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been so much the descriptive properly so called, as to make rhythm subservient to historical recollections, and such politico-moral inductions as were suggested on contemplating the revolutions of empires, and the tempestuous aspect of the present times.

It may be supposed by some that the notes are more minute in detail than was necessary; but this has been done with a view of rendering the volume, perhaps, a not unacceptable companion to those travelling, for the first time, in the track which Fitz-Raymond


Of the success of these attempts many doubts may be entertained; of the candour of the British public there can be none.





Rotterdam-Treckschuyts-Louis, King of Holland_Kaiser Steam-boat

-The Maese_The Rhine-Floats of timber-Invocation to the spirit of Byron-Dordrecht_Merovius-Royal Frederick Steamboat_Ianthè-A Family returning to England from foreign travel -Improvement from travelling-Gorcum-Socrates-Demosthenes -Long-continued rains_Death of George IV.–The Star of Britain – Nimeguen-Charlemagne-Cæsar_Sword which beheaded Hoorn and Egmont-Magna Charta-French Revolution-Charles X.De Martignac-His admirable oration-Dusseldorf_Duke Gerard -St Hubert's day-Reflections on revolutions_

What makes a province rich-Elberfeld-Objections to monopoly-Apostrophe to India—What conduces most to happiness-Departure from Dusseldorf -Ara Ubiorum-Germanicus— Agrippina - Claudius_Vitellius Sylvanus-Monheim-Rolbach-Mulheim-Popery-- Protestants Cæsar threw a bridge over the Rhine-Pont Volant-Cæsar's death -In what consists true greatness_Bonaparte-Henry IV. of France -King William IV. of England–The Kaiser stopped by a fog on the Rhine-A Puppy traveller-Arrabel, a lovely Prussian-SingingAdvice to fond mothers—Address to courtesy-Day-break-Cologne in sight_The Dome-Painting-Music-Beatrice - Beauty of the mind-Ruins of a bridge over the Rhine-Otto-Laud of Wellington-Clovis, Pepin-Wooden bridge over the Rhine-Rise of Cologne-Hanseatic League-Liberality of London-What constitutes England's greatness-Intellectual rule-French Revolution-Charles X. The effects of crossing the Breed_Romans-Progress of England-Repeated conquests of-Consequences of-Christianity introduced into England.

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