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Special Contingent Allowances applicable to the Clerks of General

and Subdivision Meetings of Lieutenancy respectively. 37. When it is necessary to call the person from a distance to

perform the duty of a general or subdivision clerk such person shall have an allowance for his travelling expences not exceeding nine-pence per mile, and the expences of tolls and ferry money; but the particulars of such expences shall be specified in a statement, and certified by the lieutenancy, and transmitted in support of the charge in the

clerk's annual account. 38. The expences necessarily incurred for the use of the room at

the place of meeting to be allowed upon the production of the receipt of the person to whom the same may be paid.


An Act to continue compositions for assessed taxes until the
fifth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and forty-

three. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 26, p. 16.
compositions for assessed taxes continued for a further term
of one year ending the fifth day of April, one thousand

eight hundred and forty-three. Id. s. 1, p. 17.
except in cases where parties shall give notice to determine
the same on the fifth day of April, one thousand eight

hundred and forty-two. Id. s. 2, p. 17.
An Act for the commutation of certain manorial rights in

respect of lands of copyhold and customary tenure
and in respect of other lands subject to such rights
and for facilitating the enfranchisement of such lands
and for the improvement of such tenure.

4 & 5 Vict. c. 35, p. 29.
appointment of commissioners. Id. s. 1, p. 30.
style of commissioners. Id. s. 2, p. 30.
to have a common seal. Id. s. 2,


instruments sealed to be received in evidence. Id. s. 2, p. 30.
commissioners to report to secretary of state. Id. s. 3, p. 30.
annual report to be laid before parliament.

Id. s. 3,

power to appoint and remove assistant commissioners, secre-

tary, &c. Id. s. 4, p. 30.
no commissioner to sit in House of Commons. Id. s. 5, p.

operation of Act as to appointments limited to five years.

Id. s. 6, p. 31.
salaries and allowances.


to be paid out of consolidated fund. Id. s. 8, p. 32.
declaration of commissioners. Id. s. 9,


commissioners may delegate powers,

&c. Id. s. 10, p. 32.
in case of the lord or tenant of a manor shall be under dis-

abilities. Id. s. 11, p. 32.
agent may be appointed by power of attorney. Id. s. 12, p. 33.
revocation of power of attorney. Id. s. 12, p. 33.
form of power of attorney. Id. s. 12, p. 34.
meetings ma be called of lords or tenants of månors on
twenty-one days notice for the purpose of agreeing on

terms of commutation. Id. s. 13, p. 34.


Id. s. 7,

p. 38.

Id. s.


at such meetings the lords and three-fourths in number of the

tenants and three-fourths in value of the interest in the
manor may agree on terms for the general commutation

of rents, fines, &c. Id. s, 13, p. 34.
terms on wh agreements may ade Id. s. 14, p. 34.
commutation may take place in consideration of a fine on

death or alienation or at a fixed period. Id. s. 15, p. 36.
provisional agreements may be made. Id. s. 16, p. 36.
proportional interest how to be computed for purpose of

voting Id. s. 17, p. 36.
meetings may be adjourned, notice being given.

Id. s. 18, p. 37.
agreement to be in the form which commissioners shall

direct. Id. s. 19, p. 37.
commissioners to frame and circulate forms, &c.

Id. s. 20,


suits and differences as to rights or boundaries may be

referred to arbitration. Id. s. 21,
consents to be required to agreements. Id. s. 22, p. 38.
agreements to be confirmed by the commissioners.

Id. s. 23, p. 39.
appointment of valuers. Id. s. 24, p. 39.


valuers may enter on lands, &c. Id. s. 26, p. 40.
not to act until he shall have made a declaration.

Id. s. 26,
stewards to furnish information required by the valuers or the

commissioners. Id. s. 27, p. 41.
and make a schedule or statement as the commissioners may

direct. Id. s. 27, p. 41.
stewards may require information from tenants, &c.

Id. s. 27, p. 41.
penalty on tenant for default. Id. s. 27, p. 42.
valuers to take particular circumstances of each case into

consideration. Id. s. 28, p. 42.
schedules of valuation to be deposited for inspection and a
meeting appointed for hearing objections.

Id. s. 29, p. 43.
hearings may be adjourned. Id. s. 29, p. 43.
expences of proceedings under the Act. * Id. s. 30,


schedule to be made by the commissioners. Id. s. 31, p. 45.
schedule of apportionment to be inspected, errors pointed out,

and schedule then confirmed. Id. s. 32, p. 45.
copies to be deposited with steward of the manor and clerk

of the peace. Id. s. 33. p. 46.
notice to parties. Id. s. 34,
commissioners may correct errors with consent.

Id. s. 35, p. 46.

P. 40.

p. 46.

p. 51.

p. 51.

lands to be discharged from rents, fines, and heriots now
payable, and a rent-charge and fixed fine to be paid in

lieu thereof. Id. s. 36, p. 46.
schedule to specify in what event a rent-charge is to be in-

creased or diminished. Id. s. 37, p. 48.
if valuers be not appointed within six months or valuation be
not made within that period commissioners may appoint.

Id. s. 38 p. 48.
commissioners may hear and determine disputes.

Id. s. 39, p. 48.
proviso as to rights to mines or minerals. Id. s. 39,


persons dissatisfied with decision may appeal by issue at law

or on case stated. Id. s. 40, p. 49.
verdict to be final. Id. s. 40, p. 50.
costs. Id. s. 40, p. 50.
proceedings not to abate by death of parties. Id. s. 41, p. 50.
in case of death of parties before actions brought, &c. the
same to be brought and carried on in their names.

Id. s. 42, p. 50.
power to examine witnesses, call for papers, Id. s. 43,
expences of witnesses, &c. Id. s. 44,
tenant paying rent-charge to be allowed the same in account
with his landlord. Id. s. 45,


lands exempted from provisions of this Act in certain cases.

Id. s. 46, p. 51.
where rentcharge is in arrear for twenty-one days after half
yearly days of payment, the person entitled thereto may

distrain. Id. s. 47, p. 52.
when rentcharge is in arrear for forty days after half-yearly
days of payment, and no sufficient distress on the

mises, writ to be issued directing sheriff to summon jury

to assess arrears. Id. s. 48, p. 52.
account, how to be rendered. Id. s. 49, p.

powers of 4 & 5 W.4, c. 22, to extend to rent-charges under

this Act. Id. s. 50, p. 53.
rents, &c. due before the commutation not to be affected.

Id. s. 51, p. 53.
power to effect a voluntary commutation. Id. s. 52, p. 53.
proviso. Id. s. 52, p. 54.
power of lords of manors to recover commutation fines.

Id. s. 53, p. 54.
power to effect supplemental or substituted commutation.

Id. s. 54, p. 54.
apportionment of rent and fines. Id. s. 55, p. 55.
power to lords and tenants to effect voluntary enfranchise-

ments. Id. s. 56, p. 55.
proviso. Id. s. 56, p. 56.
for effecting such enfranchisement if agreement not entered
into by all the tenants or their numbers be less than

twelve. Id. s. 57. p. 57.

P. 59.

p. 60.

COPYHOLD -- continued.
commissioners, before giving their consent, to satisfy them-

selves of the title to the manor ; and the expences of the
investigation, as well as the general expences to be
borne by the parties as may be agreed upon, and in

default as the commissioners may direct. Id. s. 58, p. 57.
payment, &c. of purchase money where the lord's interest is
a partial one, &c. Id. s. 59, p.

tenants may defer in certain cases the payment of a portion

of the consideration for enfranchisement until the next

event at which a fine would be payable. Id. s. 60. p. 57.
when such sum becomes due, the lord to be entitled to the
rents and profits of the land, and may proceed to obtain

possession, &c. Id. s. 61, p. 58.
power for other tenants to defer payment of consideration

for enfranchisement. Id. s. 62, p. 58.
where payments are deferred by tenants, provision to be made
for such lords as are only tenants for life.

Id, s. 63,
substituted titles. Id. s. 64,
general expences. Id. s. 65, p. 60.
action for expences. Id. s. 66, p. 60.
expences of trustees.

Id. s. 67, p. 61.
copyholders having limited interests may charge costs on the

lands in certain cases. Id. s. 68, p. 61.
expences payable by lords of manors may be charged on the

Id. s. 69,
lands to be charged with enfranchisement considerations as

on mortgage on fee. Id. s. 70, p. 62.
such sums to be first charges on the lands. Id. s. 71, p. 62.
power to mortgage. Id. s. 72, p. 62.
to whom monies for enfranchisement from lords' rights to be

paid. Id. s. 73, p.

in case of a limited estate or disability the money, if amounting
to 2001., in certain cases to be paid into the bank of England,

under 1 G. 4, c. 35. Id. s. 73, p. 63.
when less than 2001. and exceeding 201. Id. s. 74, p. 64.
when not exceeding 201. Id. s. 75, p. 64.
in case enfranchisement money be paid to a lord not entitled

thereto. Id. s. 76,
payments to stewards. Id. s. 77, p. 64,
receipts to be sufficient discharges. Id. s. 78, p. 64.
after confirmation of the apportionment, &c. in cases of com-
mutation the customary modes of descent to cease and the
lands to descend and to be subject to dower and curtesy in

like manner as freehold lands. Id. s. 79, p. 65.
proviso. Id. s. 79, p. 65.
gavelkind exempted from operation of Act. Id. s. 80, p. 65.
lands to become freehold subject to the payment of the
enfranchisement consideration. Id. s. 81, p.

commonable rights to remain. Id. s. 81, p. 66.


p. 61.

p. 64.

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