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This association shall be known as the “EARLY SETTLERS' AssoCIATION OF CUYAHOGA COUNTY," and its members shall consist of such persons as have resided in the Western Reserve at least forty years, and are citizens of Cuyahoga county, and who shall subscribe to this Constitution and pay a membership fee of one dollar, but shall not be subject to further liability, except that after one year from the payment of such membership fee, a contribution of one dollar will be expected from each member who is able to contribute the same, to be paid to the Treasurer at every annual reunion of the Association, and applied in defraying necessary expenses.


The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer, with the addition of an Executive Committee of not less than five persons, all of which officers shall be members of the Association and hold their offices for one year, and until their successors are duly appointed and they accept their appointments.


The object of the Association shall be to meet in convention on the twenty-second of July, or the following day if the twenty-second

fall on Sunday, each and every year, for the purpose of commemorating the day with appropriate public exercises, and bringing the members into more intimate social relations, and collecting all such facts, incidents, relics and personal reminiscences respecting the early history and settlement of the county and other parts of the Western Reserve, as may be regarded of permanent value, and transferring the same to the Western Reserve Historical society for preservation ; and also for the further purpose of electing officers and transacting such other business of the Association as may be required.


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at public meetings of the Association, and in his absence the like duty shall devolve upon one of the Vice-Presidents. The Secretary shall record in a book provided for the purpose the proceedings of the Association, the names of the members in alphabetical order, with the ages and time of residence at the date of becoming members, and conduct the necessary correspondence of the Association. He shall also be regarded as an additional member, ex-officio, of the Executive Committee, and may consult with them but have no vote. The Treasurer shall receive and pay out all the moneys belonging to the Association, but no moneys shall be paid out except on the joint order of the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Secretary of the Association. No debt shall be incurred against the Association by any officer or member beyond its ready means of payment.


The Executive Committee shall have the general supervision and direction of the affairs of the Association, designate the hour and place of holding its annual meetings, and publish due notice thereof, with a programme of exercises. The committee shall also have power to fill vacancies that may occur in their own body or in any other office of the Association, until the Association at a regular meeting shall fill the same, and shall appoint such number of subordinate committees as they may deem expedient. It shall also be their duty

to report to the Association at its regular annual meetings the condition of its affairs, its success and prospects, with such other matter as they may deem important. They shall also see that the annual proceedings of the Association, including such other valuable information as they may have received, are properly prepared and published in pamphlet form, and gratuitously distributed to the members of the Association, as soon as practicable after each annual meeting.


At an annual or special meeting of the Association the presence of twenty members shall constitute a quorum. No special meeting shall be held, except for business purposes and on call of the Executive Committee. This Constitution may be altered or amended at any regular annual meeting of the Association on a three-fourths vote of all the members present, and shall take effect as amended from the date of its adoption.

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