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Calais, June 21.-Grand, June 23, 1823. Zurich, July 18.-Basle, August 1, 1823. Dover. Dunkirk. Pavé. Mount Cassel. General Bridge. Swiss Customs. State of Religion. Pro

Vandamme. Lille. Duke of Marlborough. fessor. Fall of Rhine. Eglisau. First View of Courtray. Pulpits. Sunday at Grand. Popery. Alps. Zurich. Reformers. Inu L’Epée. AnForeign Travel. King of England. : : 10 tistes Hess. Mr. Wilberforce. Zuingle. Do

cuments of Reformation. Clergy. Bible Society.

Lavater's Forgiveness of his Murderer. Aarau. LETTER II.

Good done by an English Clergyman. Balse.

M. Blumhardt. Stoves. Fountains. A Divine. Brussels, June 27.-Liege, July 1, 1823.

Tombs of Erasmus and Ecolampadius. Holy

Alliance. Council of Basle. Likeness of Eras Grand. Nunnery. Chrysostom. Louis XVIII.

27 Lord Gambier. Antwerp. Bonaparte. Scheld. Brussels. St. Gudule. Popery. The Martyr Tyndale. Namur. Village of Waterloo. King

LETTER VII. of England. Coster. Battle of Waterloo. Huy. Liege

12 Moutiers, August 4.-Bern, August 11, 1823. LETTER III.

Sunday at Basle. View from table-d’hôte Room.

Valley of Moậtiers. Anabaptists. Soyhier.

Court. Cormoret. Rock Pierre Pertuis. ObSpa, July 1.-Coblentz, July 10, 1823.

servations on Swiss Government. Neufchâtel.

Reformer Farel. Bienne. Island of St. Pierre. Road to Spa. Verviers. Aix la Chapelle. Charle

J.J. Rousseau. Seedorf. Bern. Voiturier. M. magne. Relics. King of England. Juliers. St. Austin. Sunday at Bergheim. Cologne. St.

Wyttenbach. The great Haller. Swiss Diet. Ursula. Tomb of Magi. Bonn. University of

Sunday at Bern. Pastor Henhöfer 31 Catholics and Protestants. The Rhine. Drachensfels. Remagen. Andernach. Coblentz.

LETTER VIII. Timber-float. Spy


Lauterbrunnen, August 12. — Grimsel, August LETTER IV.

17, 1823.

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St. Goar, July 11.-Carlsruh, July 19, 1823. View from Inn at Lauterbrunnen. Lake of Thun.

Interlacken. Unterseen. St. Beat. Staubbach. Scenery of Rhine. Ehrenbreitstein. French Mo- Anecdote. Wengen Alp. Chalets. Avalanches

nument of Campaign in Russia. Discontent. from Jungfrau. Grindelwald. Anecdotes. Gla. Hirtzenach. Jew. Bingen. Vineyard. Weisba- ciers. Sheideck Alp. Miserably wet Journey. den. Violation of Sabbath. Mentz. Franckfort. Reichen-bach. Valley of Meyringen. Lake of English Newspapers. Conversation of Priest. Brientz. Fall of Giessbach. Mud Torrents. Göthe. Revival of Religion. Darmstadt. Le- Handeck. Grimsel. Sunday Reflections. Itaander Van Ess. Oppenheim. Storks'-nests. lian Nobleman. Lord Byron.

37 Heildenberg. Martin Luther. Professor. Castle. Manheim. Flying Bridge. Schwetzingen. Carlsruh. Floods



Furca Alp, August 18.-Bern, August 24, 1823. LETTER V.

Glacier of Rhone. Furca Alp. Realp. Capuchin Rastadt, July 20.-Schaffhausen, July 27, 1823. Friar. Hospital. Cold. Valley of Reuss. De

vil's Bridge. Amstag. New Road. Altorf. Union of Lutherans and Calvinists. Pastor Hen- William Tell. Fluellen. Lake of four Cantons.

höfer. Importance of Gospel. Rastadt. Ulm. Switz. Mount Righi. Storm. Mount Pilate. Kehl. Strasburg. Cathedral. Letters of Re- Ruin of Goldau. Strangers' Book. King of formers. Emmendingen. Manner of Travelling. England. Italians and Russians. Küssnacht. Food. Hoellenthal. Bad Inn. Black Forest. Lucern. William Tell. Wooden Bridges. Père Donaueschingen. Danube. Mr. Canning. Swit- Girard. Luther. Zofingen. Herzogenbuchs. zerland. Schaff hausen. Innkeeper. Fall of Bern. Sunday. Fast. English Service. GoRhine. Swiss Sunday .

22 vernment of Bern and England ., 42

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Morat, August 25.Lausanne, August 31, 1823. Pont-beau-voisin, Sept. 20.–Lyon, Sept. 28, 1823. Battle of Morat. Avenche. Payerne. Lausanne. Chamberry. A Bookseller. Pont-beau-voisin.

Reformation. Translation of Scott Lake of Roads. Bishop Berkeley. Sunday at Lyon. Gereva. Lodgings. Calvinism. Nyon. Cop- Catholic Sermon. Gibbon. Rivers Saone and pet. M. Neckar. Madam de Staël. Geneva. Rhone. Fourvière. Hotel de Ville. RevoluRhone. Steam Boat. Death of Missionaries tionary horrors at Lyon. Speech of Emperor Johnson and Palmer. The Pope. Ferney. Vol. Claudius. Roman Amphitheatre. Martyrs of taire. Sunday at Lausanne. Preachers. Per- Lyon. Cimetière. Arsenal. Death of Rev. secution. Calvin's Will. Arrêté at Lausanne. S. Arnott. Chamberry Peasant. Notice of 51 Martyrs in Second Century.



LETTER XVI. Geneva, Sept. 2.-Martigny, Sep. 6, 1823.

Lyon, September 28.—Geneva, October 6, 1823. Translation of Scott. Cathedral at Lausanne. Second Sunday at Lyon. Library. Hôtel Dieu. Père Girard. Mont Blanc. Conversation with

Hôtel de la Charité. Sick Family. Journey Genevese. Savoy. Bonneville. Valley of Cluse.

to Geneva. Professor of Lausanne. Perte du Goitres. St. Martin's. Chède. Servoz. De

Rhone. L'Ecluse. Ferney. Voltaire. CaSaussure. Chamouny. Glacier of Bossons. Ac

tholics at Geneva. Fine Walks. Translation cident in Ascent of Mont Blanc. Italian Gentlemen. Montanvert.

of Scott. Satigny. Rejected Regent. ReCouvercle. Mer de

ligious Doctrine. Plan of Central Switzerland. Glace. Alps. Infamous Sentence in Strangers' Book. Tête Noire. Trient. French Emigrants.

Cathedral. Library. English Clergy. Sun

day at Geneva. Minister from Les Cevennes. 61 Règlement. M. Simond's Defence answered.


LETTER XVII. Great St. Bernard, Sept. 6.-Brieg, Sept. 10, 1823.

Poligny, Oct. 7, 1823.-Paris, Oct. 11, 1823. Jardin of Mer de Glace. Forclaz. Bas Valais.

Martigny. Deluge of the Dranse. Sunday at Nyon. Calvin and Fletcher. Catholic Lady Martigny. Sermon. Popery. Orsieres. Lyd- Conversation on Popery. Geneva. Prohibited des. Pious Admonition on Eternity. Great Books. Auxonne. Írish Catholics. Dijon. St. Bernard. Dogs. Monks. Chapel for Dead. Miraculous Image of Virgin. Palace of the Lives saved. Provost. Sion. Valais. Prayers Dukes of Burgundy. Bossuet. Waggons. at Great St. Bernard. Catholic Admonition. Auxerre. Joigny- Cardinal de Retz. Fon


tainebleau. Apartments of the Pope. BonaLETTER XIII.

parte's Abdication. Place of Madrid. Character of Bonaparte.

Sens. St. Bernard.

Manners of People. Catholics receiving Tracts. Simplon, Sept. 11. Milan, Sept. 14, 1823.

Arrival at Paris.

103 Brieg. Simplon. Road. Persal. Descent into Italy. Domo d'Osola. Priests. Contrast be

LETTER XVIII. tween Switzerland and Italy. Lago Maggiore. Borromean Isles. Colassal Satue of Borro

Brighton, April 14, 1824. Milan. Scale of Vegetation on Alps. Marble Cathedral. St. Ambrose. St. Austin. Paris Bible Society. Deaf and Dumb Institution.

73 French Preachers. King's Almoner. Noble

man. Translation of Scott. Friends to whom LETTER XIV.

Author was introduced. Baron de Sacy.

Count d'Hauterive. Marquis de Jaucourt. Milan, Sept. 13.-Chamberry, Sept. 19, 1823. Reflections on the whole Tour: 1. Supreme

Providence of God. 2. Opposite Evils of SuSunday at Milan. Sunday Schools. Punch. perstition and Infidelity. 3. Scenes of Re

Virgin Mary. Noisy Festival. Popery like formers' Labors. Luther. Beza. Bucer. Paganism. "Church of St. Ambrose. Library. Ecolampadius. Bullinger. Authenticity of 1 Amphitheatre of Bonaparte. Unfinished Tri- John v. 7, 8. 4. Duty of advancing the Age umphal Arch.

Remains of Roman Baths, of Charity. 5. Importance of every Travel. Mint. Po. Tesin. Turin. Churches. Pa- ler being active. Advice to Invalids. Aneclace, Ambioggio. Lans-le-bourg. Ancient dotes. 6. Gratitude to God. Revocation of Arch at Susa. Mount Cenis Road. Reflec- the Edict of Nantes. Origin of Vaudois. tions. St. Michael. Aigue-belle. Chamberry. pulsion from Valleys. Return. Need of Life of Borromeo. Extracts from Writings. Aid. 7. Prayer for Grace of Holy SPIRIT. 79















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