The Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement, Volume 2

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Longman, Rees, Orome, Brown and Green, 1830

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Page 305 - And every oblation of thy meat offering shalt thou season with salt; neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the covenant of thy God to be lacking from thy meat offering: with all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt.
Page 67 - HORTUS GRAMINEUS WOBURNENSIS : Or, an Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses, and other Plants, used as the Food of the more valuable Domestic Animals : instituted by John Duke of Bedford.
Page 184 - Colonies at home; or, Means for rendering the industrious labourer independent of parish relief, and for providing for the poor population of Ireland by the cultivation of the soil.
Page 465 - To Preserve Seeds. — THE following has been recommended as a certain preventive against birds taking seeds out of the ground in gardens, &c. Mix together one pound of gas-tar...
Page 183 - Though he may do without some or other of these things in a certain degree when necessity presses hardest, he cannot and will not do without them in the main. If therefore he is a man of foresight, he will at all events defer adding to the population of shopkeepers, till he sees a fair prospect of supporting a family in the way which public opinion pronounces to be respectable.
Page 252 - The seeds were sown in the experimental grass garden at Woburn Abbey, where they vegetated readily, and produced plants which flowered the second year from seed. These perfected seed in the month of October, and the plants raised from this seed the following spring differed in no respect from those the produce of the Indian seed.
Page 142 - Fig. 8.—Fan,training ; first stage. •Fan-training; second stage. headed down to three eyes, placed in such a manner as to throw out one leading shoot, and one shoot on each side ; the two lowermost shoots are to be headed down to two eyes, so as to throw out one leading shoot, and one shoot on the uppermost side, as shown in fig.
Page 377 - THE OBJECT of the Society is strictly limited to what its title imports, namely, the imparting useful information to all classes of the community, particularly to such as are unable to avail themselves of experienced teachers, or may prefer learning by themselves.
Page 128 - It is, without doubt, the most splendid of the kind ever published in Britain, and will stand a comparison, without any eclipse of its lustre, with the most magnificent ornithological illustrations of the French school. Mr. Selby has long and deservedly ranked high as a scientific naturalist.
Page 161 - ... consists of the same metal united to oxygen. When water is present, which can afford oxygen to the sodium, soda may be obtained in several modes from salt. The same reasoning will apply to the operation of the pure mineral alkali, or the carbonated alkali, as to that of the vegetable alkali ; and when common salt acts as a manure, it is probably by entering into the composition of the plant in the same manner as gypsum, phosphate of lime, and the alkalies.

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