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Structure of the Human Eye-The Pupil-Red Eyes-Humours-Muscles-Lachrymal Gland and Ducts-Protection of the Eye--Omnipresence of God - Eyes of Fishes and of Birds — Lens with its Fibres - Eye of the Secretary Bird-Eyes of the Chameleon--Eyes of Insects-Prismatic Facets-Eyes of Crustaceous Animals-Eyes of the GiraffeFunction of Vision-Refraction of Light—Colour—Magnitude-Power of Vision-Spiritual Light



Tongue of the Woodpecker-Ivory-billed and Golden-winged Woodpeckers - Toucans–Parrots—Chameleon - Rattlesnake-Butterfly-Taste of Insects—Tongues of Bees-Cattle-Giraffe— The Works of God should be studied-Organ of Taste in Man---The Tasters—The Benevolence of God-Knowledge and Industry of Man-Pleasure of Taste- The VoiceModification of the Voice-Speech the Prerogative of Man-EloquenceGovernment of the Tongue-Praise to God for mercies



The Sense of Touch-The Sea-Anemone—The Barnacle-Clio BorealisThe Angler--Fishes under control—The Snake--Insects-Birds—The Lion -Proboscis of the Elephant--Various parts of the Frame on which the Hand



Sound-Air a Medium of Sound-Sound conveyed by solid Bodies--
Sonorous Bodies-Vibrations-External Structure of the Ear-Internal
Structure-The Bones—Tympanum-The Labyrinth and Cochlea— The
Sense of Hearing inferior in Animals --Sense of Hearing in Reptiles-
Snake Charmers-Ear of the Common Barn Owl-Hearing in Mammalia
- The Long-eared Bat-Ears of the Horse-Special provision for the Whale
- The Human Ear-Musical Sound -Velocity of Sound-Extraordinary

Echo-Faith cometh by hearing .

Odours—Fragrance of the Fields—Odour of Flowers and Wood-Sandal-
wood - The Civet—The Musk Deer-Duration of Perfumes-Minuteness of
the Particles of Scent—The Organ of Smell—Nostrils of the Human Nose
-Turbinated Bones of the Sheep and of the Seal-Scent of Hounds, of the
Deer, and of the Camel-Remarkable provision-Scent of Smell in various
Animals—in the Vulture, in Fishes, and in Insects-The Benevolence of
God—A Child with only one Sense-Preparation for Eternity.

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