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HE Justice you have done to Dr. Bure
net's Memory, by your Version of the

two Parts you have published of his Archæologiæ Philosophice, as well as of his Tractate De futurâ Iudeorum Restauratione, cannot be too highly Applauded.

This Morning, at the Request of a particular Friend, I went to the Prerogative-Office, in DoctorsCommons, to peruse the Last Will and Testament of Mr. Wilkinson, who has taken so much upon him with Relation to Dr. Burnet's Writings.

He has died much more Rich chan Religious, for the Will is void of all Preamble, except the Scrivener's, In Nomine Domini, &c.

He makes Confellion of no Sins, dies in the Communion of no Church, and expresses no Hopes of a Resurrection. He says not one Word of his Soul, and very little of his Body. I find he was a York Mire-Man, born at Crofe an obscure Parish in that County, to the Poor of which he has left ten Pounds.

I. His Executors are his Wife and one Mr. Edward Simpson, his Cousin. Besides, her Share of his Eftate for Life, he leaves her all the Jewels

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