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Records of the Association.


S HE first step which led to the organization of the


COUNTY," was taken by H. M. Addison, who was u “father of the thought,” and who published in the fall of 1879 several articles in the Cleveland newspapers relative to the project. These articles having created a favorable impression, so encouraged him that he circulated a written call for a public meeting of the pioneers and early settlers of Cleveland, for the purpose of consultation and effecting a permanent organization of such an association. The call was signed by a goodly number of Cleveland's prominent citizens, among whom were the following:

John Crowell,
Ahimaz Sherwin,
Wm. H. Stanley,
Erastus Smith,
John W. Allen,
J. P. Bishop,

S. L. Blake,
George Mygatt,
M. Barnett,
Elijah Smith,
Daniel R. Tilden,
William Fuller,

H. B. Payne, L. Dow Cottrell, John A. Foot, Homer Strong, Milo Bosworth, John Wicken, Harvey Rice, James A. Bolles, W. S. Rulison, A. R. Chapman, Jabez Hall, J. E. Twitchell, R. R. Herrick, N. B. Sherwin, S. Williamson, John C. Grannis, H. P. Weddell, James Barnett; E. B. Hale & Co., P. R. Everett, Edmund P. Morgan, R. R. Root, R. C. Parsons, O. F. Welch, George O'Conner,

John Welch, Henry H. Dodge, Elijah Bingham, Moses White, Geo. C. Dodge, J. A. Vincent, J. C. Saxton, J. J. Elwell, Elias Cozad, W. H. Doan, W. H. Hayward, T. P. Handy, John C. Covert, 0. H. Mather, Jas. D. Cleveland, S. J. Andrews, W. Bingham, J. H. Wade, A. Everett, E. S. Root, Wm. Perry Fogg, Moses Warren, T. J. Clapp, J. C. Brewer, E. S. Flint,

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