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The woman deceived.

Genefis. The punishment of mankind. Job LORD God had not fcaufed it to rain faid to the c woman Yea hath God c i Pet. 38.26.upon the earth, and there was not a fald, ye fhall not eat of every tree of 3.8. Ifa. man to till the ground. Eccl.4. 64.8. 6 But there went up a mift from the Rom. earth, and watered the whole face of 9.20. the ground.


the garden?



2 And the dwoman faid unto the fer- 10. pent, We may eat of the fruit of the tHeb. yea be trees of the garden: Heb. 7 And the LORD God g formed man 3 But of the fruit of the tree which cause. daft, orof the duft of the ground, & breathed is in the midft of the garden, God d Pfal. mould. b into his noftrils the breath of life, hath faid ye fhall not eat of it, neither 58.4. ? Gen. b Eccl. and man became a living foul. fhall ye e touch it, left ye die. 3.21. 8 And the LORD God planted 4 And the ferpent fald unto the wo- 2.17. Heb. garden caft-ward in Eden and there man, Ye fhall fnot furely die. fGen. Bves. he put the man whom he had formed. 5 For God doth know, that in the 2.17. Gen. 9 And our of the ground made the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes & Gen. 7.12. LORD God to grow every k tree that fhall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, 2.7.10. iGen. is pleafant to the fight, and good for knowing good and evil. 13. To. food: the tree of life alfo in the midft 6 And when the woman faw that the 26.18. Joh. of the garden, and the tree of know- tree was good for food, and that it bJoh. 6.48. ledge of good and evil. was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree 2.16. Prov: 10 And am river went ont of Eden to to be defired to make one wife; fhet Heb. 3.18. water the garden, and from thence it took of the fruit thereof, and did defire. Deut. was parted & became into four heads. eat, and i gave alfo unto her husband V. 17. 6.25. 1 Tim.


1 The name of the firft is Pifon with her, and he did eat.

m Rev..that is it which compaffeth the 7 And the eyes of them both were 2. 11. 22.1. whole land of Havilah, where there is kopened,and they knew that they were k. 1 Kl. Pfal. gold. naked; and they fewed Ifigleaves to-6, 20. 46.4. 12 And the gold of that land is good: gether, and made themfelves aprons. Job Heb. there is bdelium, and the onyx-Itone.. 8 And they heard the m voice of the 31. 33. Cufb. 13. And the name of the fecond river LORD God walking in the garden in or Gen. Gihon: the fame is it that com- the cool of the t day and Adam and things 10. 6. paffeth the whole land of Ethiopia. his wife hid themfelves from the pre-to gird Pfal. 14 And the name of the third river fence of the LORD God amongst the about. 128. 2. is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth to- trees of the garden. m Job Eph. 4. ward the east of Affyria. And the 9 And the LORD God called unto 38. 1. 28. fourth river is Euphrates. Adam, Heb. and faid unto him, Where art wind. 15 And the LORD God took the thou? 15.22. man, and put him into the garden of 10 And he faid, I heard thy voice " Am. 2 Gen. Eden, to drefsit, and to keep it. in the garden: & I was afraid, becaufe 2.3. 3.1. 2. 16 And the LORD God om- I was naked; and I hid my felf. Heb. manded the man, faying, of every 11 And he fald, Who told thee that 16. dying, tree of the garden thou mayeft freely thou waft naked? haft thou caren Joh. of the tree, whereof I commanded 3.20. thee, that thou fhouldeft not eat? 5.18. 12 And the man faid, The woman? Job whom thon gaveft to be with me, the 31.33. gave me of the tree, and I did eat. 13 And the LORD God faid unto

• 1 Sa.



fhalt 17 But of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil, thou p fhalt not eat of
Ruth, it: for in the day that thou eat eit there-
of, thou falt + furely die.


1 Cor.


18 And the LORD God faid, It 3.26. ignor good that the man should bea- the woman, What is this that thou haft Cor. Heb. lone: I will make him an helpt meet done? And the woman faid, q The 1 Tim. ferpent beguiled me and I did eat.

r Mar.


Gal. 4.4.

as be- for him. fore 19 And out of the ground the LORD 14 And the LORD God faid unto 2.14. bim. God formed every beast of the field, the ferpent, Becaufe thou haft done Pet. and every fowl ofthe air,and r brought this, thou art r curfed above all cattel, 3.7. them unto Adam, to fee what he would and above every beaft of the field:upon Pial. call them: and whatfoever Adam called shy belly that thou go, and duft halt 32. 8.6. every living creature, that was the thou eat all the days of thy life. Heb. name thereof. called. 15 And I will put /enmity between 13:33. 20 And † Adam gave names to all cat- thee and the woman, and between thy Heb. be. tel, and to the fowl of the air, and to feed and her feed: tit fhall brulfe thy every beast of the field: but for Adam t head, and thou shalt bruife his heel. there was not found an help meet for 16 Unto the woman he fatd, I will him. t Joh. greatly multiply thy forrow, and thy 12. 13. Heb. 21 And the LORD God caufed a conception: in forrow thon fhalt Col. 2. builded. deep fleep to fall upon Adam, and he bring forth children: & thy defire Pfalm flept: and he took one of his ribs, and fhall be to thy husband, & he fhall iTim. is. 127. I clofed up the flesh inftead thereof. x rule over thee. f Prov. 22 And the rib which the LORD 17 And unto Adam he faid, Becaufe x 1Pet. 18. 22. God had taken from man, made he a thou haft hearkened unto the voice of 3.6. Hebr. woman, & brought her unto the man. thy wife, and haft eaten of the tree of 13.4.. 23 And Adamfaid, This is now bone which I commanded thee, faying, Eph. of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: Thou shalt not eat of it: y curfed isthey Eccl. 5.31. the shall be called woman, because the ground for thy fake; in forrow fhalt 1. 2. 3. x 1 Cor. was taken out of man, thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Rom.8. 31.8. 24 Therefore fhall a man x leave his 18 z Thorns alfo and thiftles fhall it 19, 20. Mat. father and his mother, and fhall cleave bring forth to thee: and thou fhalt eat Job 19.4.5. unto his wife and they shall be one the herb of the field. 31.40. Pfalm flesh. 19 In the afwear of thy face fhalt thou 1 Th. 45.10. 25 And they were both naked, eat bread, till thou return unto the 3. 10. y Deut. the man and his wife, and were not ground: for out of it waft thou taken; Eccl. 28.48.y afhamed. for duft thou art, and unto duft fhalt 1. 13.. thou return.


CHAP. III. bi Pet. 1 The ferpent deceiveth Eve. 6 Mans 20 And Adam called his wife's name 3.6. falls The promifed feed. 16 Mans Eve, becaufe fhe was the b mother of Gal. 4. punishment. 22 And loss of para- all living, dife.


21 Unto Adam alfo, and to his wife, c Rev. 42 Cor. TOW the ferpent was more 4 fubtil did the LORD God make coats 3.18. 11.3. No than any heat of the field which of skins, and clothed them. 2 Cor. Num. the LORD God had made, and he 22 ¶ And the LORD God faid, Be-5.2 3.

23. 22.


25.41. Exod.

The murder of Abel.


Chap. iv, v. Adams genealogy unto Noah Col.3. hold, the man is become as one of us, wives: the name of one was Adah, Gen. 1.1.3. to know good and evil: and now left he and the name of the other Zillah. 2.18. Eccl. put forth his hand, and take alfo of the 20 And Adah bare Jabal: he was the Heb. 5.9. tree of life, and dear, and live forever: father of fuch as dwell in tents, and of whefi Pet. 23 Therefore the LORD God fent fuch as have cattel. 2. 11. him forth from the garden of Eden, 21 And his brothers name was Jubal: x Gen. Heb.9.e to till the ground, from whence he he was the father of all fuch as handle 2. 12. the harp and organ. JIKI. 22 And Zillah, the alfo bare Tubal- 18.24. Cain,antinftructer of every artificer in Gen. 6. brafs and Iron: and the fifter of Tubal- 7.11. Cain was Naamah. or,


was taken.

Joh.14. 24 So he fdrove out the man: and he
6. Placed at the eaft of the garden of E
Heb. den, cherubims, & ag flaming fword
which turned bevery way, to keep
b Rom. the way of the tree of life.


23 And Lamech fald unto his wives, ProAdah and Zillah, Hear my voice ye phane

Nd Adam

1 The birth of Cin and Abel. 8 The wives of Lamech, hearken nnto my ty cal murder of Abel. The curfe of Cain, fpeech: for I have flain a man to my Yea up 19 Lamech and bis tw wives wounding, and a young man to my on, &c. & hurt. Num. A the conceived, and bare Cain, and 24 If Caln fhall be avenged feven-fold, man be + Heb faid, I have gotten ta man from the truly Lamech feventy and feven-fold ganto 25 And Adam knew his wife a- preach the man kb. the gain, and the bare a fon, and called his in the name Seth for God, faid he, hath name appointed me x another feed Inftead of Abel, whom Cain flew.




at the

2 And the again bare his brother ALord. bel and Abel was a keeper of heep, bur Cain was a filler of the ground. 3 And int procefs of time it came to Heb. pars, that Cain brought of the fruit of 26 And to Seth, to him alfo there 2 Pet. the ground an offering unto y LORD: was born a fon; and he called his name 2.5. 4 And Abel, he alfo brought of Enos: then y began men to call upon end of the b firftlings of his flock, and of the the name of the LORD. Prov. far thereof. And the LORD had d re-s fpect anto Abel, and to his offering. Num. 5 But unto Cain and to his offering 18.12. he had not refpect. And Cain was veHeb. ry wroth, and his countenance fell. 6 And the LORD faid unto Cain, Mar. Why art thou wroth? and why is thy. countenance fallen? 20. 15. 11.4. or,

days. 3.9.


fHeb. 7 If thou fdoft well, fhalt thou t not be accepted? and if thou doft nor well, Gin lieth at the door. And unto thee have fhall be his defire, and thou fhalt the ex- rule over him. cellency 8 And Cain talked with Abel his Gen. brother: and It came to pafs when they 25.31.were in the field, that Cain rofe up aBrial. gainft Abel his brother,and flew him. 55.21. 9And the LORD faid unto Cain, Joh. Where is Abel thy brother? And he 3.12. faid, I know not: Am I my brothers Pfal. keeper? 9.12. 10 And he faid, What haft thou and he g died. joh.s. done? the voice of thy brothers bloud 6 And Seth lived an hundred and Gen. 44- m crieth unto me from the ground. five years, and begar Enos.


Ephef. 1.34



Heb. 11 And now art thou n curfed from f 11.4. earth, which hath opened her mouth V. 14. to receive thy brothers bloud from thy Pfal. hand. 109. 10.



To And Enos lived after he begat 5.12. Cainan eight hundred and fifteen Pfalm years, and begat fons and daughters.

7 And Seth lived after he begat Enos eight hundred and feven years, 26. and begat fons and daughters. 8 And all the days of Seth were nine djob 12 When thou tilleft the ground, it hundred and twelve years,and he died. Pfal.. fhall not henceforth yield unto thee And Enos lived ninety years, 1.5. tor. her ftrength. o A fugitive and a vaga- and begat + Cainan. my ini- bond fhalt thou be in the earth. quities 13 And Cain fald unto the Lord, My greater punishment is greater than I can bear. than 14 Behold, thou haft driven me out may be this day from face of the earth: and forgi from thy face fhall I be hid, and I fhall even. be a fugitive and a vagabond in the Job 15. earth; and It shall come to pass, that every one findeth me fhall q flay me. Gen. the LORD fald unto 31.49. Therefore whofoever flayeth Cain, Job. vengeance shall be taken on him feven15.20, fold. And the LORD fet ra mark upon Cain, left any finding him fhould Lev. kill him. 16 And Mahala'e. I lived after he 9.27. 26.17, 16 And Cain went out from the begat Jared eight hundred and thirty Heb. 36. prefence of the LORD, & dwelt in the years, and begär fons and daughters. kenan Eze. land of Nod, on the east of Eden. 17 And all the days of Mahalaleel that 17 And Caln knew his wife; and the were eight hundred ninety and five is, to conceived and bare Enoch and be years, and he died.

14.2.3 11 And all the days of Enos were nine Gen. hundred and five years, and he died. 1. 28. 12 And Cainan lived feventy years, Pfalm and begat Mahalaleel.

And Caina lived after he begat123 Mahalaleel eight hundred and forty 3.4. years, and daughters.


14 And all the days of Cainan were frial. nine hundred and ten years,& he died. Deut. 15 And Mahalaleel lived fixty and 30, 20. five years and begar Jared. Heb.


2.4. Rev. 14.9, bullded a city, and called the name of 18 And Jared lived an hundred fixty or l 23. the city, tafter the name of his fon, and two years, and he begat Enoch.


19 And Jared lived after he begat Luke Enoch eight hundred years, and begar 3.37. fons and daughters. Eze... 20 And all the days of Jared were nipe 4. hundred fixty & two years,& he died. Gen. 6: 21 And Enoch lived fixty and five years,

Chr. Enoch.


16. 29. 18 And unto Enoch was born Irad
Palm and Irad begat Mehujael, and Mehu-
96.8. jael begat Methufael, and Methufael
Pfal. begat Lamech.
49. 11. 19 And Lamech took unto him twe


The genealogy, age, and death of the
patriarchs from Adam to Noah.
24 The godliness and tranflation



His is the a book of the genera-
tions of Adam: in the day that 1.1.
God created man, in the b likeness of Mat. 1.
God made he him:

2 Male and female created he them;& Luke 3.

blefed them,and c called their name A-
dam,in day when they were created. Gen.
3 And Adam lived an hundred 1.26.
and thirty years, and begar a fon in his Eccl.
down likeness, after his image; and
called his name Seth.


4 And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years,and he begate fons & daughters. And all the days that Adam lived were f nine hundred and thirty years,

Job 19. and

The world's wickedness.

with the earth.

15 And this is the fashion which thou fhalt make it of: the length of the ark (hall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirry cubits.

18 A window shalt thou make to the

Noah entreth the dike Ifa. years, and begar Methuselah. 57.3. 22 And Enoch walked with God after 14 Make thee an ark of gopheri Kin. he begat Methufelah three hundred wood: rooms thair thot make in the 14. 13.years, and begat fons and daughters. ark, and fhalt pitch it within and withGen. 23 And all the days of Enoch were out with pitch. 9.6. b three bundred fixty and five years. Mic. 6. 24 And Enoch walked with God, $. and khe was not: for God took him. Heb. 25 And Methufelah lived an 11.1.6. hundred eighty and feven years, and Pfalm begat Lamech. 116. 9. 26 And Methuselah lived after he ark, and in a cubir fhalt thou finish it/Pfal. Ephef. begat Lamech feven hundred eighty & above; and the door of the ark fhair 29. 10. 5.15. two years,and begat fons & daughters. thou fet in the fide thereof: with low- Gen. Col. 4. 27 And all the days of Methuselah er, fecond, and third flories fhalt thou 9.9. 3. were nine hundred fixty and nine make it. PS Rom. k Heb. years, and he died. 17 And behold, I,even I do bring a 6. 23 an hundred of waters upon the Pfalm 1.kin. eighty and two years, and begata fon; ftroy all Refh, whereins's the breath of 107. 2.11. 29 And he called his name / Noah life, from under heaven; and every 34. Luk. faying, This fame thall m comfort us thing that is in the earth fhall die. Heb. 23.43.concerning our work and toil of our $18 But with thee will I eftablish my 11. 7. 11 Pet. hands, becaufe of the ground which covenant: & u thou shalt come into the Lial. 3. 10. the LORD hath n curfed. ark; thou, and thy fons, and thy wife, 26. 20, Hebr. 30 And Lamech lived after he be- and thy fons wives with thee. Gen. 11. 7. gat Noah,five hundred ninety and five 19 And of every living thing of all 7. 2. m Gen. years, and begar fons and daughters. 8. 21. 31 And all the days of Lamech were Gen. feven hundred feventy and feven years, 3.17. and he died.




x two


Gen. 32 And Noah was o five hundred years old: and Noah g begat Shem, Ham, Gen. and Japheth. 11. 26.

bring into the ark, to keep them alive 36. 6. 20 Of fowls after their kind, and .40. with thee: they fhall be male & female. J John of cattel after their kind of every Jere. 8, indtwo of every fort thall come y un Heb. creeping the after his to thee, to keep them alive. The wickedness of the world caufeth 21 And take thou unto thee of all Exod.. the floud. 8 Noab fmdeth grace. 14The ther it to thee; and it fhall be for food John food that is eaten, and thou shalt ga-40. 16. order, form, and end of the ark, 4.2. A gan to a multiply on the face of 22% Thus did Noah ; according to all 4 Gen. Deu. the earth, and daughters were born that God commanded him,fo did a he. 7. 5. 14. 1. unto them,



Nd came to when men be. for for



2 Pet. That the 6 fons of God cfaw the 1 2.14. d daughters of men, that they were fair; 4 Mal, and they took them wives of all which they chofe.


from man.

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Noah with his family entreth the ark,
17 The beginning, thereafe, and con-
tinuance of the floud.


A4 Come thou and all thy & houfe 26. 20. And the LORD fald unto Noah alfa. into the ark: for thee have c I feen righ-2 Per. teous before me in this 4 generation. 2.5.

Deu. 3 And the LORD faid, f My Spirit 7.3.4. fhall not always ftrive with man, for Per. that he alfo is fleth: yet his days thall 3.19. be ban hundred and twenty years. 2 Of every clean beaft thou shalt take Eze. 9. g Gal. 4 There were giants in the earth in to thee by ffevens, the male and his fe-45. 3.16. thofe days; and alfo i after that, when male: and of beats that are not clean 6 v. 13, bi Pet. the fons of God came in unto the by two, the male and his female. Gen. 3.19. daughters of men, and they bare chil 3 Of fowls alfo of the air by fevens, 17, 201 44. 16. men, were of old, men of renown. 4For yet feven days,and I will caufe Pfal. Jer. drem unto them; fame became mighty the male and the female; to keep feed Act. 2. alive upon the face of all the earth. 32. And God faw that the wickedness it to rain upon the earth forty days 23.18. 15. 29. of man was great in the earth, and that and forty nights: and every living Prov. Mal. 3. every Imagination of the thoughts of fubftance that I have made, will It de- 10.9. 6. his heart was only evil continually. Alfa. 6 And kit repented the LORD that ftroy from off the face of the earth. d Gen. 3. to. he had made man on the earth, and it S And Noah did according unto all 6.9. Ephef. Igrieved him at his heart. that the LORD commanded him. 2 Pet. And de- was fix hundred Heb. ftroy man, whom I have creared, from old,when the flood of waters was upon Philip. the face of the earth, both man and the earth.

ki Sa.


beaft, and the creeping thing, and the 7 And Noah went In, and his fons, t Heb. Rom. fowls of the air for it repenteth me and his wife, and his fons wives with even 8.20. that I have made them. him, into the ark, t because of the wa-Jegen. m Heb. 8 But Noah m found grace in the eyes ters of the flood.



of the LORD.

8 Of clean beafts, and of beafts that 28 25.

2 Tim. 1. 18.

blot out.


Thefe are the generations of are not clean, and of fowls, & of every Heb. Noah: Noah was na juft man and per- thing that creepeth upon the earth, Gen. fect in his generations and Noah 9 There went in two and two unto Job 19. 19.0 walked with God. Noah into the ark, the male & the fe- 22. 16. 10 And Noah begat three fons, male, as God had commanded Noah. Pet. 11. 6. Shem, Ham, and Japheth.. 10 And it came to pafs after feven 3-20, 4.4. 11The earth alfo was corrupty before days, that the waters of the filcod were Heb. Exod. God, & the earth was filled w violence. upon the earth. from 33.12. 13.25


12 And God looked upon the earth, 11 In the fix hundredth year of the face. and behold it was corrupt: for all fleth Noahs life, in the fecond moneth, the f Act. 7. had corrupted his way upon the earth. feventeenth day of the moneth the Prov. 13 And God faid unto Noah, q The fame day were all the fountains of the 22.3. Luk. 1. end of all fleth is come before me; for great deep broken up, and the kwin-& Gen. 39.9 earth is filled withviolence through dows of heaven were opened. Vr 2.19, 2.Rom. them: and behold, I will deftroy them 12 And the rain was upon the earth Heb. I. 17. + forty days and forty nights. 6.17. Hebr. 11.7. 0 Gen. 5.22. 2 Pet.2.5. Act. 13. 13. In Zach.r. 3. Gen.10.9. 7 Am.8.2. Eze.7.3.6. Jer. 56. 1 Job 28.4. Pfal. 106.9. Ge1.1.7% / Ífal. 78. 23. 11 Sa.3.12.


The waters affmage.

Chap. visix.

God bleet Node. 13 In the felf fame day entred Noah, he put forth his hand, and took her,& and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the pulled her in unto him into the ark. fons of Noal, and Noahs wife, and 10 And he flayed yet other feven? Ifal. the three wives of his fons with them,, days, and again he fent forth the dove 26.8 into the ark. out of the ark. 14 They, and every beaft after his 11 And the dove came in to him in 40.1. kind,and all the cattel after their kind, the evening, and 10, in her mouth was and every creeping thing that creepeth kan olive-leaf pluckt off: So Noah Neh. upon the earth after his kind, and knew that the waters were abated from 8.15 every fowl after his kind, every bird off the earth. Ram. Ifa. of every fort. 12 And he frayed / yet other feven 10. s. 11.6. days, and fent forth the dove, which Jam

15 And they went in unto Noah in#2 Ki. to the ark, m two and two ofall Heth, returned not again unto him any more. 1.7 wherein is the breath of life. 13 And It came to pafs in the fix 16 And they that went in, went in hundredth and firft year, in the first male and female of all flesh, as God moneth, the first day of the moneth,the had commanded him:and the LORD waters were dried up from off the fhut him in.

4.4.5. Ila. 57. 15. Pfal. 36. 1. Pfal. 17 And the flood was forty days up69.and bare up the ark, and it was lift up on the earth; and the waters increafed, Jon. 2. 4. 'above the earth. Pfal. 18 And the waters o prevailed,& were 104. Increased greatly upon the earth, and arkp went upon the face of waters. faying, 19 And the waters prevailled exceed- 16 n Go forth of the ark, thou, and 121.8. 14- 28,ingly upon the earth; and all the q high thy wife, and thy fons, and thy fons Heb. 29. hills, that were under the whole hea- wives with thee. fami 9 Jer. ven, were covered. 17 Bring forth with thee every living les 3.23. 20 Fifteen cubits upward did the thing that is with thee, of all flesh, both Heb. Pal. waters prevall; and the r mountains of fowl, & of cattel, & of every creep- 13. 18, 104. 6. were covered. ing thing that creepeth upon the eath; 15.

earth and Noah removed the cover-m Gen. ing of the ark, and looked; and pe- 7.11 hold, the face of the ground was dry. 13. 14 And in the fecond moneth, on the n Zac. m feven and twentieth day of the mo- 9.10. neth, was the earth dried. Pfalm 15 T And God fpake unto Noah, 91. 11.


26. Exod.

Luk. 21 And all fleth died that moved up- that they may breed abundantly in the Rom 17. 27. on the earth, both of fowl, and of cat-earth, and be fruitful, and multiply 12.1. Job, and of beaft, and of every creeping upon the earth. Heb. 16. thing that creepeth upon the earth, and 18 And Noah o went forth, and his fa2 Pet. every man. fons, and his wife, and his fons wives our 2.5.



22 All in whofe noftrils war the with him: t Eze. breath of life, of all that was in the 14. 14. dry land, died. 2 Pet. 2.9.

19 Every beaft,every creeping thing, Ephef. and every fowl, and whatfoever creep 5.2. eth upon the earth, after their kinds, Son. 4. went forth out of the ark.


23 And every living fubftance was deffroyed which was upon the face of Prov the ground, both man, and cattel, and 20 And Noah builded pan altar un- 2 Cor. to the LORD, and took of every clean 247S beaft, and of every clean fowl, and of Am. s. fered burnt-offerings on the altar. 21-And the LORD ffmelled a fweet Lev.26,

-27. J

11.4. the creeping things, and the fowl of the V.11. heaven; & they were deftroyed from Gen. 8. earth: and t Noah only remained alive, 3.4. and they that were with him in the ark. Pfalm 24 And the waters prevailed upon favour, and the LORD faid in his 19 29. 10. the earth an hundred and fifty days. heart, I will hot again curfe the ground 2 Pet. The waters afwage. 18 Noah goeth gination of mans heart is evil from his Job 22. any more for mans fake; for the Ima- 3.7 forth of the ark 20 He bulldeth an youth: neither will I again finite any Heb. altar, and offereth facrifice. 21 Gods more every thing living, as I have promise to curfe the earth no more. g done.


As yet Nd God a remembred Noah, and 22 + While the earth remaineth, feed-all the A every living thing, and ball the time and harveft, and cold and heat day cartel that was with him in the ark:and and fummer and winter, and day and of the 19. 29. God made a wind to pafs over the night fhall not ceafe. earth.

4 Hab. 3.1. Gen.

God bleffeth Noab. 4 Bloud and mur-
der are forbidden. 8 Gods covenant,
is drunken,2s cur feth Canaan,19 and
13 fignified by the rain-bow. 21 Noah



Pal earth, and the waters aftwaged. 36.6. 2 The fountains alfo of the deep,and 1 Job the windows of heaven were ftopped,& 38. 37. the rain from heaven was creftrained. Mat. 8. 3 And the waters returned from off 9,26. the earth † continually:and d after the 1Heb. end of were abated and fifty days the Nadad antelle Noah & his fons, a Ger. going faid unto them, Be 2.3. and re- 4 And the ark refted in the feventh and multiply, and replenish the earth. & Gen. turn- moneth, on the feventeenth day of the 2 And the fear of you, and the dread 1. 28. Ing. moneth upon mountains of Ararar. of you fhall be upon every beaft of the Pfalm d Gen. And waters fdecreafed continually earth, and upon every fowl of the air, 158.3. 7.11. until the tenth moneth: In the tenth upon all that moveth upon the earth cGen. f Heb. moneth, on the first day of the moneth, and upon all the fishes of the fea; into 35.5 going were the tops of the mountains feen. your hand are they delivered. 6 And It came to pafs at the end 3 Every moving thing that d liveth 22. bating. of forty days, that Noah e opened the fhall be meat for you; even as the Jobs.. Gen. window of the ark which he had made. green herb have I given you all things: 23. 6.16. 7 And he fent forth a fraven, which But flesh with the life thereof, which a Lev. Dan. 6. went forth tro and fro, until the wa- is the g blood thereof,thall you not eat. 22. 8.30. ters were dried up from off the earth, And furely your blood of your lives Lev. fJudg. 8 Alfo he fent forth a dove from will I require; at the hand of every 11.3. 6.37. him, to fee if the waters were abated beaft will I require it; and at the hand fGen. 1 Kin. from off the face of the ground. of man, at the hand of every k mahs 1.29 17.6. 9 But the dove b found no reft for the brother will I require the life of man. g v. 14. Heb. fole of her foot, and the returned unto 6 Whofo theddeth mans blood, 7 by Lev. Loing him into the ark: for the waters were m man shall his blood be fhed: for min 172 II. forth on the face of the whole earth. Then the image of God made he man. h Pfal. AS 7. And 9.12. Exod. 21.28. k Act. 17.26 1 Job34.19. Nu.35.29. Rom.13.4. n Gen.1.27.

and a

and re

turning. & V.10. 11. Mat.10. 16. b Eze. 7.

11. 28. Joh.


as Covenant.


Noachsgenerations. And you,o be ye fruitfull,and multi- Mageg, and Madal, and Javan, and Jer. 1.29. ply, bring forth abundantly in the Tubal, and Methech, and Tiras. 25.22. puen. earth, and multiply therein. 3 And the fons of Gomer; Afhkenaz, d 1Chr. 6.7. 8 And God fpake unto Noah, and and Riphath, and Togarmah. 4.40. Ifa. to his fons with him, faying.


4 And the fons of Javan; Ellfhah, Pfalm 9 And I, behold, I eftabilth q my and Tarthith, Kittim, and Dodanim. 105. Gen. covenant with you, & with your r feeds By thefe were the c ifles of the Gen- 27. 22.7. after you; tiles divided in their lands; every one that Rom. 10 And with every living creature after his tongue, after their families, is a 1.3. that is with you, of the fowl, of the in their nations. Rebel. Pfal. cartel, and of every beaft of the earth 6¶ And the fons of dHam; Cufland Theff. 145.9. with you, from all that go out of the Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan. 2.3. ark, to every beaft of the earth.. 7 And the fons of Cufh; Seba, ande Jer. 11 And I will eftablish my covenant Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, 16. 16. with you, neither thall all Hefh be cut and Sabrecha: and the fons of Raa- Rev. off any more by the waters of a flood, mah; Sheba, and Dedan. 17.6. nelther fhall there any more be a flood 8 And Cuth begat Nimrod: he began Ezek. to t deftroy the earth. to be a mighty one in the earth. 13. 18. 12 And God faid, This is the token of 9 He was a mighty hunter fbeforef Gen f covenant which I make between me, the LORD: wherefore it is faid, Even 6.4. and you,& every living creature that is gas Nimrod the mighty hunter before g Pfal. with you, for perpetual generations. the LORD. Ez. 13 I do fet my u bow in the cloud,and 10 And the beginning of his kingdom 2 Chr. 1. 18. It fhall be for a token of a covenant was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and 28. 22. b Zac. Job 22. between me and the earth. Calneh, in the land of b Shinar. 15, 16. 14 And It fhall come to pafs, when 11Out of that land went forth Afhur, {.I. Rev. 4.I bring a cloud over the earth, that the and builded Niniveh, and the city Re-Or, 3. bow fhall be x feen in the cloud. hoboth, and Calah, be x Jofh. 15 And I will remember my cove 12 And Refen between Nineveh and went 4. 2,3.nant, which is between me, and you. Calah: the fame is a great city. our in and 22. and every living creature of all flesh; 13 And Mizraim begat Ludim, and to Af II. and the waters hall no more become Anamim, and Lebabim, and Naph-Syria v. Gen. flood to deftroy all flesh. tuhim, 16 And the bow fhall be in the cloud; 14 And Pathrufim, and Cafluhim Jon. Exod. and I will look upon it,that I may y re- (out of whom came Philiftim) and 1.2. 28. 12. member the everlafting covenant be- Caphterim.





Nah. 3.

Gen.tween God and every living creatures 41.32. of all flesh that is upon the earth.

Prov. 17 And God faid unto Noah, This 12. 11.ise token of the covenant, which Gen. have established between me and all 25. 27. flesh that is upon the earth.

And Canaan begar Sidon his 12. k Pfal. firft-born, and Heth. 16 And the Jebufite, and the Emo-37-35. rite, and the Girgafite, Gen.4.


17 And the Hivite, and the Arkite, 17. Lev. and the Sinite,

Gen. 18And fons of Noah went forth 6.9. of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and I Cor. Japheth and Ham is the father of Jo. 12. Canaan. Prov. 19 Thefe are the three fons of Noah: 20. 1. and of them was the whole earth overProv.fpread.

1 Gen. 8.21.

18 And the Arvadite, and the Ze- S. 25. marite, and the Hamathite: and after-Gen. ward were the families of the Canaa- 14. 13. nites fpread abroad.


19 And the border of the Canaanites that was from Sidon, as thou comeft to Ge-is of rar unto Gaza, as thou goeft uinto So-the dom and Gomorrah, and Admah, and s Zeboim, even unto Lafhah Num.


10. 17. 20 And Noah began to be ana husGal.6. bandman, and he planted a vineyard. 21 And he drank of the wine, and 20 k Thefe are the fons of Ham, 24: 24. Gen. was drunken,and he was c uncovered after their families, after their ton-t Heb. 48.15.within his tent. gues, in their countreys, and in their great. Gen. Deut. 22 And Ham the father of Canaan nations. 28. 18.faw the nakednefs of his father, and 21 Unto Shem alfo the / father of 5.32. Joh. told his two brethren without. all the children of Eber, the brother m A&t. 8.34. 23 And Shem and Japheth took a of Japheth the elder, even to him 2.9. nz Kl. Pal. garment, and laid it upon both their were children born. 144-15.fhoulders, and went backward, and co- 22 The children of Shem; m Elam, IS. 19. Heb. vered the nakedness of their father; and Afhur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, Job 11. 16.and their faces were backward, and and Aram. Re.9.5.they faw not their fathers nakednefs. 23 And the children of Aram; o Uz, ? Luk. tor, 3.35. 24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and Hul, and Gether, and Math. Per- and knew what his younger fon had 24 And Arphaxad begat Salah; and that is, divimade. done unto him. Salah begat Eber.


Hof. 2. 25 And he faid,e Curfed be Canaan; 24. fa fervant of fervants fhall he be unto Act.17.hts brethren.

25 And unto Eber were born two fion. fons, the name of one wasp Peleg, for Num. in his days was the earth divided; and 16.38, his brothers name was Joktan.

26 And he faid, g Bleffed be the LORD Eph. God of Shem; and Canaan fhall be fervant. Rom. 27 God fhall enlarge Japheth,and he 11. 12. fhall b dwell in the tents of Shem;and Heb. Canaan thall be his fervant. 21.9. 28 And Noah lived after the flood 10. three hundred and fifty years. Mal. 2. 29 And all the days of Noah were nine hundred & fifty years,& he died. CHAP. X.

40. 26 And Joktan begat Almodad, and Pfalm Sheleph,and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah, 106. 27 And Hadoram, and Uzal, and 13. 92 Chr. Diklah, 28 And Obal, and Abimael,& Sheba. 9. 10, 29 And q Ophir, &r Havilah, and Jo- 13. bab: all thefe were the fons of Joktan. Job 22. 30 And their dwelling was from 24. Metha, as thou goeft unto Zephar ar Gen fmount of the ealt.


1 Noahs generations. 2 The fons of Japheth, 6 of Ham. 8 Nimrod the first monarch. 21 The fons of Shem. Gen. of Shem, Ham, Tow thefe are the a generations of

25. 18. 31 These are the fons of Shem,after I Sam. their families, after their tongues, in 5.7. their lands, after their nations. of their generations, in 32 Thefe are the familles of the fons 23.7.



and Japheth and unto them were fons their nations: and by these were the 17. 26. born after the flood. nations divided in the earth after the hr. 2 The fons of Japheth;Gomer, and flood.



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