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My parents read this book. they are trying to make other people read it. but i am a 63 pound middle schooler being forced to abide by rules meant for weight loss. i dont have any issues in my body. they are not getting foods like goldfish, cereal, and even some vegetables. these rules make no sense. what is lectin going to do to my family? i have been eating these foods my whole entire and i dont sense any problems.
Sorry if you may not agree.

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It's an interesting perspective. On whether a class of people should avoid lectins.
America is having increased problems with food allergies and we have not really figured out why. Bad advice
from mainstream medicine is sometimes a real issue- as with the now reversed advice to parents about extreme peanut avoidance which was making peanut allergy more common and more dangerous.
This book makes an important contribution by illuminating a category of insults to our intestines, lectins, that we can recognize and control. Hopefully without creating a hysteria that makes problems worse.
I always respect evolutionary explanations of medical problems. Humans adapted during the stone age to conditions, and plants and animals around us also have their evolutionary pressures.
Dr. Gundry points out that plants that don't benefit from being eaten usually try to prevent that by being hard-on-the-stomach. Small seeded plants in particular.
While healthy humans can usually deal with plants attempts to kill us, not everyone has great intestinal resilience. And continued inflammation can accelerate a host of autoimmune issues.
Folk cooking traditions sometimes embody a knowledge of this. The old Italian practice of dealing with tomatoes for example. Parboil, skin, remove seeds, boil overnight... make a lovely sauce that won't cause intestinal aggravation.
Good writing. Easy to follow advice. If it doesn't work for you, you'll know quick enough.

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Wow, what an amazing book, my gut-issues are all but GONE, no more bloating, no more gas, my Lymes Disease/Adrenal Fatigue symptoms have almost disappeared and i've lost 5lbs in 2 weeks. I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with gut/G.I. issues.

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