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THE religious controversy of the day occasioned the delivery of the series of sermons contained in this volume. Their publication results from the request of those

who heard them.

When the discourses were written, the author had no intention of publishing them, and was not, therefore, careful particularly to note his authorities for the facts stated. This neglect he now regrets, more especially in relation to that part of the work which contains a succinct history of the corruptions of the Papal Church, and of the Protestant Reformation; because a review of Mosheim, Priestley, Campbell, and the appropriate articles in Rees' Cyclopædia, (the principal authors consulted,) would require more time than he has to bestow on the subject. The respective statements were made on evidence deemed substantial; and, on examination, it is presumed they will be generally found correct.



More than twenty years since, the author perused the sermons of Rev. Nichol Scott, on the final extinction of the wicked.--These sermons being nearly out of print, the author made an abstract of them, which on this occasion has been referred to; and he has now no means of determining how far he is dependent on them for argument and expression. The discourse therefore, on this subject, (that no injustice may be done,) is presented to the publick as substantially the views of an English divine.

It is not expected that the doctrinal sermons will be approved by every portion of the religious community; but the hope is entertained that, by the blessing of God, they may promote the best interests of Christianity.

Worcester, May, 1822.

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