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I N D E X.


Believers, sins of, pardoned througla
ABSOLUTION, ministerial, what, 596 the death of Christ, 348
Abuse of the doctrine of election, 474

forechosen, and predestina-
Acceptable prayer, what, 650

ted to everlasting life, how, 363
Adam, fall of, 2

Bilney, the instrument of Latimer's
Alictions, sanctified, how profitable, conversion, 490
89, 226, 687

Bishop, story of a,

All men worthy of eternal death, 49 Bishop and pastors, of different sorts,
All are not saveil, why, 338, 476

All Christ's doings are given to the Bishops should be careful whom they
believer, 360

ordain, 245
Anabaptists, their arguments against Blasphemers, how punished by God,
infant baptism opposed, 140

Ananias, remarks on, 576

Blessings, spiritual,alike given to poor
Auger, God's, against sin, in David's

and :ich, 470
case, 550

Bodily presence of Christ, how, 357
Angry, how to be so and not sin, 110 Book of life, who are in, 475
Anthony, St. and the cobler, 558

how we may be in and
Apostles' creed explained, 349

out of it, 691
Apostles, four manner of, 24

how we may know that
Appropriating faith, 671

we are in it, ib.
Armour of God, 162

Born again, how we are, 642, 655
Articles of 1552, 329

- to glorify God, we are, 223
Ascension of Christ, benefits from, 358 Bread, spiritual, what, 375
Assurance, 4, 20, 456, 485

Breakers of Sabbath punished, 644
At hand, how God is, 281

Breast-plate of righteousness, what,
Atonement, 427

Austin, St. on grace and freewill, 189 Bridegroom, Christ, of the church,

Baptism, what, 335, 369

what it represents, 370 Called, many, but few chosen, 474
- a mean for taking away ori- Calling is by the preaching of the
ginal sin, 135

Gospel, 363
infant, ten reasons for, ib.

not of merit, but of mercy,
Bede and Austin on freewill, 190

Beggars, we are all, 564

--- cause of, 295
Believe what we ought, 41

Catharine Parr, anecdote of, 433
Believer, the, how he has fulfilled the Catechism, King Edward's, 341
law, 485, 679

Catechetical ex position of the Lord's
how he feeds on Christ, 627 prayer, 372
Believers, present and past state of, Catechising, use of, 342
contrasted, 48

Cautions as to prodestinasion, 476


Ceremonies by some substituted for Christian, his life and duties, 378
true religion, 263

his comfort, 683
Charity, office of, 92

Christians, their mutual duties, 186
- nature of, 299, 676

should shine as lights, 240
Chosen, why we are, 33

- must pray for each other,
the, how made so, 366

Children, they ought to be piously Church, what it is, 333, 362
brought up, 150

who are of it, 363
how we ought to be, 10%

visible, what, 365
God's, who are, 667

invisible, what, 362
Christ promised to the patriarchs, 2 Circumcision, true, what, 62
to what end he came, 3

Comfort from faith, 680
office of, 4

Commandments of the second table,
--- our peace, how, 63

explained, 345, 346
--- died to bring believers to life Communion of Saints, what, 367
everlasting, 66

Conversion, a ground of thanks, 49
our only intercessor, 68

manner of, 478
the corner-stone, 75

Corruption of man, 352
his exaltation, 235

Covenant established with Adam,
his descent into heil, 329,

Covetous men, idolaters, IZI
what he hath done for us, 353 Covetousness, sermon on, 692

his death, resurrection, and Cow and calf, story of, 569
ascension, explained, ib.

Creation of man, 350
what he is now doing for us,

always present by his Godhead, Daily bread, what, 375, 555

Damnation, nothing can help out of,
present with his people, how,

man's fault, not God's,
- an example for us, 360

gives the believer liberty, how, Danger of sinning after grace received,

suffered not for impenitent sin.. or having riches, 618
ners, 486

Day, why called evil, 124
- and the woman of Samaria, David's fall illustrated, 672

Death, how desirable, 213
the only way to God, 87

preparation for, 215
the foundation, 103

of Christ remedieth not impe-
died for me, explained, 593 nitent sinners, 486

The only source of joy and of Christ only beneficial to be-
peace, 255

lievers, 668
preferable to all things, 264, “ Deliver us from evil,” explained,

- as man, took our sins upon Departed saints not to be prayed to, 67
him, 427

Devil, how to be expelled, 169
succours the tempted, 428

his temptations, 606
all things done through him,

his diligence should make us

watchful, 613
merited all present and future and a sick man, story of, 454
blessings, for as many as will be-

is often believed sooner than
lieve, 658

God, 284
how offered up for the sins of is a very diligent prelate in his
the whole world, 660

diocese, 648
---a full and perfect Saviour, 677 Difference between a general and spe-

kept the law for us, 680, 682 cial faith, 671






Discipline, the want of, lamented,

Divine things, knowledge of, enforced,
Doctrine of the Gospel, miscalled a
new doctrine, 199

false, of the Papists, 103
true, always constant, 256

of salvation by works very
dangerous, 658
Duty, our, to bring others to hear

the word, 39
Duties of men to each other, 43

magistrates, 508
ministers, ib.
servants, 157, 562, 508
masters, 510
husbands and wives, ib.
parents and children, 557

towards preachers, 536
Drunkenness a cause of other sins,


of, 19

Encouragement to suffer for righ-

teousness sake, 544
Ends, to what we are predestinated,

Enemies, spiritual, what, 164
Enemy, we ought to love an, 705
Epaphroditus commended, 247

bishop of the church &
Philippi, 248
Epistle to the Ephesians, argument
Errors of Anabaptists, 170

of merit-mongers, 469
Events at the end of the world, 363
Everlasting life, how obtained, 531
Example of Christ's humility, 233
Excuses of sinners, 639

Faith and the Spirit, evidences of, 41

is not of ourselves, 53
has increased, 223
in the Holy Trinity, 329
in God the Father, what, 349

what it does for the believer,

how it lays hold on Christ's
righteousness, 364

is the mother of good works,


Edward VI. (king), life of, 303

compared to Josiah, 304

his early veneration of
Scripture, ib.

his love to his subjects,

his disposition, ib.

his progress in learning,

his zeal in defence of re-
ligion, 308

his opposition to popery,
instance of, ib.

Reformation, the, en-
couraged, 317

Christ's Hospital founded
by him, 320

his dying prayer, 321
Effects of Adam's fall, melancholy,

Elect, how I may know if I am of

the number, 690
Elected, we are, not for our works,

but through mercy, 364
Election is of grace, 30

is unto holiness, ib.

doctrine of, abuses of, con-
futed, ib.

fruits of, 42

explained, 475
- our, when sure, 477

proper use of, 690

cannot be without good works,

of the Old Testament saints,

of assurance, what, 593
what, 651
a great lady, 652
fruits of, ib.
nature of, when true, 444, 658
only justifieth, 676

cometh by hearing, 689
Faithful preachers found fault with,

Faithfulness in preaching necessary,

Fall of Adam, 537
Father and mother, when to be left,

our, explained, 482
Fear of death argued against, 214
Feeling of faith, what, 479
Fish not more holy than flesh, 91
Flesh not to be trusted in, 259

what the Apostle understands
by it, 260
Formal and hypocritical prayers, 532
Forgiveness, not from the Pope, 34

Four monarchies, 515
Free-will can begin no good work
without grace, 188

its power, ib.
Fruits of election, 42
Fulfil, we do the law, by Christ's

fulfiling, 452
Fulblled the law for us, Christ did,

General judgment, 362
Gentiles, their state without Chris-

tianity, 104
Genuine penance, what, 670
Ghost, Holy, sin against, 598, 631
Gifts to be used for the glory of God,

Girdle of truth, what, 166
Giving for God's sake is great gain,

God willeth not sin, 38

his will cannot be resisted, ib.
not the author of evil, ib.
- loved us when we were his ene-
mies, 52

wills us to have assurance by
faith. ib.

calls his works in us our works,

works in us both to will and to
do, 238

the nature of, 343
why called Father, 350
how said to be in heaven, 487
his love to his children, 489

does not forget his children, 492
- a common father to all sorts of
men, 493

his name, how sanctified, 504
vanquishes Satan, how, 520
his kingdom twofold, 522
tempteih, how, 613
delivers his people from tempta-

tion, 424

knows his elect, 656
had a people even among Papists,


Good works must be done, why, 20$

enforced, 456, 469

do act justify, 659
Gospel mystery, what, 36, 353
Gospellers, some bad, not all so, 246
Governors and governed, duties of,


Grace and peace, what, 27, 185

work of, when begun, how
God finishes, 188

without, we can do nothing,
231, 238, 513

how it works, 331

God's, to the chief of sinners,
instance of, 84
Gratitude a duty, 288
Growth in Christ, what, 76

Hales, his relic, account of, 437
Hallowed be thy name, explained,

Heathens, state of, before conversion,

Health, bodily, to be committed to

God, 689
Hell, Christ's descent into, 440
Helmet of salvation, what, 168
Help in temptation about prayer, 484
History of Adam's fall, 351
Holiness enforced, 224
Holy day, why appointed, 642
Holy Ghost, sin against, what, 333

blasphemy against, ib.
Honour to disciples for Christ's sake,

Honouring of parents, how under-

stood, 345
Hospitality, examples of, 290
How the believer is concerned in all
that Christ did, 360

to resist Satan's temptations at
death, 453

to know whether we are chosery,

some among the Papists might
be saved, 663

we are under the curse of the
law, 681

we are just and righteous, 683
Human laws to be obeyed, 533

--- when they may be dis-
obcyed, ib.
Humiliation and exaltation of Christ

contrasted, 356
Humility enforced, 232, 49.5

God head and manhood of Christ dis-

tinguished, 357
Godliness, what, 378
Good men generally slandered, 595
Good Friday, sermon on, 419
Good works, of what use, 54

---- to what we are ordained,

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