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TALE-BEARING, cat. 145.

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which are fincere, con. xvi. 6.

Singing of prälms, a part of religious wor-
Thip, con xxi. s.

Temptation. Why God leaves his childrens
Slandering, sinful, cat. 145.

manifold templations, con. v. 5. The
Songs that are lascivious, forbidden, cat. wicked given up to the temptations of the

world, con. v. 6. Temptations to sin are
The foul of man is immortal, con. iv. 2. to be avoided and resisted, cat. 99. 66.

cat. 17. The state of souls, when sepa- 135, 138. How temptation is to be pray,
rate from their bodies, con. xxii. I, cat. ed against, cat. 195.

Testament.' The books of the old and
Sovereignty, God hath most fovereign do- New Testament are the word of God,

minion over his creatures, to do by them, con. i. 2. cat. 3. And the only rule of
for them, or upon them whatsoever he faith and obedience, ibid. See fcriptures,
pleaseth, con. ii. 2. The light of nature Testament, why the covenant of grace is
Theweth that God hath lordship and fo- called a testament, con. vii, 4. As it was
vereignty over all, con. xxi. 1. Eternal administred under the law, it is called the
Tovereignty to be ascribed to God alone, Old Testament, con. vii. s. And as ad-
cat. 196.

ministred under the gospel, it is called
We are to pray with due apprehensions of the New Testament, con. vii. 6.

his sovereign power, cat. 175, 189. Thanksgiving, to be joined with prayer, con.
Spirit, See Holy Ghost.

xxi. 3. cat. 108. 198. It is to be made
Stage- Plays, forbidden, cat. 139.

in the name of Christ, con. xxi. 3, So-
Stews, not to be tolerated, cat. 139.

lemn thanksgiving, a part of religious
Supererogation, impossible, con. xvi 4. worship, con. xxi. s.
Superiors, Why stiled fathers and mothers, Toleration. A false religion not to be tole-
cat. 125. How to be honoured, con. xxiii.

rated, cat. 109.
4. cat. 127. Their duty, con. xxiiii, Tradition, no pretence for using superstiti-
2, 3, cat. 119. Their fins, cat. 130. See ous devices in the worship of God, cat.

109. No traditions of men to be added
Superftition. God may not be worshipped ac- to the scripture, con i. 6.

cording to the imaginations and devices Transubstantiation is repugnant not only to
of men, con: xxi. 1. Religious worship not scripture, but to common sense and rea-
instituted by God himself, is not to be fon, con. xxix. 6. And is the cause of
used or approved, cat. 109. All supersti- manifold superstitions, yea of gross ido-

tious devices, &c. sinful, cat. 109, 113. latries, ibid.
Supper, See Lord's fupper.

The tree of life was a pledge of the covenant
Surety, Christ the surety for believers, cat.

of works, cat, 20.
71. He was throughly furnished to exe- The Trinity, See God, persons.
cute that ofice, con viii. 3. And God Truth between man and man, how presery-
accepteth fatisfaction from him as their ed and promoted, cat. 144. What things
surety, cat. 71.

are contrary to it, cat. 145.
Suretyship, that is not necessary, is to be a.

voided, cat. 141. Suspension from the UNion of the clect with Christ, con.
Lord's table, con. XXX. 4.

xxv. 1. xxvi. 1. cat. 66. It is insepa-
Swearing, See oaths. Vain or rash swearing rable, cat. 79. Believers are united to

by the name of God, or to swear at all one another in love, con. xxvi. .
by any other thing, is to be abhorred, Union of the two natures in Christ, See per-
con. xxii. 2.

sonal union.
Synods, Sec councils.

Unregencrate, the use of the moral law to



them, cat. 96. Their best works cannot hearing.
please God, and why, con. xvi. 7. But Worldly mindedness, sinful, cat. ros. 142.
their neglect to do what God commands, Works. What are good works and what
is more finful, ibid.

not, con. xvi. s. Good works are the
ication, See Calling.

fruits and evidences of a true and lively
w, a part of religious worship, con. xxi. faith, con. xvi 2. The uses and ends of
5. What it is, and how to be made, con. good works, ibid. Ability to do good
xxii. 5, 6. To be made to God alone, works is wholly from the Spirit of Christ,
con. xxv. 6. cat. 108. What vows are con. xvi. 3. The actual influence of the
unlawful, con. xxii. 7. Violating of law- Spirit is required for the performance of
ful vows, and fulfilling of unlawful, is them, ibid. This no plea for negligence,
(inful, cat. 113.

ibid. Supererogation, impossible, con.
try, unlawful, cat. 142.

xvi. 4. We cannot by our best works
merit pardon of sin or eternal life at the
hand of God, and why, con. xvi. s.

Yet the good works of believers are ac.
VAr may be waged by Christians under cepted by God in Christ, and rewarded,

the New Testament, con. xxiii. 2. con. xvi. 6. The works of unregenerate
e Wicked. Their condition in this life, men cannot please God, and why, con.
cat. 83. Immediately after death, con. xvi. 7. But to neglect to do what God
xxxii. 1. cat. 86. In and after judgment, commands, is more sinful, ibid. All per-
con, xxxii. 2. cat. 89.

fons shall in the day of judgment, re-
11. The counsel of God's will is most ceive according to what they have done
wise and holy, con. iii. 1. cat. 12. It is in the body, whether good or evil, con.
unsearchable, con. iü. 7. cat. 13. It is

xxxiii. 1.
free and immutable, con. v. 1. cat. 14. Worship. To God is due from his crea-
And most righteous, con il. 1. How tures, whatever worship he is pleased to
the will of God is to be done and sub- require, con. ii. 2. The light of nature
mitted to, cat. 192. The will of God, Theweth ihat God is to be worshipped,
revealed in the scriptures is the only rule con. xxi. 1. But the acceptable way of
of faith, worship and practice, See Scrip- worshipping God, is instituted by him-
ture. Christ revealeth to his church by self in the scriptures, ibid. He may not
his Spirit, and word the whole will of be worshipped according to the imagina-
God, in all things concerning their edi- tions and devices 'of men, con. xxi 1.
Ecation and salvation, cat. 48.

cat. 109. False worship is to be opposed,
e-will. The will of man is neither for- cat. 108. As also any worship not insti-
ced, nor by any absolute necessity of na- tuted by God himself, cat. 109. But
ture determined to do good or evil, con. there are some circun stances concerning
iii. 1. ix. 1. Man in his state of inno- the worship of God which are to be or-
cency had freedom and power to will and dered by the light of nature and Chri-
do good, con. iv. 2. ix. 2. cat. 17. By fian prudence, according to the gene-
his tall he lost all ability of will to any

ral rules of the word, con. i. 6. Reli-
fpiritual good accompanying falvation, gious worship is to be given to God the
con. vi. 2, 4. ix. 3. cat. 25, 192. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and to
will is renewed in conversion, con ix. 4. him alone ; and that only in the media-
X. i. cat 67. It is made perfectly and

tion of Christ, con. xxi. 2 cat 179, 181.
immutably free to do good alone in the The parts of religious worship, con. xxi.
state of glory only, con. ix. s.

3, s. Religious worship not tied to any
ord. Sec fcripture, reading, preaching, place, but God is to be worshipped every



where in spirit and truth, as in private Wrath, fee Curfe. families daily, and in secret, each one by

Z himself; fo more folemnly in the public ZEAL for God, a doty, cat. 104. Cores allemblies, which are not to be neglect- blind and indiscreet zeal, sinful, ca cd, con. xxi. g.


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