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There rests the weary head,

There age and sorrow love to go;
And how it smooths the dying bed,
O! let the Christian show!

Emily Taylor.


"He stood by the Lake of Gennesaret."

CLEAR as a crystal mirror in the beam
Of morn, Tiberias' lake expanded lay,
As clear and smooth; save where old Jordan's


Marked through that mirror clear his dimpled way.

The mist that spread a shadowy veil, at length Slow up the mountain's side its skirt hath rolled, And see the sun, rejoicing in his strength,

Now tip the rocks, now spread the lake with gold, His sparkling rays on rich Bethsaida fling,

And light Capernaum's towers, tall palms, and, limpid spring.

Bishop Mant.

Luke v. 1.


"I went and washed, and I received sight."- John ix. 11. WHEN the great Master spoke,

He touched his withered eyes, And, at one gleam upon him broke The glad earth and the skies.

And he saw the city's walls,

And king's and prophet's tomb, And arches proud, and vaulted halls, And the temple's lofty dome.

He looked on the river's flood,
And the flash of mountain rills,

And the gentle wave of the palms, that stood
Upon Judea's hills.

He saw, on heights and plains,
Creatures of every race ;

But a mighty thrill ran through his veins.
When he met the human face.

And his virgin sight beheld
The ruddy glow of even,
And the thousand shining orbs that filled
The azure depths of heaven.

And woman's voice before

Had cheered his gloomy night, But to see the angel form she wore Made deeper the delight.

And his heart at daylight's close,

For the bright world where he trod, And when the yellow morning rose, Gave speechless thanks to God.

New York Evening Post.


"I am the good shepherd."—John x. 11.

As the good shepherd leads his sheep
Through paths secure,

And, while a-fold by night they sleep,
Doth keep them sure ;

So the True Shepherd, Christ, our souls doth


Safe in his eye, protected by his side.

Great Shepherd! do we know thy voice,
And follow thee?

Is thy safe fold our rule and choice,
From bondage free?

Upheld by faith the obedient sheep shall stand, "And none shall pluck them from thy Father's hand."

But O! what mortal tongue shall sing
Thy wondrous love?

Death could not with his threaten'd sting
Thy purpose move:

Conqueror of death, and pledge of life to rise,
Joy of the earth, and heir of subject skies,

Shepherd! with joy we hear thy call
That leads to heaven:

Let none from that salvation fall,

So freely given !

But, as thy sacred records long foretold,
Be the wide-peopled earth one happy fold."
John Taylor.


"And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishers. And he saith unto them; 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."― Matthew iv. 18.

THE wind was hushed on Galilee,
As near its waveless flood,

With thought as calm as that fair sea,
An humble fisher stood.

A voice was heard; as on the lake
Is heard the whispering breeze;
Gentle, yet mighty to awake

The grandeur of the seas.

Years passed away; the humble man

Who stood unheeding there,

No more at early dawn began
The fisher's tranquil care.

Him, palaces of eastern pride

Now hail'd, an honored guest; And now, the lowliest couch beside, He spoke of heavenly rest.

He bore, through perils far and near
His Saviour's holy name :

He yielded not to hope or fear,
To indolence or shame.

That Saviour's presence cheered his breast
Through every varied scene:

That faith his dying hour confessed,
In martyrdom serene.

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