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The Registrar must be careful to make the entries in the Register-Book neatly and correctly, and especially to write the names and surnames in such a manner that they may not be mistaken for any

other similar names. He must avoid the necessity for alterations ; and for this end it is recommended that surnames, and occasionally other particulars, be first written on some other paper and shown to the parties, before they are inserted in the Register-Book.

If, before the Registrar has signed the Register, it be discovered that any word or figure has been inserted erroneously, he must draw a line through it, and make the correct insertion over or below it; but he must in no case make any erasure, that is to say, the entire removal of what may have been written, by scraping the

paper with a sharp instrument, or by other means ; and no obliteration, alteration, or addition may be made in the Register after the Registrar has signed it.

If after the Registrar has signed the Register it be discovered that an error has been committed in the form or substance of any entry made by him, he shall, in the presence of the parties married, or, in case of the death or absence of the said parties, then in the presence of the Superintendent-Registrar and of two other credible witnesses who shall respectively attest the same, correct the erroneous entry according to the truth of the case by entry in the margin without any alteration of the original entry, and shall sign the marginal entry, and add thereunto the day of the month and the year when such correction shall be made. If the Registrar so correct any such error within one calendar month after he shall have discovered it, he shall not be liable to any penalty for having committed it. (6 & 7 W. IV. c. 86, s. 44.) The Registrar must also denote the error to be corrected by making in the Register a line with ink under the word or words which are incorrect. If any witness cannot write, the Registrar must write the witness's name, and “hereunto set his (or her] mark.”

Fee. For attending at and Registering the Marriage, the Registrar is entitled, -for every Marriage by Licence, to a fee of ten shillings ; and for every marriage by Certificate only, to a fee of five shillings.

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1. Searching the Indexes and Marriage-Books. The Marriage-Notice Book is open at all reasonable times, without fee, to all persons desirous of inspecting the same. (6 & 7 W. IV. c. 85, s. 5.)

The Superintendent-Registrar, Registrars, and other Officers in whose custody any Register-Book may be, shall, at all reasonable times, allow searches to be made therein on payment for every search extending over a period of not more than one year One Shilling; and Sixpence for every additional year. (6 & 7W.IV. c. 86, s. 35.)

Indexes are made and kept by the Superintendent-Registrar of the Books in his office, which any person may search at all reasonable hours on payment for every particular search of One Shilling; and for every general search of Five Shillings. (Ib. s. 36.)

Indexes are also made and kept in the General Register Office in London, which any person may search between the hours of ten and four of every day except Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday, on payment for any particular search of One Shilling, and for every general search of Twenty Shillings. (Ib. s. 37.)

II. Obtaining Certified Copies of the Register. Parties married, or any other person, may, either immediately after the Registration of the Marriage, or at any future time, obtain from the Registrar, or Superintendent-Registrar, or other Officer in whose custody it may be, a Certified Copy of the entry made in the Register-Book, on payment of the sum of Two Shillings and Sixpence ; (6 & 7 W. IV. c. 86, ss. 35, 36 ;) and for the like sum may obtain a Certified Copy from the Office of the Registrar-General in London, which, being stamped with the seal of his office, will be evidence in all Courts and proceedings of the marriage to which it relates.* (Ib. ss. 37, 38.)

* When used as legal evidence of the Marriage, some evidence must also be given of identity, to show that the Certificate relates to the persons whose mar. riage it is intended to prove, and not to some other different persons.

IIf. Fees. The fees payable have already been mentioned in connexion with the several matters to which they relate; but it may also be convenient to present them together at one view.

1. Registering the Chapel. To the Superintendent-Registrar, for the Registration of the Chapel, (6 & 7 W. IV. c. 85, s. 18,) Three Pounds.

For Registering a Substituted Chapel, (Ib. s. 19,) Three Pounds.

2. On the Marriage.
For a Marriage by Certificate without Licence.

£ 8. d. For entering the Marriage-Notice ....

0 1 0 Granting the Certificate thereon

0 1 0 To the Registrar, for attending at and Registering the Marriage

0 5 0

0 7 0 If the parties reside in different Districts, then

for an additional Notice and Certificate ...... 0 2 0


0 90 For a Marriage by Licence. For entering the Marriage-Notice

0 1 0 The Licence

3 0 0 Stamp on the Licence....

0 10 0 Stamp on Affidavit, or solemn Affirmation or Declaration

0 2 6 To the Registrar, for attending at and Registering the Marriage

0 10 0

4 3 6 If the parties reside in different Districts, then

for an additional Notice and Certificate ...... 0 2 0

4 5 6

3. Fee to the Minister who officiates at the Marriage. Fee to the officiating Minister

0 5 0 N.B. The Conference has directed that a fee of five shillings be

paid to the Minister who may officiate at the solemnization of the Marriage.



4. General Fees.

£ 8. d. For Inspecting the Marriage-Notice Book .... Nothing. Entering " forbidden" in the Marriage-Notice Book

Nothing. For entering a Caveat against the Marriage 0 5 0

Searches. For Searching any Register-Book over a period not exceeding One Year.....

0 1 0 For every additional Year

0 0 6 For searching the Index at the Superintendent-Registrar's Office : A particular search

0 1 0 A general search

0 5 0 For searching the Indexes at the General Registrar Office in London : A particular search

0 1 0 A general search

1 0 0 Certified copies of Entries in the Register-Book. For every Certified Copy of an Entry of a Mar

riage, whether obtained from the Superintendent-
Registrar, the Registrar, or other Officer having
the custody of the Marriage-Register Book, or
from the Office of the Registrar-General in

... 0 2 6



It is foreign to the object of these Directions to enter into the subject of Penalties and Punishments, beyond what has already been stated, further than to observe, that various Penalties and Punishments, proportioned to the nature of the offence, are provided by the law for securing the good conduct of Officers,

-the preventing improper marriages by false representations and for preserving the integrity of the Register-Books.



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