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Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.



The HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Period to the Death of Elizabeth. By SAARON TURNER, F.A.S. R.A.S.L. In 12 Vols. 8vo. price 81. 38. bds.

Also may be had, by the same Author, separately, The REIGNS of EDWARD VI., to the Accession of Henry VIII., and also MARY, and ELIZABETH; being the Se

the HISTORY of the LITERATURE, POETRY, cond part of the Modern History of Eng

RELIGION, the PROGRESS to the REPORland. 2d Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 12. Bds.


LAND during that period. 3d Edition,

5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. Bds. SAXONS, comprising the History of England from the earliest Period to the The HISTORY of the REIGN of Norman Conquest. 5th Edit. 3 Vols.

HENRY the EIGHTH ; comprising the 8ro. 21, 5s. Bds.

Political History of the Commencement The HISTORY of ENGLAND, dur

of the English Reformation : being the ing the MIDDLE AGES ; comprising First Part of the Modern History of Engthe Reigns from William the Conqueror land. 3d Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 68. Bds.


MEMOIRS of the LIFE and WRITINGS of LINDLEY MURRAY; in a Series of Letters, written by Himself, with a Portrait, and Fac-simile of his Writing. 2d Edit. In 8vo. Price 9s. Bds.

64. The PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY; containing the Doctrines, Duties, Admonitions, and Consolations of the Christian Religion By John BURNS, M.D. Regíus Professor of Surgery in the University of Glasgow, &c 3d Edit. 12ma. 7s. Bds.


ADVICE to a NOBLEMAN on the Manner in which his Children should be instructed on the Piano-forte. A new edition, 18mo. Price 38.

66. LECTURES on ASTRONOMY; illustrated by the ASTRONOMICON, or a series of Moveable Diagrams, exhibiting a more familiar and natural elucidation of the real and apparent motions of the Heavenly Bodies, than is to be met with in any other work on this valuable science. By W. H. PRIOR. Dedicated, by permission, to Dr. Birkbeck. Price of the Astronomicon, 31. 135. 60.-Lectures, 10s. 6d.

The Diagrams are so constructed as to act upon one common centre, screwed into a board, upon wbich the other figures referred to in the Lectures are also delineated. To this centre, a moveable Pianisphere is likewise adapted, upon which, from the peculiarity of its construction, all the most important Problems usually performed by the Celestial Globe, may he worked with much more facility than upon that instru. ment. A very curious and complete Astronomical Machine is thus formed; which, uniting in itself most of the advantages of the Orrery and the Celestial Globe, becomes a cheap and elegant substitute for them both.


A HISTORY of IRELAND. By John O'DRISCOL. In 2 Vols. 8vo. Price ll. 4s. Bds.

We can recommend it as a most safe and useful guide to all those who are conscious either of redundant zeal or deficient know ledge on the subject of Irish affairs. It is easily read and understood; for it is short, for the quantity of matter it contains, and agreeably and clearly written. The author, we feel assured, is not only an intelligent, but a good man, and he bas done good service in a season when it was urgently wanted."-Edinburgh Review.


... Captain Southey has performed the task which the title shows him to have undertaken, with great diligence, research, and fidelity. Of the importance of the work it is impossible to say too much."Inspector

69. MUSCOLOGIA BRITANNICA ; containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland, systematically arranged

and described; with Plates, illustrative of the characters of the Genera and Species. By WILLIAM JACKSON HOOIER, LL.D. F.R.A. and L.S.&c. and Thomas

TAYLOR, M.D. M.R.I.A. and F.L.S. &c. The 2d Edition, corrected and enlarged, in 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. plain, and 31. 38. coloured plates.


Modern Publications, and New Editions of Valuable Standard Works,

70. A VOYAGE TOWARDS the SOUTH POLE; containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea, to the Seventy-Fourth Degree of Latitude; and a Visit to Tierra Del Fuego. By JAMES WEDDELL, Master in the Royal Navy. Second Edition. 8vo. with numerous Maps, Plates, &c. Price 188. bds.

“Mr. Weddell's volume deserves to find a place on the shelf of every library that pretends to a collection of Voyages and Travels."-Quarterly Review.

71. MEMOIRS of the COURT of QUEEN ELIZABETH. By LUCY AIKIN. 6th Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. ll. 5s. Bds.

Also may be had, MEMOIRS of the COURT of KING JAMES the FIRST. By LUCY AIKIN. The POETICAL WORKS, the Cor2 Vols. 8vo. 3d Edit. 11. 4s. Bds.

respondence, and other Prose Pieces, of A LEGACY for YOUNG LADIES;

ANNA LÆTITIA BARBAULD. With a consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose

Memoir. By Lucy AIKIN. 2 Vols. 8vo.

Price ll. 48. Bds. and Verse. By the late Mrs. BARBAULD. 2d edit. in 1 Vol. 12mo. 7s. 6d. Bds.


LALLA ROOKH. An Oriental Romance. By T. MOORE, Esq. New Edition, with 4 Engravings, from Paintings by R. Westall, R.A. Fcp. 8vo. 14s. Bds. Another Edition of this Work, in 8vo. 148 ; and Illustrations, by Westall, 8vo. 128.

By the same Author, The LIFE of the RIGHT HON. R. The LOVES of the ANGELS. 5th

B. SHERIDAN. With a Portrait, from Edit. 8vo. 9s. Bds. an original picture by Sir Joshua Rey- ILLUSTRATIONS of the Poem, from Designs nolds. 5th Edition. In 2 Vols. 8vo. by Westall. 8vo. 58. 11. lls. 6d.


In 1 Vol. foolscap 8vo. 5th Edition. 98. Bds.

73. The GOOD NURSE; or Hints on the Management of the Sick and Lying-in Chamber and Nursery. Second Edition, with Additions, and Recommendatory Letters from Sir Astley Cooper, Dr. Babington, Dr. Paris, Dr. Lister, &c. Dedicated by permission to Mrs Fry. With a Portrait of the Author. Price 8s.

Preparing for the Press, by the same Author,

74. The ELEMENTS of PLANE GEOMETRY. By THOMAS KEITH. 3d edit. in 8vo. 10s.6d. Bds.

By the same Author, An INTRODUCTION to the Theory

tion of Youth. In 1 Vol. 2mo. with and Practice of PLANE and SPHERICAL Plates, new edit. 6s. Bds. TRIGONOMETRY. In 8vo. 14s. Bds,

The 5th edition, corrected and improved. A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY, for A NEW TREATISE on the USE of the Use of Schools. In 1 Vol. 12mo. il. the GLOBES. Designed for the Instruc•

lustrated by Maps and Plates, 6s. Bound.

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An ILLUSTRATED INTRODUCTION to LAMARCK'S CONCHOLOGY, contained in his Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres ; being a Literal Translation of the Descriptions of the recent and Fossil Genera, accompanied by Twenty-two highly-tinished Lithographic Plates, in which are given Instructive Views of the various Genera and their Divisions, drawn from Nature, from characteristic and generally well-known Species. By EDMUND A. CROUCH, F.L.S. Royal 4to. Frice ll. lls. 6d. plain, or 31. 3s. coloured.

Also, just published, An EPITOME of LAMARCK'S ARRANGEMENT of TESTACEA : with illustrative Observations and comparative Tables of the Systems of Linnæus and Lamarck. By C. DUBOIS, F.L.S. and F.H.S. 8vo. Price 14s. Bds.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.


RODERICK, the LAST of the GOTHS: a Poem. By ROBERT

SOUTHEY, LL, D. &c. &c. In 2 Vols. Price 168.

By the same Author,

THALABA, 2 Vols. 16s.; Madoc, 2 10s. 6d.; Carmen Triumphale; and Car

Vols. 168.; Curse of Kehama, 2 Vols. 14s.;

men Aulica, for 1814, 5s.

Minor Poems, 3 Vols. 188.; Pilgrimage to


Waterloo, 10s. 60.; Tale of Paraguay, 4to. 158, Bds.



ROMAN EMPIRE ; for the Use of Families and Young Persons. Reprinted from the

original Text, with the careful Omission of all Passages of an irreligious or immoral

Tendency. By THOMAS BOWDLER, Esq. F.R.S. S.A. In 5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 3s. Bds.

By the same Author,

The FAMILY SHAKSPEARE; in the Fifth Edit. 41. 14s. 60.-Also, complete

which nothing is added to the original

in I vol. 8vo. with illustrations on wood,

Text; but those words and Expressions by Smirke, engraved by Thompson, &c.-

are omitted, which cannot with propriety

Nearly ready

be read aloud in a Family. 10 Vols.

" We are of opinion, that it requires nothing

more ihan a notice to bring this very meritorious

Royal 18mo. 31. 38. Bds. or in 8 vols. 8vo.

publication into general circulation." Edin. Rev.


TRAVELS in PALESTINE, through the Countries of BASAAN

and GILEA)), East of the River JORDAN ; including a Visit to the Cities of Geraza and

Gamala, in the Decapolis. By J. S. BUCKINGHAM, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 2d Edit. with Maps,

Plates, and Vignettes, ll. lls. 6d. Bds.

“Mr. Buckingham is a very clever, observant, and meritorious traveller."- Eclectic Review.



and Contents of the HOLY BIBLE, and various matters connected with it; designed to

assist the Young and the Unlearned in understanding the System and Objects of the Holy

Scriptures. By WILLIAM HUSSEY. Price 2s. sewed.

By the same Author,


price 7s. Bds.

“ There is so much sound sense, solid argument, and sober advice, in this little volume, that we cannot

be too earnest in recommending it."-Christian Remembrancer.


A SERIES of 75 COMPOSITIONS to illustrate the ILIAD and

ODYSSEY of Homer, with Descriptions of their subjects, and extracts from Pope's

translation upon each plate. The dresses, habits, armour, implements of war, &c., are all

of Classical authority. By PROFESSOR FLAXMAN. In 2 Vols. price 21. 2s. each.

By the same Author,


TIONS to illustrate DANTE. 41. 48. bds. 3. COMPOSITIONS from ÆSCHY-


LUS. 21. 2s.

to illustrate HESIOD. Folio, 21. 12s.6d. bds.


POOR'S RATE; shewing the method of rating Lands, Buildings, Tithes, Mines,
Woods, River and Canal Tolls, and Personal Property. With an Abstract of the Poor
Laws relating to Rates and Appeals. By J. S. BAYLD ON, Land Agent and Appraiser. In
8vo. price 7s. 6d.

By the same Author,
The ART of VALUING RENTS and TILLAGES, and the Tenant's Right

on entering and quitting Farms explained. For the Use of Landlords, Land-Agents, Ap-

praisers, Farmers, and Tenants. Third Edit. 8vo. price 7s. Bds.

ADVICE to YOUNG MOTHERS on the Physical Education of
Children. By a GRANDMOTHER. In l Vol. 12mo. price 7s. 6d. Bds.


Modern Publications, and New Editions of Valuable Standard Works,

83. A SKETCH of ANCIENT and MODERN GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D.F.R.S. and S.A. &c. Archdeacon of Derby, Head Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of Shrewsbury. Ninth Edition. 1 Vol. 8vo. 9s. Bds.

In the present edition of this little work, the Author has made some very important additions, chiefly in the Modern part of it.


PHY, consisting of 22 Coloured Maps, PY-BOOKS, 4to. with the Lines of Lafrom a New Set of Plates, with a com titude and Longitude only; intended as plete Index of all the Names. 123. half- Practical Exercises for the Pupil to fill bound.

up, from Dr. Butler's Atlases of Ancient

and Modern Geography. 4s. each, sewed ; ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRA

or 78. 6d. together. PHY, consisting of 21 Coloured Maps with a complete accentuated Index. 12s. OUTLINE MAPS of ANCIENT half-bound.

GEOGRAPHY; being a Selection, by


Dr. Butler, from D'Anville's

Atlas : intended as Practical Exercises and MODERN GEOGRAPHY, 43 Co- for the Pupil to fill up. Folio, 10s. 6d. loured Maps, and two Indexes. ll. 4s. half-bound.

A PRAXIS on the LATIN PREPO)*** The Indexes, now for the first time SITIONS, being an Attempt to illustrate appended to these Atlases, contain the la- their Origin, Power, and Signification, in titude and longitude of all the places : aud the way of Exercise. 3d Edit. in that of the Ancient Atlas, the quantities are also marked.

KEY to the same.

8vo. 8s. bds.

84. The LINNEAN SYSTEM of CONCHOLOGY. By J. Mawe. 8vo. with a Plate to each Genera (36), plain, 11. Is.; coloured after nature, 21. 12s. 6d.

By the same Author, New DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE LESSONS on MINERALOGY and of MINERALS. 7th Edition, 6s.

GEOLOGY, with coloured Plates. The

8th Edition, 6s. 6d. Bds. TREATISE on DIAMONDS and


CONCHOLOGY. 8vo. with 7 Plates, 9s. Plates, 2d Edition. Price 15s.

plain, or 14s. coloured.


AFRICA DESCRIBED in its Ancient and Present State. Intended for the use of Young Persons and Schools. By Mrs. HOFLAND, Author of the “Son of a Genius,” &c. &c. In 12mo. with a Map, 5s. hf.-bd. and lettered.

By the same Author, SELF-DENIAL. A TALE. 1 Vol. | DECISION. A Tale. 'Frontispiece,

12mo. Frontispiece. 58.hf.-bd.and lettered. 2d Edit. 58. hf.-bd. and lettered. REFLECTION. A Tale. Frontis- PATIENCE A Tale. Frontispiece. piece. 5s. hf.-bd. and lettered.

2d Edit. 5s. hf.-bd. and lettered. MODERATION. A TALE. Fron- | INTEGRITY. A TALE. Frontistispiece. bs. hf.-bd. and lettered.

piece. 5s. hf.-bd. and lettered. 2d Edit.

86. RESEARCHES into the Origin and Affinity of the principal LANGUAGES of Asia and Europe. By Lieutenant-Colonel Vane KENNEDY, of the Bombay Military Establishment. 4to. with Plates. Price 21. 12s.6d.

87. The SHIP-MASTER'S ASSISTANT, and OWNER'S MANUAL; containing general Information necessary for Merchants, Owners, and Masters of Ships, Officers, and all other Persons concerned or employed in the Merchant Service, relative to the Mercantile and Maritime Laws and Customs. By DAVID STEEL, Esq. A new Edition, revised throughout, and brought down to August 1830. The Commercial and Mathematical Department by Dr. KELLY, Author of the “Universal Cambist,” and Mathematical Examiner of the Trinity House ; and the Legal Department by a Professional Gentleman. In 1 thick Volume, closely printed, with Maps, Plates, &c. Price 21s. Bds. or 223, 6d. Bound.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.


.88. DOMESTIC DUTIES; or, Instructions to Young Married Ladies, on the Management of their Households, and the Regulation of their Conduct in the various Relations and Duties of Married Life. By Mrs. WILLIAM PARKES. 3d Edit. 10g. 6d. Bds.

" The volume before us is one of those practical works, which are of real value and utility. It is a perfect vade mecum for the young married lady, who may resort to it on all questions of household economy and etiquette..... There is nothing omitted with which it behoves a lady to be acquainted.”- New Monthly Mag.

89. The HISTORY of the CRUSADES, for the Recovery and Possession of the HOLY LAND. By CHARLES MILLS, Esq. In 2 Vols. 8vo. 4th Edit. with a Portrait and Memoir of the Author. Price 11. 5s.

The Memoir separate, with Portrait, 4s. sewed.

By the same Author, The HISTORY of CHIVALRY, or Knighthood and its Times. 2d Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. ll. 4s. Bds.

".. This was an appropriate undertaking for the able author of the Crusades, and he has executed it with equal learning, fidelity, and elegance."-Monthly Review.


PICTURESQUE ANTIQUITIES of the ENGLISH CITIES ; containing 60 Engravings by Le Keux, &c., and 24 Woodcuts, of Ancient Buildings, Street Architecture, Bars, Castles, &c.: with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Subjects, and of the Characteristic Features of each City. By John BRITTON, F.S.A. &c. In 1 vol. elegantly hf.-bd.price 71. 45. med. 4to., 121. imp. 4to. with Proofs of the Plates.

The Sixth and concluding Number, containing Views in GLOUCESTER, ROCHESTER, CHICHESTER, Wells, BRISTOL, NORWICH, HEREP ORD, WORCESTER, COVENTRY, LONDON, &c. is just published.

By the same Author, A DICTIONARY of the ARCHITEC. Oxford, with 11 Engravings, med. 4to. 11. 45.;

TURE and ARCHÆOLOGY of the MID- imp. 4to. 21. 28.; sup.-roy. fol. 41. 4s. Bds. DLE AGES; including the Words used Canterbury, 26 Engravings, med. 4to. 31.3s. by Old and Modern Authors in treating of

imp. 51. 5s.; sup.-roy. fol. 111. Bds. Architectural and other Antiquities, &c. :

Exeter, with 22 Engravings, med. 21. 10s.; Part I. with 12 Engravings by J. Le Keux. imp. 4to. 41. 4s. ; sup.-roy.fol. 81. 168. Bds. The Volume will contain at least 40 En- Wells, with 24 Engravings, med. 4to. 21. 108.; gravings, and be completed in Four Parts, imp. 41.4s.; sup.-roy tol. 81.165.; or with in the year 1831. Price, each, royal 8vo. proofs and etchings, 161. 16s.

12s., med. 4to. Il. ls., imp. 4to. 11. 11s.6d. Peterborough, 17 Plates, med. 4to. ll. 188. ; The CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES

imp. 31. 38, with proofs & etchings, 61.65.;

sup.-roy. fol. 61.6s, with pr. & etch. 121.12s. of ENGLAND; or, an Historical, Archi

Gloucester, 22 Engravings.and 2 Woodcuts, tectural, and Graphical Illustration of

med. 4to. 21. 10s. ; imp. 41. 4s. the English Cathedral Churches.

Bristol, 14 Engravings, med. 4to. 11. 4s.; Price 12s. per Number in Medium 4to. :

imp. 4to. 21. 2s. and 11. in Imperial 4to.; 49 Numbers are already published. Each Size to class

The HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES with the Architectural Antiquities of

of BATH ABBEY CHURCH; with Ten Great Britain. The following are com

Engravings, by J. and H. LE KEUX, plete, and may be had separate, viz.

from Drawings by MACKENZIE, &c. Royal Salisbury Cathedral, with 31 Engravings, 8vo. 11. Med. 4to. ll. lls.6d. Imp. 4to.21.28.

med. 4to. 31. 38.; imp. 4to. 51. 58.; cr. fol. The HISTORY and ILLUSTRA81.; sup.-roy. fol. 111. Bds.

TION of REDCLIFFE CHURCH, Norwich, with 25 Plates, med. 4to. 21. 10s.;

Bristol. RI. 8vo. 16s; imp. 4to. 11.11s.6d. imp. 4to. 41. 4s.; cr. fol. 61. 10s.; sup.

The ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUIroy. fol. 81. 16s. Bds. Lichfield, with 16 Engravings; med. 4to. TIES of GREAT BRITAIN. In 4 Vols. • 11. 18s.; imperial 4to. 31. 3s. ; sup-roy. fol. Med. 4to. 211. ; or Imp. 4to. 321. half-bd. 61. 6s. Bds.

CHRONOLOGICAL and HISTORIYork, with 35 Engravings, med. 4to.31. 158. ;

CAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the AN. imp. 4to. 61. 6s.; cr. fol. 91. 9s.; sup.

CIENT ARCHITECTURE of GREAT roy. fol. 121. 12s. Bds. Winchester, 30 Engravings, med. 4to. 31. 3s.;


61. 125. small paper, and lll. large paper. imp. 4to. 51. 58.; cr. fol. 81.; sup.-roy.

*** To correspond with the “ Architectural Anfol. 111. Bds.

tiquities," of which this work forms the 5th Volume. The ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES may be purchased in Ten Separate Parts, boards, at Two Guineas each. Parts XI. and XII. at 21. 8s. each; and Part XIII, which completes the Fifth Volume, or Chronological Series, 11. 168.

91. MINOR POEMS. By Jos. Snow. Post 8vo. 8s. 6d. bds.

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