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Seek thou the storms of life; fly not the trial That binds the conqueror's wreath upon thy brow;

And faint not, though the tears of anguish flow, And though upon thy head the angry vial

Of fate be pour'd: but with the conscious glow Of honorable thought and deed below, Look to that Power who watch'd thy self-denial.

Sabbath Recreations.


"He that lacks time to mourn, lacks time to mend. Eternity mourns that. 'Tis an ill cure

For life's worst ills, to have no time to feel them. Where sorrow's held intrusive and turned out, There wisdom will not enter, nor true power, Nor aught that dignifies humanity."

Philip Van Artevelde.

Он, deem not they are blest alore
Whose lives a peaceful tenor keep;
The Power who pities man, has shown
A blessing for the eyes that weep.

The light of smiles shall fill again
The lids that overflow with tears;
And weary hours of woe and pain
Are promises of happier years.

sunny rest

There is a day of
For every dark and troubled night;
And grief may bide, an evening guest,

But joy shall come with early light.

And thou, who, o'er thy friend's low bier,
Sheddest the bitter drops like rain,
Hope that a brighter, happier sphere,

Will give him to thy arms again.

Nor let the good man's trust depart,

Though life its common gifts deny, Though with a pierced and broken heart, And spurned of men, he goes to die.

For God has marked each sorrowing day,
And numbered every secret tear,
And heaven's long age of bliss shall pay
For all his children suffer here.



"There may be a cloud without a rainbow, but there cannot be a rainbow without a cloud."

My soul were dark

But for the golden light and rainbow hue
That, sweeping heaven with their triumphal arc,
Break on the view.

Enough to feel

That God indeed is good! enough to know
Without the gloomy clouds he could reveal
No beauteous bow.

William Croswell.


"Thy kingdom come.".

WITH flowers of promise fill the world, within Man's heart, laid waste and desolate by sin; Where thorns and thistles curse the infested

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Matthew vi. 10.


Let the rich fruits of righteousness abound;
And trees of life, forever fresh and green,
Flourish where trees of death alone have been ;

Let truth look down from heaven, hope soar above,
Justice and mercy kiss, faith work by love;
Nations new-born their fathers' idols spurn;
The ransomed of the Lord with songs return;
Heralds the year of jubilee proclaim;
Bow every knee at the Redeemer's name;
O'er lands, with darkness, thraldom, guilt o'er-

In light, joy, freedom, be the Spirit shed;
Speak Thou the word; to Satan's power say,

But to a world of pardoned sinners, "Peace." -Thus in thy grace, Lord God, thyself make known;

Then shall all tongues confess thee God alone. Montgomery.


"Thy will be done!"--Matthew vi. 10.

O THOU whose lips can well repeat

The Saviour's prayer, nor deem'st deceit
The while is lurking in thy heart,
Pause, ere their memory shall depart.


'Thy will be done!". and dost thou find In the deep musings of thy mind

No fear, no hope, no passion there,
Thou couldst not freely from thee tear?
And darest thou call upon thy God
To try thee with his chastening rod,
And round the wide world stedfast look,
And find no ill thou canst not brook ?
What! couldst thou see the whirlwind come
To tear thee from thy cherish'd home,
See the strong arm of death embrace
The best beloved of all thy race?
See, undeserved, an evil fame
Attaint thy long unsullied name?
Feel slow consuming sickness break
Thy mind, now impotent and weak?
Yet not one murmur?-If but one,
Thou must not say, 66
Thy will be done!"

No rather, ere thy spirit dare
Adopt the Saviour's fervent prayer,
The Saviour's spirit earnest seek,
Enduring, patient, firm, and meek.
Go, seek of God a heavenly mind,
Active, like His-like His, resign'd:
Pray, that thy very prayer may bring
No hatred, no unwelcome thing;
Pray, that the will of heaven may be
Health, joy, and all things else to thee;

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