the lady of Lieutenant-General Sir John Hope, of a son. 22. The lady of William Fergusson, Esq. of Kilrie, of a daughter.

23. At the Hague, her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange, of a Prince.

At New Laverock Bank, Mrs William S. Maclean, of a daughter. 24. At Cavers, Mrs Douglas of Cavers, of a son and heir.

At Barcaldine, the lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldine, of a son.

25. At Auchlunkart, the lady of Patrick Steuart, Esq. of Auchlunkart, of a son,

26. At North Nelson, Mrs Hutchinson of a daughter.

In Belfast Barracks, Mrs Farquharson, 25th regiment, of a son.

At No. 6, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Colquhoun Grant, of a son.

31. At Cumbernauld-house, the Honourable Mrs Fleming, of a daughter.

Lately, In Roxburghshire, Mrs Dick, Glensheal, of a son.

-At Shielhill, parish of Polmont, the wife of J. Anderson, of three sons, who, with the mother, are all doing well.


April 22, 1822. At Muirburn, Mr Thomas Dykes, writer, Hamilton, to Isabella, daughter of James Alston, Esq. of Muirburn.

May 1. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant Nathaniel Taylor, late of the 90th light infantry, to Maria, second daughter of the deceased Charles Angus, Esq. Turnberry Lodge.

2. At Bath, Major-General Sir William Inglis, K. C. B. to Margaret Marianne, eldest daughter of Major-General Raymond.

6. At 126, George Street, Gilbert Laurie Finlay, Esq. W. S. to Grace Hunter, daughter of George Charles, Esq. M. D.

8. At London, Mr John Muir, writer, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Wood, of Little Britain.


8. At Woodchester, Gloucestershire, the Earl of Denbigh, to the Hon. Miss Moreton, eldest daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Ducie.


Married at Whitehaven, Mr W. Butter. worth Moffat, to Miss Clementson, daughter of E. Clementson, Esq.

14. At Edinburgh, Captain John Duncan, of the Hon. the East India Company's Service, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Robert Hill, of Rosebank, Esq. W. S.

16. At Brighton, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart. K. C. B. to Maria Sussanna, daughter of the late Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, Bart.

17. At London, James Niven, Esq. of Glenarm, to Anne Jane, only daughter of the late Rev. Dr John Vardell, rector of Fishtoft and Sherbeck.

21. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Daniel Gorrie, King's Kettle, Fife, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late John Moffat, Surgeon, Royal Navy.

-At Ripley, Surrey, Ochterlony Lockhart Mure, Esq. of Livingston, in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, to Louisa, daughter of James Dalblac, Esq.

23. At Leith, Lieutenant John Baikie, R. N. to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Mr John Hutton, merchant in Leith.

-At Nith Bank, Walter Ritchie, Esq. h. p. 14th Light Dragoons, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Moore, Douglas, Isle of Man.

-At Greenwich, William Scott Preston, Esq. to Margaret Grace Gordon, youngest daughter of the late Peter Lawrie, Esq. of Blackheath and Ernespie.

25. At Turvey, county of Bedford, the Rev. James Marshall, Minister of the Outer High Church in Glasgow, to Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of the Rev. Leigh Richmond, Rector of Turvey.

-At London, Robert Mudie, Esq. to Frances Wallace, second daughter of Captain John Urquhart, late of the East India-house.

27. At Edinburgh, Mr William Fotheringham, to Janet, third daughter of Robert Forrester, late ship-master in Kinghorn.

29. At Glasgow, M. A. Nicholson, Esq. architect, London, to Agnes, daughter of Mr John Gibson, late of Partick.

31. At Hamburgh Place, North Leith, Mr James Noble, teacher of languages, Edinburgh, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr H. Blaik, merchant.

Lately, At Edinburgh, William Henry Cock, Esq. younger of Knowles, Lancashire, and of the island of St Bartholomew, to Home, youngest daughter of Dr William Farquharson, physician, Edinburgh.

-At Prestonpans, Robert Dickson, Durham militia, to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late John Stewart, Esq. of Blair Hall.


Sept. 29, 1821. At Cuttack, East Indies, Alexander Maclean, Esq. (youngest son of the late Mr John Maclean, Langamull, Mull, Argyllshire,) -Surgeon to the commissioner and civil surgeon of that station, aged about 37 years.

Oct. 3. At Trincomalee, island of Ceylon, Lieutenant-Colonel William Geddes, of the 83d regiment of foot.

5. At Shiraz, in Persia, Claudius John Rich, Esq. Author of the Memoir of Ancient Babylon, formerly of Bristol, and late resident of the East India Company at Bagdat.

Nov. 1. At Baroda Camp, of a bilious remittent fever, Captain Robert M'Farlane, 4th regiment grenadier battalion, a native of Monteath, Perthshire.

5. At Bombay, aged 49, P. C. Baird, Esq. M. D. superintending Surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's Service on the Bombay establishment.

9. At Pootookghur, in Bengal, Ensign James Campbell, 4th regiment of native infantry.

12. At Cannonore, East Indies, James Johnston Duncan, Surgeon, Madras establishment, son of the late Rev. Dr Duncan, rector of Whalton, Northumberland.

21. At Muttra, in Bengal, Captain Andrew Christie, of the 6th native Infantry, eldest son of Andrew Christie, Esq. of Ferrybank.

28. At Meerut, Major-General F. E. Hardy
man, C. B. Colonel of his Majesty's 17th regiment
of foot, and Commander of the 2d division of the
field army in Bengal.

Dec. 3. At Bombay, the Hon. Sir W. D. Ewans,
Recorder of that presidency.

7. At Seringapatam, Mary, daughter of Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Thomas Paterson, and spouse of
James Cassamayor, Esq. in the civil service of the
Hon. East India Company.

- Of the dropsy, Pomare, King of Otaheite. His remains were deposited on the 11th, in a new stone tomb at the upper end of the large chapel he had erected for Christian worship. A regency, consisting of the principal Chiefs, has been formed, the heir to the crown not being two years of age.

Jan. 7. At Cape Town, on his passage from In-
dia, Lieutenant-Colonel John Stuart Jerdan, of
the 10th regiment Bombay infantry, and of Kelso,
in Roxburghshire.

March 16, 1822. Dr Alexander Menzies, deputy
Inspector of Hospitals, at Barbadoes.

23. In George Town, Demerara, after a short illness, Catharine Campbell, aged 25, relict of the late Evan M Pherson, Esq. and eldest daughter of Mr McGregor, St Andrew's Square.

April 20. At Belle Isle, near Ambleside, on his way to Cheltenham, the Rev. William Curwen, of Harrington, second son of J. C. Curwen, Esq. M.P.

22. Lost off the coast of Ireland, on board of his Majesty's ship Confiance, Mr John Whalley Shairp, Midshipman, aged 21, (past for a Lieutenant at Royal Naval College,) second son of William Shairp, Esq. late of Kirkton, Collector of Customs, Bo'ness.

25. At Murraythwaite, Lieutenant-Colonel John Murray, of Tundergarth.

26. At Edinburgh, Miss Marion Scott, aged 59, daughter of the late Mr Thomas Scott, farmer at Craiglockart.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Ferrier, wife of Louis Henry Ferrier, Esq. of Belleside.

27. At Polwarth Manse, Berwickshire, Mrs Home, wife of the Rev. Robert Home.

29. Aged 49, Mrs Grace Straton, reliet of Mr John Mactavish, writer in Edinburgh.

30. At Prince's Street, John Findlay, Esq. -At Oban, Marion, eldest daughter of John Robson, Esq. of the Customs there.

May 1. At Westhaven, near Arbroath, Mr Daniel Mackenzie, of the Excise.

2. At Dunoon Manse, Argyllshire, Mrs Margaret Campbell, widow of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Glenfeachan, and daughter of the late Neil Campbell, Esq. of Dunstaffnage.

-At Glasgow, Mrs Jean Murray, relict of the late Rev. James Sinclair, Stronsay, matron of the Charity Workhouse, Edinburgh.

-At his house, Innerwick, East Lothian, Mr Robert Duncan, in the 90th year of his age.

5. At Eddlestone Manse, the Rev. Dr Patrick Robertson, Minister of Eddlestone, in the 74th of his age, and the 49th of his ministry.

At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Gilmore, ropemaker, Grassmarket.

4. Suddenly, in a fit of apoplexy, Ann Tucker, wife of Mr William Campbell, founder, Tweedmouth, in the 64th year of her age.

5. At Edinburgh, Walter, son of William Roy, Esq. of Nenthorn.

At Balkail, in the 38th year of her age, Mrs Ross, wife of Captain John Ross, R. N.

-At his house in Hill Street, Berkely Square, London, in the 68th year of his age, the Hon. and most Rev. William Stuart, Archbishop of Armagh, and Lord Primate of all Ireland. His Grace was the fifth and youngest, and last surviving son of John, Earl of Bute.

At Musselburgh, Isabella Dobie, wife of Robert Dickson.

6. At Dublin, his Grace the Archbishop of Cashel. His Grace was consecrated Lord Bishop of Clonfert in 1795. In the year following he was translated to the see of Kilmore, and in 1801 he was preferred to the Archdiocese of Cashel.

At Durham-house, in the parish of Torryburn, and county of Fife, Mrs Paton, relict of the late Mr John Paton, Surgeon there.

-At the Manse of Resolis, Mrs Sage, wife of the Rev. Donald Sage, Minister of that parish. -Mrs Ann Jones, wife of the Rev. T.S. Jones, D. D.

7. After a long and 'severe illness, Mr Edward
Simpson, musician in Edinburgh.

At Long's Hotel, Bond Street, London, Mat-
thew Russel, Esq. of Brancepeth Castle, Durham,
aged 57.

Lady Burdon, wife of Sir Thomas Burdon,
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and youngest sister of
Lord Stowell and the Earl of Eldon.

8. Mrs Nelson, at Mr George Hay's, No. 1.
Drummond Place.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Fairbairn, widow of Mr
John Fairbairn, bookseller.

9. At Edinburgh, Mr James Dickinson, slater.
-At Alyth, Mrs Mary Nicoll, wife of the Rev.
Alexander Nicoll, Episcopal minister there.
10. Henry Johnson, Esq. of Meadow Bank,
aged 69 years.

Sarah, youngest daughter of Robert Braith-
waite, Esq. of Whitby.

-Thomas Gale Douglas, Esq. of the 73d re-
giment, second son of Archibald Douglas of Ad-
derston, Esq.

-At Eastmains, near Ormiston, Mr James
M'Robin, solicitor at law.

- At Paris, Abbe Sicard, aged 80, the philan-
thropic and celebrated director of the Institution
of the Deaf and Dumb.

11. At London, Mr Walter Ogilvie, son of the late
Rev. John Ogilvie, D. D. minister of the gospel at


12. At Greenhall, near Crieff, Jane Menzies,
eldest daughter of Mr William Menzies.

- At her house in Maitland Street, Mrs Mar-
garet Robertson, relict of the late Mr James Bar-
rón, West Craigs.

13. At Milton-house, near Peterborough, after
a long protracted illness, the Countess of Fitz-
William, in her 75th year.

14. At Greenock, Duncan Campbell, jun. Esq.
merchant there.

-At Aberdeen, the Rev. Charles M'Hardy,
minister of Craithie and Braemar, in the 76th year
of his age, and 55d of his ministry.

-At No. 107, Prince's Street, Mrs Vans Ha-

15. At his house, 47, Hanover Street, James
Haig, Esq.

16. At Paris, the Duke of Richelieu, Peer of
France, Lieutenant-General of the army, and late
Prime Minister of France.

-At Cupar, Mr William Thomson, merchant

17. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Carmichal, mer-

- At Alloa, Mr John Orr, merchant.
-At Gotha, his Serene Hignn ess the reigning
Duke of Saxe Gotha Altenburg, of an inflamma-
tion of the lungs, in his 50th year.

18. At Church-house, Tenbury, Worcestershire,
Alexander Johnston, Esq. a native of Gifford, in
East Lothian, and one of the oldest surgeons of
the Royal Navy.

-At her house Vanburgh Place, Leith Links,
Mrs Patterson, wife of George Patterson, Esq.R.N.
-At Edinburgh, Mrs Broughton, wife of Mr
C. Broughton, W. S. accountant.

19. Mrs Scott, junior, of Trinity.
21. At Kirkaldy, Alexander Adam, Esq. much
re gretted.

At Perth, Lieutenant James Mitchell, late
of the 8th Veteran Battalion, and many years Ad-
jutant of the 88th, or Connaught Rangers.

-At Edinburgh, Katherine, youngest daughter
of Mr Ewart, clerk in Chancery.

-At Maybole, Mrs Hutchison, relict of Hugh
Hutchison, Esq. of Southfield.

- At Largo Manse, Mrs Oliphant, widow of the
late Rev. Mr Oliphant.



Mr Thomas Sibbald, governor of Edinburgh

22. Suddenly, the infant son of Colonel Holmes
of the 3d dragoon guards.

-At Gorgie, Catherine, eldest daughter of Ro-
bert Robb, farmer there.

25. At Kirkaldy, Mr Robert Skirving, aged 66.
-At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Græme, daugh-
ter of the deceased Dr William Græme, M. D.

- Mr Francis Vogan, cork-manufacturer, Leith.
At Thurso, Mr John Miller, merchant.


At his house in the West Bow, Mr David
Grindlay, in his 85th year.

24. At Torbolt, by Dornoch, Colonel Alexander
Sutherland, of Culmaily.

-At Colinsburgh, Mr John Brash, in the 63d
year of his age.

25. At London, her Grace the Duchess of Graf-
ton, aged 77.

26. At her residence in Hertford Street, May
Fair, the Dowager Countess Grey. Her Ladyship
was only daughter of George Grey, of Southwick,
in the county of Durham, Esq. and widow of Ge-
neral the Right Hon. Charles, first Earl Grey,
K. B.

-At Edinburgh, William, second son of John
Wardrop, Esq. Banker.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Sivright, widow of the
late Thomas Sivright, Esq. of South House.

-At Ham, Surrey, Margaret, wife of General
Godon Forbes, aged 76.

28. At St Andrews, Mr William Bruce, student
of divinity.

30. At Edinburgh, Mr James Ramsay, super-
visor of Excise, Edinburgh.

-At the house of his son-in-law, W. Thomson,
Esq. M. P. Samuel Homfray, Esq. late M. P. for
Stafford, in the 81st year of his age.

-At Cork, where he had gone for medical as-
sistance, the Right Hon. John de Courcy, Lord
Kingsale, Baron Courcy, and Baron of Ringrone,
Premier Baron of Ireland. His Lordship's an-
cestor was presented in 1762 to his late Majesty,
and had the honour of asserting the ancient pri-
vilege of his family of wearing his hat in the
King's presence. The late Lord also enjoyed the
same privilege.

-In Dublin, Lieutenant-Colonel Cox, late of
the 69th Foot.

The Right Rev. Dr Thomas Lewis O'Bierne,
Bishop of Meath. His Lordship was originally
educated for the functions of a Roman Catholic
priest, but having recommended himself to the
notice of the late Duke of Portland, he abjured
the Roman Catholic faith, became a Protestant
clergyman, and was, in 1799, promoted to the
see of Meath, one of the most valuable in Ireland
in point of income and patronage.

At Aberdeen, James Brechin, at the very
advanced age of 102 years. For the last forty
years he had been resident in that place, in various
employments, but in the enjoyment of good health,
retaining his faculties until within a week of his

At Glasgow, Sarah M'Intosh, at the advan-
ced age of 106 years. She was born in Argyle-
shire. Her husband John Johnston, belonged to
the south of Scotland. During the Rebellion he
was attached to the interest of the Pretender, and
fled to Ireland immediately after the battle of Cul-
loden. Sarah returned to Scotland about two
years ago. She lost her sight some time since;
but retained her mental faculties to the last. She
had an excellent recollection of the events of her
youth; and it was the only solace of her last days
to talk of the Pretender, and detail the devotion,
the bravery, the sufferings, and hair-breadth escapes
of her clansmen and acquaintances, during the
troublesome period of the Rebellion. She had
12 children, 42 grand-children, and 36 great-grand-



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[blocks in formation]

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