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quick by the prospects of Reform, has just addressed to his neighbours of St Albans-borough pure,

Like Liverpool and Retford,

a strong dissuasive against the Ministerial Bill; and, among the proofs he urges of Parliamentary virtue, are, the votes which drove out the last Ministry because of its unpopularity, and left the present in a minority because of its incapacity.' Lord Verulam then must really despair of his country; for he can see no Government at all, unless Lord Liverpool should vouchsafe to come to us from those blessed regions where no House of Commons ever sits, and Committees of Inquiry cease to trouble, and the Press is at rest. But we may be permitted a remark on the incapacity vote.' Does any man living doubt that this vote was levelled at the Reform Bill? We venture to say Lord Verulam can no more deny it, than he can expound a page of the Novum Organum. This feat of Parliamentary virtue, therefore, upon which rests the claims of the present corrupt system to our protection, was a most flagrant instance of the tenacity of life which is possessed by the worst portion of the borough jobbers. They voted against the truly wise and politic measure, recommended by all parties,-the late government as well as the present,-merely that they might damage the Reform, and visit upon the heads of its authors the sin of having propounded it. But we observe that the heir to Lord Bacon's title will not venture to ascribe any one qualification for office to the party now in opposition. He admits their unpopularity, and has no other claim to urge for them. In truth, he knows and feels that, excepting their present opposition to Reform, they have no one title even to the confidence of the borough party, who will full soon discover how slender a title even to their favour that trumpery line of conduct gives them.

As for the people of England, we are slow to believe that they would be gratified to see all at once an end of the present Ministry, and its wise and salutary measures-that they long for the day which shall restore to us the internal divisions and heart-burnings spread all over the land a few months agowhich shall cause the friends of Prince Polignac's to revisit the Foreign Office-displace the sound financial reforms of Lord Althorpe and Sir Henry Parnell, and turn back the purifying stream which has been made to sweep through the Augean stables of Chancery. These items would constitute a somewhat high price to pay for the delights of the rotten-borough system, and the chance of those who changed all their opinions upon the Test and the Catholic question, (when, by persisting in them, they had driven the country to the verge of a civil war on reli

gious grounds,) enacting the same part again upon the question of Parliamentary Reform, and adopting the measure of 1831, when, in 1832 or 1833, they had, by resisting it, shaken the whole frame of society in pieces, and made a remediless breach between the different orders of the community.

We will venture to predict, that no such prospect of convulsion ever was before this country, as will befall it should the great measure of the Government be rejected by the interested exertions of the Borough Party. In proportion to the union and delight which now prevails among all ranks and conditions of men, in every quarter, will be the bitter indignation of this exasperated people. Over the possible consequences we gladly draw a veil, to contemplate the days of tranquillity and boundless prosperity which this healing measure holds in its right hand,' and will shower down on our beloved country, should it pass into a law. The whole resources of the people will, for the first time, without let or hinderance, be brought into active exertion. Peace at home, and peace abroad, the grand corner-stones of all national prosperity, will bless us with their sure effects; and the times of discord and mutual distrust, which have preceded the happy change, will only be remembered to make the enjoyment of the present more grateful, and the determination to remain contented and united more firm.


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From January to March 1831.


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