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Apacrypba. and made ready the altar of the God of Israel, || and shouted with a loud voice, singing songs

49 To offer burnt sacrifices upon it, ac- l of thanksgiving unto the Lord for the rearcording as it is expressly commanded in the ing up of the house of the Lord. book of Moses the man of God.

63 Also of the priests and Levites, and of 50 And there were gathered unto them the chief of their families, the ancients who out of the other nations of the land, and they | had seen the former house came to the builderected the altar upon his own place, becauseing of this with weeping and great crying. all the nations of the land were at enmity 64 But many with trumpets and joy shoutwith them, and oppressed them; and they ed with loud voice, offered sacrifices according to the time, and 65 Insomuch that the trumpets might not burnt offerings to the Lord both morning and be heard for the weeping of the people : yet evening.

the multitude sounded marvellously, so that 51 Also they held the feast of tabernacles, it was heard afar off. as it is commanded in the law, and offered sa 66 ( Wherefore when the enemies of the crifices daily, as was meet :

tribe of Judah and Benjamin heard it, they 52 And after that, the continual oblations, came to know what that noise of trumpets and the sacrifice of the sabbaths, and of the should mean. new moons, and of all holy feasts.

67 And they perceived that they that 53 And all they that had made any vow were of the captivity did build the temple to God began to offer sacrifices to God from unto the Lord God of Israel. the first day of the seventh month, although 68 So they went to Zorobabel and Jesus, the temple of the Lord was not yet built. and to the chief of the families, and said unto

54 And they gave unto the masons and them, We will build together with you. carpenters, money, meat, and drink, with 69 For we likewise, as ye, do obey your cheerfulness.

Lord, and do sacrifice unto him from the 55 Unto them of Sidon also and Tyre they days of Azbazareth the king of the Assyrigave cars, that they should bring cedar trees ans, who brought us hither. from Libanus, which should be brought by 70 Then Zorobabel and Jesus, and the floats to the haven of Joppe, according as it chief of the families of Israel said unto them, was commanded them by Cyrus king of the It is not for us and you to build together an Persians.

house unto the Lord our God. 56 And in the second year and second 71 We ourselves alone will build unto the month after his coming to the temple of God Lord of Israel, according as Cyrus the king at Jerusalem began Zorobabel the son of Sa- l of the Persians hath commanded us. lathiel, and Jesus the son of Josedec, and their 72 But the heathen of the land lying hieabrethren, and the priests, and the Levites, and vy upon the inhabitants of Judea, and holdall they that were come unto Jerusalem out || ing them strait, hindered their building ; of the captivity :

73 And by their secret plots, and popular 57 And they laid the foundation of the persuasions and commotions, they hindered house of God in the first day of the second the finishing of the building all the time that month, in the second year after they were king Cyrus lived : so they were hindered come to Jewry and Jerusalem.

from building for the space of two years, un58 And they appointed the Levites from til the reign of Darius. twenty years old over the works of the Lord.

CHAP. VI. Then stood up Jesus, and his sons and breth- || 1 The propbets stir up the people to build the team ren, and Cadmiel bis brother, and the sons of ple: Darius is solicited to binder it : 27 but Madiabun, with the sons of Joda the son of || be doth furtber it by all means. Eliadun, with their sons and brethren, all Le- N OW in the second year of the reign of vites, with one accord setters forward of the TV Darius, Aggeus, and Zacharias the son business, labouring to advance the works in of Addo, the prophets, prophesied unto the the house of God. So the workmen built || Jews, in Jewry and Jerusalem, in the name of the temple of the Lord.

the Lord God of Israel, which was upon them. 59 And the priests stood arrayed in their 2 Then stood up Zorobabel the son of Salvestments with musical instruments and athiel, and Jesus the son of Josedec, and began trumpets; and the Levites the sons of Asaph to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem, had cymbals, i

the prophets of the Lord being with them, 60 Singing songs of thanksgiving, and and helping them. praising the Lord, according as David the S At the same time came unto them Sisinking of Israel had ordained.

nes, the governor of Syria and Phenice, with 61 And they sung with loud voices songs || Sathrabuzanes, and his companions, and said to the praise of the Lord, because his mercy unto them, and glory is for ever in all Israel.

4 By whose appointment do ye build this 62 And all the people sounded trumpets, ll house and this roof, and perform all the oth

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Apocryphas er things ? and who are the workmen that come hither, laid the foundations of the perform these things?

house of the Lord at Jerusalem : and from 5 Nevertheless, the elders of the Jews ob- || that time to this, being still a building, it is tained favour, because the Lord had visited not yet fully ended. the captivity.

21 Now therefore, if it seem good unta 6 And they were not hindered from build | the king, let search be made among the recing, until such time as signification was given ords of king Cyrus : unto Darius concerning them, and an answer 22 And if it be found that the building of received.

the house of the Lord at Jerusalem hath been 7 The copy of the letters which Sisinnes done with the consent of king Cyrus, and if governor of Syria and Phenice, and Sathra our Lord the king be so minded, let him sigbuzanes, with their companions, rulers in nify unto us thereof. Syria and Phenice, wrote and sent unto Da 23 q Then commanded king Darius to síus ; To king Darius, greeting :

seek among the records at Babylon : and so 8 Let all things be known unto our lord at Ecbatana the palace, which is in the counthe king ; that being come into the country try of Media, there was found a roll where of Judea, and entered unto the city of Jeru- it in these things were recorded. salem, we found in the city of Jerusalem the 24 In the first year of the reign of Cyrus, ancients of the Jews that were of the captivity, king Cyrus commanded that the house of the

9 Building an house unto the Lord, great Lord at Jerusalem should be built again, and new, of hewn and costly stones, and the where they do sacrifice with continual fire : timber already laid upon the walls.

25 Whose height shall be sixty cubits, 10 And those works are done with great || and the breadth sixty cubits, with three rows speed, and the work goeth on prosperously of hewn stones, and one row of new wood of in their hands, and with all glory and dili- i that country; and the expenses thereof to be gence is it made.

given out of the house of king Cyrus : 11 Then asked we these elders, saying, 26 And that the holy vessels of the house By whose commandment build ye this house, of the Lord, both of gold and silver, that and lay the foundations of these works? Nabuchodonosor took out of the house at

12 Therefore to the intent that we might Jerusalem, and brought to Babylon, should give knowledge unto thee by writing, we | be restored to the house at Jerusalem, and be demanded of them who were the chiet do- set in the place where they were before. ers, and we required of them the names in I 27 ( And also he commanded that Sisinnes writing of their principal men.

the governor of Syria and Phenice, and Sa13 So they gave us this answer, We are thrabuzanes, and their companions, and the servants of the Lord which made heav those which were appointed rulers in Syria en and earth.

and Phenice, should be careful not to meddle 14 And as for this house, it was builded with the place, but suffer Zorobabel, the sermany years ago by a king of Israel, great vant of the Lord, and governor of Judea, and and strong, and was finished.

the elders of the Jews, to build the house of 15 But when our fathers provoked God the Lord in that place. unto wrath, and sinned against the Lord of 28 I have commanded also to have it Israel which is in heaven, he gave them over built up whole again ; and that they look into the power of Nabuchodonosor, king of | diligently to help those that be of the capBabylon, of the Chaldees ;

tivity of the Jews, till the house of the Lord 16 Who pulled down the house, and be finished: burned it, and carried away the people cap 29 And out of the tribute of Celosyria, tives unto Babylon.

and Phenice, a portion carefully to be given 17 But in the first year that king Cyrus these men for the sacrifices of the Lord, that reigned over the country of Babylon, Cyrus is, to Zorobabel the governor, for bullocks, the king wrote to build up this house. and rams, and lambs ;

18 And the holy vessels of gold and of sil I SO And also corn, salt, wine, and oil, and ver, that Nabuchodonosor had carried away || chat continually every year without further out of the house at Jerusalem, and had set question, according as the priests that be in them in his own temple, those Cyrus the king || Jerusalem shall signify to be daily spent : brought forth again out of the temple at 31 That offerings may be made to the Babylon, and they were delivered to Zoro- | most high God, for the king, and for his chil

dren, and that they may pray for their lives. 19 With commandment that he should || 32 And he commanded, that whosoever carry away the same vessels, and put them in should trangress, yea, or make light of any the temple at Jerusalem ; and that the temple thing afore spoken or written, out of his own of the Lord should be built in his place. house should a tree be taken and he thereon be

20 Then the same Sanabassarus, being | hanged, and all his goods seized for the king.


Apocrypba. 33 The Lord therefore, whose name is there 1. the king of Assyria toward them, to strengthcalled upon utterly destroy every king and na- | en their hands in the works of the Lord God tion, that stretcheth out his hand to hinder or || of Israel. endamage that house of the Lord in Jerusalem.

CHAP. VIII. 34 I Darius the king have ordained that 1 Esdras bringetb tbe king's commission to build ; according unto these things it be done with 8 the copy of it; 28 be declaretb the names and diligence.

number of those that came with bim. CHAP. VII.

AND after these things, when Artaxerxes 1 Sisinnes and others help forward the building. n the king of the Persians reigned, came

5 The temple is finished and dedicated. 10 The Esdras the son of Saraias, the son of Ezerias, passover is kept.

the son of Helchiah, the son of Salum, ri 'HEN Sisinnes the governor of Celosyria 2 The son of Sadduc, the son of Achitob,

I and Phenice, and Sathrabuzanes, with the son of Amarias, the son of Ezias, the son their companions, following the command ll of Meremoth, the son of Zaraias, the son of ments of king Darius,

Savias, the son of Boccas, the son of Abisum, 2 Did very carefully oversee the holy the son of Phinees, the son of Eleazar, the works, assisting the ancients of the Jews and son of Aaron the chief priest. governors of the temple.

3 This Esdras went up from Babylon, as 3 And so the holy works prospered when a scribe, being very ready in the law of MoAggeus and Zacharias the prophets prophe- || ses, that was given by the God of Israel. sied.

4 And the king did him honour : for he 4 And they finished these things by the || found grace in his sight in all his requests. commandment of the Lord God of Israel, 5 There went up with him also certain of and with the consent of Cyrus, Darius, and the children of Israel, of the priests, of the Artaxerxes, kings of Persia.

Levites, of the holy singers, porters, and 5 ( And thus was the holy house finished ministers of the temple, unto Jerusalem, in the three and twentieth day of the month 6 In the seventh year of the reign of ArAdar, in the sixth year of Darius king of the || taxerxes, in the fifth month, this was the king's Persians.

seventh year; for they went from Babylon in 6 And the children of Israel, the priests, and the first day of the first month, and came ta the Levites, and others that were of the cap Jerusalem, according to the prosperous jourtivity, that were added unto them, did accord- ney which the Lord gave them. ing to the things written in the book of Moses. 7 For Esdras had very great skill, so that

7 And to the dedication of the temple of he omitted nothing of the law and commande the Lord they offered an hundred bullocks, ments of the Lord, but taught all Israel the two hundred rams, four hundred lambs; ordinances and judgments.

8 And twelve goats for the sin of all Is 8 Now the copy of the commission, rael, according to the number of the chief of which was written from Artaxerxes the king, the tribes of Israel.

and came to Esdras the priest and reader of 9 The priests also and the Levites stood the law of the Lord, is this that followeth; arrayed in their vestments, according to their 9 King Artaxerxes unto Esdras the priest kindreds, in the service of the Lord God of | and reader of the law of the Lord, sendeth Israel, according to the book of Moses : and greeting : the porters at every gate.

10 Having determined to deal graciously, 10 And the children of Israel that were | I have given order, that such of the nation of the captivity held the passover the four of the Jews, and of the priests and Levites, teenth day of the first month, after that the being within our realm, as are willing and priests and the Levites were sanctified. desirous, should go with thee unto Jerusalem.

11 They that were of the captivity were 11 As many therefore as have a mind not all sanctified together : but the Levites thereunto, let them depart with thee, as it were all sanctified together.

hath seemed good both to me and my seven 12 And so they offered the passover for friends the counsellors : all them of the captivity, and for their bre 12 That they may look unto the affairs of thren the priests, and for themselves.

Judea and Jerusalem, agreeably to that which 13 And the children of Israel that came is in the law of the Lord; out of the captivity did eat, even all they that 13 And carry the gifts unto the Lord of had separated themselves from the abomina Israel to Jerusalem, which I and my friends tions of the people of the land, and sought the | have vowed, and all the gold and silver that Lord.

in the country of Babylon can be found, to 14 And they kept the feast of unleavened the Lord in Jerusalem, bread seven days, making merry before the 14 With that also which is given of the Lord,

people for the temple of the Lord their God 15 For that he had turned the counsel of at Jerusalem : and that silver and gold may

Chap. VIII.

Apocrypha. be collected for bullocks, rams, and lambs, ll 30 Of the sons of Pharez, Zacharias, and and things thereunto appertaining;

with him were counted an hundred and fifty 15 To the end that they may offer sacri- || men : fices unto the Lord upon the altar of the || 31 Of the sons of Pahath Moab, Eliaonias Lord their God, which is in Jerusalem. the son of Zaraias, and with him two hun

16 And whatsoever thou and thy brethren dred men: will do with the silver and gold, that do, ac- || 32 Of the sons of Zathoe, Sechenias the cording to the will of thy God.

son of Jezelus, and with him three hundred 17 And the holy vessels of the Lord, which men : of the sons of Adin, Obeth the son of are given thee for the use of the temple of Jonathan, and with him two hundred and thy God, which is in Jerusalem, thou shalt | fifty men : set before thy God in Jerusalem.

33 Of the sons of Elam, Josias son of Goth18 And whatsoever thing else thou shalt re- || Olias, and with him seventy men : member for the use of the temple of thy God, 34 Of the sons of Saphatias, Zaraias son of thou shalt give it out of the king's treasury. Michael, and with him threescore and ten men: · 19 And I king Artaxerxes have also com 35 Of the sons of Joab, Abadias son of Jezmanded the keepers of the treasures in Syria elus, and with him two hundred and twelve and Phenice, that whatsoever Esdras the priest men : and the reader of the law of the most high 36 Of the sons of Banid, Assalimoth son God shall send for, they should give it him of Josaphius, and with him an hundred and with speed,

threescore men : 20 To the sum of an hundred talents of 37 Of the sons of Babi, Zacharias son of silver, likewise also of wheat even to an || Bebai, and with him twenty and eight men : hundred cors, and an hundred pieces of wine, 38 Of the sons of Astath, Johannes son of and other things in abundance.

Acatan, and with him an hundred and ten 21 Let all things be performed after the men : law of God diligently unto the most high 39 Of the sons of Adonikam the last, and God, that wrath come not upon the kingdom these are the names of them, Eliphalet, Jeuel, of the king and his sons.

and Samaias, and with them seventy men. 22 I command you also, that ye require 40 Of the sons of Bago, Uthi the son of no tax, nor any other imposition of any of Istalcurus, and with him seventy men. the priests or Levites, or holy singers, or I 41 And these I gathered together to the porters, or ministers of the temple, or of any | river called Theras, where we pitched our that have doings in this temple, and that no | tents three days : and then I surveyed them. man have authority to impose any thing 42 But when I had found there none of apon them.

the priests and Levites, 23 And thou, Esdras, according to the 43 Then sent I unto Eleazar, and Iduel, wisdom of God, ordain judges and justices, and Masman, that they may judge in all Syria and Phenice 44 And Alnathan, and Mamaias, and Jo. all those that know the law of thy God; and ribas, and Nathan, Eunatan, Zacharias, and those that know it not thou shalt teach. Mosollamon, principal men and learned.

24 And whosoever shall transgress the law 45 And I bade them that they should go of thy God, and of the king, shall be punished unto Saddeus the captain, who was in the diligently, whether it be by death, or other place of the treasury: punishment, by penalty of money, or by 46 And commanded them that they should imprisonment.

speak unto Daddeus, and to his brethren, and 25 9 Then said Esdras the scribe, Blessed to the treasurers in that place, to send us such be the only Lord God of my fathers, who hath men as might execute the priests' office in put these things into the heart of the king, the house of the Lord. to glorify his house that is in Jerusalem : 47 And by the mighty hand of our Lord

26 And hath honoured me in the sight of they brought unto us skilful men of the sons the king, and his counsellors, and all his of Moli the son of Levi, the son of Israel, friends and nobles.

Asebebia, and his sons, and his brethren, who 27 Therefore was I encouraged by the | were eighteen. help of the Lord my God, and gathered to | 48 And Asebia, and Annuus, and Osaias gether men of Israel to go up with me. his brother, of the sons of Channuneus, and

28 9 And these are the chief according to their sons, were twenty men. their families and several dignities, that went 49 And of the servants of the temple up with me from Babylon in the reign of whom David had ordained, and the principal king Artaxerxes :

men, for the service of the Levites, to wit, 29 Of the sons of Phinees, Gerson : of the the servants of the temple, two hundred and sons of Ithamar, Gamael : of the sons of Da- || twenty, the catalogue of whose names wero vid, Lettus the son of Sechenias :



Apocrypha 50 And there I vowed a fast unto the God of Israel, even twelve bullocks for all Isyoung men before our Lord, to desire of rael, fourscore and sixteen rams, him a prosperous journey both for us and 66 Threescore and twelve lambs, goats for them that were with us, for our children, and a peace offering, twelve; all of them a sacri. for the cattle :

fice to the Lord. 51 For I was ashamed to ask the king foot 67 And they delivered the king's como men, and horsemen, and conduct for safe- || mandments unto the king's stewards, and to guard against our adversaries.

the governors of Celosyria and Phenice; and 62 For we had said unto the king, That they honoured the people, and the temple of the power of the Lord our God should be God. with them that seek him, to support them in 68 Now when these things were done, all ways.

the rulers came unto me, and said, 53 And again we besought our Lord as 69 The nation of Israel, the princes, the touching these things, and found him favour- || priests and Levites, have not put away from able unto us.

them the strange people of the land, nor the 54 Then I separated twelve of the chief of pollutions of the Gentiles, to wit, of the Canathe priests, Esebrias, and Assanias, and ten anites, Hittites, Pheresites, Jebusites, and the men of their brethren with them :

Moabites, Egyptians, and Edomites. 55 And I weighed them the gold, and the 70 For both they and their sons have marsilver, and the holy vessels of the house of ried with their daughters, and the holy seed our Lord, which the king, and his council, is mixed with the strange people of the land; and the princes, and all Israel, had given. and from the beginning of this matter the

56 And when I had weighed it, I deliver || rulers and the great men have been partakers ed unto them six hundred and sixty talents | of this iniquity. of silver, and silver vessels of an hundred tal- || 71 And as soon as I had heard these things, ents, and an hundred talents of gold,

I rent my clothes, and the holy garment, and 57 And twenty golden vessels, and twelve pulled off the hair from off my head and vessels of brass, even of fine brass, glittering | beard, and sat me down sad and very heavy. like gold.

72 So all they that were then moved at 58 And I said unto them, Both ye are holy the word of the Lord God of Israel, assemunto the Lord, and the vessels are holy, and bled unto me, whilst I mourned for the inithe gold and the silver is a vow unto the quity : but I sat still full of heaviness until Lord, the Lord of our fathers.

the evening sacrifice. 59 Watch ye, and keep them till ye de 73 Then rising up from the fast, with my liver them to the chief of the priests and Le clothes and the holy garment rent, and bowvites, and to the principal men of the families | ing my knees, and stretching forth my hands of Isracl, in Jerusalem, into the chambers of | unto the Lord, the house of our God.

74 I said, O Lord, I am confounded and 60 So the priests and the Levites, who had ashamed before thy face; received the silver, and the gold, and the ves- | 75 For our sins are multiplied above our sels, brought them unto Jerusalem into the heads, and our ignorances have reached up temple of the Lord.

unto heaven 61 And from the river Theras we depart 76 For ever since the time of our fathers, ed the twelfth day of the first month, and we have been and are in great sin, even unto came to Jerusalem by the mighty hand of this day. our Lord, which was with us; and from the 77 And for our sins and our fathers', we, beginning of our journey the Lord delivered with our brethren, and our kings, and our us from every enemy, and so we came to Je priests, were given up unto the kings of the rusalem.

earth, to the sword, and to captivity, and 62 And when we had been there three il for a prey with shame, unto this day. days, the gold and silver that was weighed 78 And now in some measure hath mercy was delivered in the house of our Lord, on been shewed unto us from thee, O Lord, that the fourth day unto Marmoth the priest the there should be left us a root and a name in son of Iri.

the place of thy sanctuary ; 63 And with him was Eleazar the son of 79 And to discover unto us a light in the Phinees, and with them were Josabad the son | house of the Lord our God, and to give us of Jesu, and Moeth the son of Sabban, Le food in the time of our servitude. vites : all was delivered sbem by number and 80 Yea, when we were in bondage, we weight.

were not forsaken of our Lord; but he made 64 And all the weight of them was writ-us gracious before the kings of Persia, so that ten up the same hour.

they gave us food; 65 Moreover, they that were come out of 81 Yea, and honoured the temple of our the captivity offered sacrifice unto the Lord | Lord, and raised up the desolate Zion, that

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