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Thus Dartmouth, happy in her sylvan seat,
Drinks the pure pleasures of her fair retreat ;
Hér songs of praise, in notes melodious rise,
Like clouds of incense to the listening skies;
Her God protects her with paternal care,
From ills distructive and each fatal snare;
And may he still protect, and she adore,
Till heaven, and earth, and time, shall be no more. '

Note (k) page 85.

At a meeting of the Board of Commissioners, from the Society for propagating Christian Knowledge in Scotland, held in Boston, June 11, 1789, the following report of a committee, formerly appointed by the board, was made to them, and unanimously accepted.

Attest, Peter THACHER, Assist. Sec'ry.

The committee appointed to confer with Dr. Wheelock, and examine the accounts of Moors Indian Charity School, have attended that service, and find, by the accounts exhibited by him, that the following sums have been expended, by the late Dr. Wheelock and the president, from the year 1767, viz.

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In the above is included the balance of £ 584 3 9 sterling, due to the late Dr. Wheelock, March 20, 1775, as by his printed narrative : also £ 470 2 11 sterling, due to the present Dr. Wheelock, as per his account, sent to the society, and interest on it.

The committee have carefully examined the accounts, and compared the charges with the original entries, and are of opinion that £1190 10 1 sterling, including the aforesaid charges of interest, has been expended by the late and the present Dr. Wheelocks, more than they have received ; that the expenditures have been for the use of Moor's school, and not to benefit the college." The committee observe, that the expence and charges of clearing land, building, &c. are very high, the causes of which are noticed in the preceding pages, and further say—" These, with some other charges, the Committee impute not to any wilful misapplications of the monies, but rather to the zeal of the late Dr. Wheelock, to promote the great design he had in view, of christianizing the Indians, and his not knowing what funds would be proper to expend for these purposes, and the best method of laying them out.

“ The Committee do not find any charges made by the late or present Dr. Wheelock, for their time or trouble, and are fully of opinion that the debts incurred, and expenditures made; were on the credit of the funds in England and Scotland.”

Just before the revolutionary war, and when the school's monies in England were expended by Doctor Wheelock, the following testimonial of the faithful application of it, agreeably to the original design, was given, for the satisfaction of the public.

We, whose names are hereunto annexed, from personal ace quaintance, or credible information, are fully satisfied that the generous donations, made by the liberal and charitably disposed, both in Greut Britain and America, for the support of the Indian Charity School, founded and carried on by the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D. and now connected with Dartmouth College, have been carefully, conscientiously, and prudently applied, solely for the purpose of propagating Christian knowledge, among the Indian natives of America ; and that the growth, progress, and present flourishing state of that school, much exceed our most sanguine expectations.

We esteem it also a very signal smile of heaven, that God did incline the hearts of gentlemen in England, of such res pectable characters, to become Trustees of the monies there collected, for the use and benefit of that seminary, and in that capacity to distinguish themselves as its patrons and benefactors, which has contributed not only greatly to its encouragement and furtherance, but also much to that reputation, which it has so generally obtained.

And we trust in the Supreme Benefactor, still to dispose the hearts of the pious and benevolent, who are honored with abie lity, to extend their munificence towards a design so good and laudable.

And considering the situation of that institution, and the blessings of heaven which have evidently attended it, we apprehend the present prospect of its utility, ought warmly to invite the benefactions of all, who are disposed to promote the interests of religion and learning, in those places where igno. rance and paganism, have in times past, reigned triumphant. Signed by His Excellency JOHN WENTWORTH, Esq.

Governor of New Hampshire. The Hon. Theodore Atkinson, Esq. 7 The Hon. Daniel Warner, Esq.The Hon. Mark H. Wentworth, Esq. The Hon. Jonathan Warner, Esq. Counsellors of the The Hon. Daniel Rogers, Esq.

Province of
The Hon. Daniel Rindge, Esq.

New Hampshire.
The Hon. Peter Gilman, Esq.
The Hon. George Jaffrey, Esq.
The Hon. John Sherburne, Esq.
The Hon. John Phillips, Esq.
The Hon. William Parker, Esq.

Hunting Wentworth, Esq.
Samuel Penhallow, Esq.

John Wendell, Esq. Not. Pub.
Feb. 23, 1775.

After the conclusion of the wars, for the satisfaction of all, and particularly, the Honorable Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge, in whose hands are the Schooi's funds, collected in North Britain, and who had manifested a desire to be informed of the state of the school, and the use and improvement made of its property to that time, the following Certificates, one from the ministers of the gospel, in the vicinity of the School and College, the other from gentlemen in civil offices in the State of New Hampshire, were given.


To the Honorable Society in Scotland, for propagating Christian Knowledge in foreign parts, and all whom it may

We, the subscribers hereby certify, that we were personally acquainted with the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D. President of Dartmouth College and Moor's Charity School, some of us for the whole, and others the greatest part of the time from his removal to New Hampshire, until his decease in the year 1779 : and do, with great pleasure testify his singular zeal and exertions in spreading Christian Knowledge in the uncultivated parts of America, and especially among the natives, by employing missionaries and educating their youth, and others for that purpose. And from abundant evidence, we are fully convinced that the monies, intrusted to his care for promoting that important object, were strictly and conscientiously applied to that purpose, and have been of real benefit in promoting the kingdom of our common Lord among those where satan has heretofore reigned unmolested. We further testify that since his decease, the same object has been attentively pursued by his son and successor, Mr. John Wheelock, who we have reason to believe is influenced by the same spirit, and who, notwithstanding the great embarrassments which have unavoidably arisen by the late public calamities, has been at great expence in educating Indian youths and others who might be the most useful in carrying on that important design.

And we trust and believe his labors have not been in vain, so we ardently wish he may in future receive, such aids as may enable him to carry it on with greater vigor and efficacy.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands, at HanOver, in the State of New Hampshire, A. D, 1784.

Signed by

Samuel Todd, A. M. V. D. M. and Moderator of the

Presbytery in the vicinity of said School. John Richards, A. M. Pastor of the Church in Piermont. Isaiah Potter, A. M. Pastor of the Church in Lebanon.

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