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When to the cross I turn mine eyes,
And rest on Calvary,

O Lamb of God, my sacrifice!
I must remember thee.

Remember thee, and all thy pains,
And all thy love to me;

Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains
Will I remember thee.

And when these failing lips grow dumb,
And mind and memory flee,
When thou shalt in thy kingdom come,
Thou wilt remember me.



Ir human kindness meets return,
And owns the grateful tie;

If tender thoughts within us burn,
To feel a friend is nigh:

O! shall not warmer accents tell
The gratitude we owe

To Him who died, our fears to quell,
Our more than orphan's wo!

While yet his anguish'd soul survey'd

Those pangs he would not flee; What love his latest words display'd, "Meet and remember me!"

Remember Thee! thy death, thy shame,
Our sinful hearts to share!

O Memory, leave no other name
But His recorded there!

Bernard Barton.


"I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life."-John xiv. 6.

THOU art the Way- and he who sighs,
Amid this starless waste of wo,
To find a pathway to the skies,

A light from heaven's eternal glow,
By thee must come, thou gate of love,

Through which the saints undoubting trod;

Till faith discovers, like the dove,

An ark, a resting place in God.

Thou art the Truth-whose steady day Shines on through earthly blight and bloom,

The pure, the everlasting ray,

The lamp that shines e'en in the tomb;

The light, that out of darkness springs,
And guideth those that blindly go;
The word, whose precious radiance flings
Its lustre upon all below.

Thou art the Life- the blessed well,
With living waters gushing o'er,
Which those who drink shall ever dwell
Where sin and thirst are known no more;
Thou art the mystic pillar given,

Our lamp by night, our light by day;
Thou art the sacred bread from heaven ;-
Thou art the Life-the Truth - the Way.


THIS world is like a wilderness
Between our homes and heaven

And we, like pilgrims in distress,
By fear and danger driven.

And many a smooth and flowery path,
Across the desert wide,

Though overhung with clouds of wrath,
Tempts us to step aside.

And yet, none ever need to stray –
Christ is the true, the only WAY!

Oh! many snares our steps surround,
False light our way attends,
And still in all our paths are found
False foes, and fearful friends.
False, false are pleasure's siren smiles,
False is the glare of wealth,
False are ambition's flattering wiles,
And false the flush of health.
Still, for our guide, in age and youth,
Christ is the fountain of all TRUTH!

O'er all the daily paths we tread,

The graves are yawning wide; We seem, the living with the dead, To travel side by side. Death reigns in every hideous form With undenied control; While sin, that foul, devouring worm, Corrupts and kills the soul.

But faith looks calmly, 'inid the strife, To Jesus, her "eternal LIFE!

Though dark the wilderness of sin,
With snares on every side ;
Though foes without, and foes within,
Tempt us from truth aside;
Though every awful form of death
Conspire to give alarm ;·

Let humble hope and fervent faith
Dispel the fearful charm

For Jesus condescends to say,


Religious Magazine.


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"If ye love me, keep my commandments."- John xiv. 15.

IF Love, the noblest, purest, best,
If Truth, all other truth above,
Will claim returns from every breast,―
O, surely Jesus claims our love!

OUR LOVE! yea, sooner may the hand
Forget its office, than the heart,
Once taught His love to understand,
Desert its own appointed part.

There's not a hope, with comfort fraught,
Triumphant over death and time,
But Jesus mingles in that thought,

Forerunner of our course sublime.

His image meets me in the hour

Of joy, and brightens every smile :
I see him when the tempests lower,
Each terror soothe, each grief beguile.

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