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were to happen, which are the only compleat Interpreters of Prophecy, According to St. Peter's Observation, That no Prophecy of th, 2 Pet. i. 20, Scripture is its own Interpreter (as it ought to be rendred, and not as in the English Translation, Of private Interpretation.)

If therefore that Time of the End is not already Dan .xii. 9. come, it is in vain to attempt any Explanation of the Periods mentioned in this Chapter of Daniel, for the Words are closed up, and sealed, till the

ch. xii. 9, Time of the End. « But when that Time comes “ Many shall be Purifyed and made White, and

Tryed, but the Wicked shall do Wickedly, and none of the Wicked shall Understand, but the Wife shall Understand:'

So that as certainly as the Prophecy ought to be obscure till that Time, it ought to be plain after it is come, to those who are meant by the Wife. And if it can be fhewn what those Events are which the Prophecy referrs to, and that they are already happened, in order as they are described by Daniel, and Explained by St. John: Then it must be confessed, that the Time is come, and that



those who will not understand are Wicked, that is, engaged in interest to Oppose the Truth, and will deserve to have that applyed to them which

our Saviour, on a like occasion, says of the PhaMat. xvi. 3. risees, Oye Hypocrites, ye can discern the face of

the Sky, but can ye not discern the Signs of the Times.

By which charge of Hypocrisie, our Saviour did not mean, that the Pharisees knew him, and yet denyed him against their Conscience; for he observes, That they did not discern the Times, that is, did not know him, and yet this was an Hypocrisie, tho' they were not sensible of it; for their Power and Advantage blinded them so, that they deceived themselves, and opposed his Doctrine out of Hypocrisie or guilty Prejudice.

The Application of this to Daniel's Distinction,

will not be difficult, when it comes to be shewn, 2 Tim. iii.

that it relates to a Time when the World was to V. 15.

be divided into Two great Contending Parties, One of which would adhere to the Scriptures, and therefore are called Wife unto Salvation ; and the other Party would adhere to that Cause



6. 14.

which is supported by human Pokicy, holding Mens Jude 16. Persons in Admiration because of Advantage; and is therefore called in Zachariah by the distinguifh- Zaeh: v. ing name of Wickedness, that had a House, built 8. it in the Land of Shinar; which Daniel informs Dan.I.2. us was at Babylon, and which agrees with the Rev. XII Woman in the Wilderness, and the Babylon in St.


5. John.

Now to make these things plainer by a particular Enquiry, I shall compare several Passages of Scripture with one another, and with the Remarkable Events in History, and submit it to the Reader, Whether the study of Scripture Prophecy deserves the Neglect or Prejudice it generally meets with in the World; or, Whether it is not far more reasonable, as well as more becoming Christians in Profession, to follow St. John's Advice.

“Blessed is he that Readeth, and they that “ Hear the Words of this Prophecy, and keep

Rev. I “these Things which are Written therein. And again, “ Blessed is he that keepeth the Sayings

ch. xxii, “ of the Prophecy of this Book. B


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And he enforces it with these Solemn Threatnings.

“For I testify unto every Man that heareth " the Words of the Prophecy of this Book, If

any Man shall add unto these Things, God' “ fhall add unto him the Plagues that are written 6c in this Book.

“ And if any. Man fhall take away from the « Words of the Book of this Prophecy, God “ shall take away his Part out of the Book of “Life, and out of the Holy City, and from the

things which are written in this Book.




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On the Three Periods in the 12th Chapter

of the Propher Daniel, contained in
these Words,
ND I heard the Man Cloathed in Linnen

Dan XH which was upon the Waters of the “River, when he held up his Right Hand and “his Left Hand unto Heaven, and Sware by Him " that liveth forever, That it shall be for a Time, Times and a half; and when He shall have "accomplished to scatter the Power of the Holy People, all these things shall be finished.

“ And I heard, but I Understood not, then said "I, O My Lord, what shall be the End of these

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" Things?

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“ And he faid, Go thy way Daniel, for the G6 Words are Closed up, and Sealed till the Time of the End, many shall be Purifyed and made


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