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William Conant, A. M. Pastor of the Church in Lyme. Lyman Potter, A. M. Pastor of the Church in Norwich,

(Member of the Presbytery) living in the vicinity of

Moor's School. Asa Burton, A. M. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in


To the Honorable Society in Scotland, for propagating christian knowlege in foreign parts: From the best accounts which can be obtained, we have sufficient reason to believe, that Moor's Indian Charity School, under the care of President Wheelock, has been attended with the singular smiles of Divine Providence.—That Dr. Wheelock and his son and successor, have been prudent and indefatigable in the management of it-And that the means for its support have been invariably applied with strict fidelity. And we do accordingly, with the greatest cheerfulness, recommend it as an object truly deserving encouragement and charity,

Given under our hands, in the State of New Hampshire,

this 25th day of December, A. D. 1784. M. Weare, President of the State of New Hampshire. Enoch Hale, Member of the Senate of said State. John Langdon, Member of the Senate of said State. Geo. Atkinson, Speaker of the House of Representatives

of said State. Moses Dow, A. M. Member of the Senate from said State,

from the County of Grafton.

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The names of the respectable signers of the foregoing certificates, were authenticated by Nathaniel Adams, Esq. as Notas ry Public of the State of New Hampshire. If any thing further were necessary, to certify the honest and faithful application of the charitable donations to the college and school, agreeably to their original design, a letter might be added, written by his Excellency, John Taylor Gilman, Governor of New Hampshire, so lately as 1800, to the Rev. Doctor Kemp, Se. cretary to the Society in Scotland, in which he certifies, from personal knowledge, in substance agreeable to the foregoing testimonies.

Note (l.) page 133. L. S. The Governor, Council, and General Assembly of the State of Vermont. To all people to whom these presents shall come, Greeting. Know ye, that whereas Dartmouth College and Moor's Charity School, being situated on the east bank of Connecticut river, have been, and still are, of important service, in diffusing useful literature among mankind, and through this state in particular : We have therefore thought fit for the due encouragement, and for promoting the useful and laudable designs of said College and School ; and for many weighty considerations, us hereunto moving: We do by these presents, in the name and by the authority of the freemen of the State of Vermont, give and grant the tract of land, hereafter described and bounded, unto him the said John Wheelock, as President of said School, and to the trustees of said College, viz. Beginning, &c.- the said Wheelock as President, and for his successors in office, to have and to hold the one moiety of said premises, as above described, solely and exclusively for the use and benefit of said School forever; and the said trustees and their successors in office, to have and to hold the other moiety, solely and exclusively for the use and benefit of said Dartmouth College forever, all the appurtenances and privileges thereunto belonging and appertaining, are hereby also granted to the President and trustees, for the purposes 'aforesaid.

In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of this State to be affixed, this 14th day of June, 1785, and in the ninth year of the independence of this State.

By His Excellency's Command,

Joseph Fay, Sec'ry.

Note (m) page 152.

The following is a list of the officers and Instructors of the College, and the periods of their officiating.


Presidents. 1769. The Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D. Founder of the

University. 1779. The Hon. John Wheelock, LL. D.


Resignation. 1769. Excellency John Wentworth, LL. D. Governor. 1784 1769. Hon. Theodore Atkinson.

1780 1769. Hon. George Jaffrey,

1788 1769. Hon. Daniel Pierce.

1774 1769. Hon. Peter Gilman.

1776 1769. Hon. William Pitkin.

1773 1769. Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D. President. 1779 1769. Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy, D.D.

1784 1769. Rev. James Lockwood.

1773 1769. Rev. Timothy Pitkin.

1773 1769. Rev. John Smalley, D. D.

1774 1769. Rev. William Patten.

1776 1773. Hon John Phillips, LL. D.

1793 1773. Hon. Bezaleel Woodward.

1804 1773. Rev. Eden Burroughs. 1774. Hon. John Sherburne.

1777 1774. Hon. Elisha Payne.

1803 1776. Rev. Silvanus Ripley, S. T. D.

1787 1776. Hon. Samuel Phillips, LL. D. Lieu. Gov. Mass. 1788 1777. Rev. David M.Clure, D. D.

1800 1779. Hon. John Wheelock, LL. D. President. 1780. Rev. Joseph Huntington, D. D.

1783 1784. Hon. Simeon Olcott, LL. D.

1793 1784. Rev. Levi Hart, D. D.

1788 1788. Rev. Balkley Olcott.



1809 1789

1809 1790 1794 1808


1788. Rev. Job Swift, D. D.
1788. Rev. John Smith, D. D.
1788. Excellency John Langdon, Governor.
1788. Hon. Peter Olcott.
1789. Excellency John Sullivan, LL. D. Governor.
1790. Excellency Josiah Bartlett, M. D. Governor.
1793. Rev. Israel Evans.
1793. Hon. Jonathan Freeman.
1793. Hon. Nathaniel Niles.
1794. Excellency John Taylor Gilman, LL. D. Gov.
1800. Rev. Lyman Potter.
1801. Rev. Jabez Bowman.
1801. Thomas Thompson, Esq.
1802. Hon. Stephen Jacob.
1804. Hon. Timothy Farrar.
1805. Excellency John Langdon, LL. D. Governor.



Professors and Tutors. Hon. John Wheelock, LL. D. Prof. of Civ. & Eccles. History, Francis Brown, Prof. Elect, of the Oriental Languages. Ebenezer Adams, A. M. Prof. Math. and Phil. Rey. Roswell Shirtliff Philips, Prof. Theol. Nathan Smith, M: D. Prof. Med. and Chym. Cyrus Perkins, M. D. Prof. of Anat. Samuel Ayer, A M. Tutor.

White, A. M. Tutor. At the anniversary commencement of 1804, the Honorable Bezaleel Woodward, Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, departed this life. He had fulfilled the duties of a Professor and Tutor from the foundation of the College. His profound knowledge of the abstruse and useful science of mathematics, the facility of his instructions in natural and experimental Philosophy and Ethics, his condescending and amiable manners; will be long and gratefully remembered by those who have received the benefit of his instructions,

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Note (n) page 153. The following are the names of the Masters of Moor's School, and times of their officiating : 1754 Moses Barret,

1775 Silvanus Ripley, 1757 Chandler Robbins, 1779 Jacob Wood, 1758 Caleb Barnum,

1783 Caleb Bingham, 1758 Ralph Pomeroy, 1783 Elisha Ticknor, 1759 Benjamin Trumbull, 1786 Timothy Dickinson. 1760 Edmund Davis,

1787 Baruch Chase, 1761 Charles Jaffrey Smith, *1788 Daniel Dana, 1761 John Huntington, 1789 Josiah Dunham, 1762 John Leslie,

1793 Asa M’Farland, 1764 John Lathrop,

1795 Judah Dana, 1765 Aaron Kinne,

1796 Tilton Eastman, 1766 Ralph Wheelock, 1797 Josiah Dunham, 1767 Bezaleel Woodward, 1800 Caleb Butler, 1768 Samuel Wales,

1801 Thomas A. Merrill, 1769 Amzi Lewis,

1803 Frederic Hall, 1769 David M'Clure, 1805 William Hayes, 1772 James Dean,

1806 Edmund Flagg, 1773 John Smith,

1807 Samuel Ayer, 1775 Jacob Fowler,



Account of the family connexions of Doctor Wheelock.

HE was first married in 1735, to Mrs. Sarah Maltby, relict of Capt. William Maltby of New Haven, and daughter of the Rev. Mr. Davenport of Stamford, Connecticut.*

She was a lady of superior accomplishments, amiable and pious. With her he lived eleven years, and by her, had six children, three

* She was the mother of the Rev. John Maltby, who was many years the pious and faithful pastor of the Church of Christ on the Island of Bermuda. On his loss of health, he came to Hanover, on a visit, where he died, Anno 1771, universally respected, and is laid by the side of his venerable father in law.

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