Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Volume 3

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Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1830 - Books

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Page 1885 - Explication sommaire des Planches de Mollusques de l'Egypte et de la Syrie ; publiées par Jules-César Savigny ; offrant un exposé des caractčres naturels des genres, avec la distinction des espčces, par Victor Audouin.
Page 1424 - He governed a people that was hostile to him. His reign therefore was a reign of experiments. He perpetually did the thing he desired not to do, and was driven from one inconsistent and undesirable mode of proceeding to another, as the necessity of the situation in which he was placed impelled him.
Page 1862 - THE LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, Written by Himself : translated from two Persian Manuscripts, and illustrated with Notes explanatory of the History, Poetry, Geography, &c. which therein occur. By FC BELFOUR, MA Oxon, Sic. &c. In Demy Octavo ; 10».
Page 17 - Malthus stated that the value of a commodity refers to 'the conditions of its supply, or the natural and necessary costs of its production'. ('On the Meaning which is Most Usually and Most Correctly Attached to the Term "Value of a Commodity" ', Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom, Vol.
Page 1915 - ... quid judicandum sit ? — Utrum lithotomia nunc carere possimus aut non ? si non, — quando isti methodo novae, quando...
Page 1521 - HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of Discoveries and Travels in North America, including the United States, Canada, the Shores of the Polar Sea, and the Voyages in search of a North-West Passage: with Observations on Emigration. By HUOH HURRAY, FRSE &c. Author of Travels in Africa, Asia, &c.
Page 48 - Palestine," etc. New York : M.DCCC.L. Duodecimo. Pp. xv. 412.* " Talvi" is a word formed of the initials of the author's maiden name. HISTORICAL (an) view of the revolutions of Portugal, since the close of the Peninsular war : exhibiting a full account of the events which have led to the present state of that country.
Page 1551 - MEIJEK (JD) De la Codification en général, et de celle de l'Angleterre en particulier, en une série de Lettres adressées ŕ Mr. CP Cooper.
Page 1647 - Pur/iosc, and attached to His Majesty's Ship Hecla, in the Year 1827 ; under the Command of Captain William Edward Parry, R.
Page 28 - Mémoire sur un traité fait entre les Génois de Péra et un prince des Bulgares, par M.

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