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The book is a nice synopsis of previously published books and papers on the subject of Filipino American history. However, at least in the chapter about Filipinos in Louisiana, the author borrows heavily from Marina Espina (Filipinos in Louisiana) and a news story published in Harper's Weekly about Lafcido Hearn's visit to the village of St. Malo. As a descendant of Felipe Madriaga (Madrigal), and the current torch bearer of our history, it would have been nice had the author contacted me and interviewed me. Since Mrs. Espina's book, I have conducted hundreds of interviews with family members, viewed their photographs and documents, and filmed and recorded interviews with our family elders. I have also done my own research. What I've learned has added much to our story, and has cleared up some errors and misconceptions. For instance, my great grandmother, Rosalie Borabod, always pronounced our ancestor's name as "Madrigal"; however, all legal documents and public records spell it "Madriaga". Grandma Rosie's son, Irvin Martinez, confirmed that he had always heard from relatives that the name was Madriaga. My family genealogy is available online, as well as my contact information, and I have given countless interviews to educators, students and authors and documentarians regarding my family history. I am very eager to share what I know, and it would have been very nice to have shared it with this author, and corrected for him some of the errors in the material he seems to have copied extensively. 

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The book is an eye opener about Filipino's history and their astounding connection with the Mexican culture, its a worth a read knowing how both culture made an influence in their respective culture in this day and age.

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Eye opening and easy to understand, but the research is very encouraging. You wont fall asleep reading this history book ;-)

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