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University Press: Hilliard, Metcalf, & Co.


The volume of Mrs. Hemans's Poems now published contains about eighty pages more than were promised in the Proposals. It is believed that no handsomer or more correct reprint of any foreign author has appeared in our country. Its price, at the same time, is less, in proportion to its size, than the prices at which Mrs. Hemans's publications, printed in a style not superior, are sold in London.

The shorter miscellaneous poems have not appeared before in any volume of her works. They were furnished by the author at different times. Their number was, at last, found to be such, as to make it necessary to omit the selection proposed from her former volumes. Her two tragedies are, probably, as little known in this country, as any of her writings; not admitting of being circulated in the various ways, through which so many of the finest of her smaller poems have been given to the public.

"The Forest Sanctuary" is in the press, and, it is hoped, will be published in a few weeks; in the same style of

printing as the present volume. A double titlepage has been given with this volume, as the first of her works. If a sufficient number of her writings should be published by the editor uniformly with the present, to make a second, or a third volume, of the same size, a corresponding titlepage will be given, for the convenience of those who may procure a complete set. Those who possess a single volume only, can easily cancel the added title.

Mrs. Hemans is now engaged in preparing another volume, to be entitled "Records of Woman." Many of the poems, of which it will be composed, have already appeared separately in the New Monthly Magazine, and have been reprinted in this country. None of them, of course, are contained in the present collection. Whenever the volume may appear, it is the intention of the present editor immediately to republish it. All republications by him are under the direction, and for the benefit of the author; who has done him the honor to accept the offer of his services.

The publication of this volume has been retarded by difficulty and delay in procuring the means for executing it in the manner desired. No similar delay, it is believed, will take place in regard to "The Forest Sanctuary."

It only remains for the editor to avail himself of this opportunity to express the great pleasure which he has felt in the interest taken in the republication of Mrs. Hemans's

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