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provision for repayment. Id. s. 4, p. 98.
courts of sewers may grant securities to persons advancing

money. Id. s. 5, p. 98.
form of security. Id. s. 5, p. 98.
securities may be transferred. Id. s. 6, p. 99.
form of transfer. Id. s. 6, p. 99.
transfers to be produced to the clerk to commissioners and to

be registered by him. Id. s. 6, p. 99.
court of sewers may recompence jurymen. Id. s. 7, p. 99.
courts of sewers may amend or quash rate on appeal.

Id. s. 8, p. 100.
rated persons not incompetent witnesses. Id. s. 9, p. 100.
how chairman shall be chosen. Id. s. 10,


commissioners of sewers to hold meetings. Id. s. 11, p.

regulating meetings of commissioners of sewers.

Id. s. 12, p. 100.
saving powers of courts of sewers under recited Acts.

Id. s. 13, p. 101.
indemnities, &c. of 3 & 4 W. 4, c. 22, extended to this Act.

Id. s. 14,


this Act not to prejudice any local Act. Id. s. 15, p.

saving the rights of the city of London. ld. s. 16, p. 101.
guarding the powers of the commissioners of sewers for

Westminster, &c. Id. s. 17, p. 101.
saving rights of Bedford Level corporation. Id. s. 18, p. 102.

An Act to authorize and facilitate the completion of a survey
of Great Britain, Berwick upon Tweed, and the Isle of

Man. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 30, p. 19.
Justices at quarter sessions to appoint persons to assist in
ascertaining the boundaries of counties, cities, boroughs,

&c. Id. s. 1, p. 19.
persons producing fabricated appointments to forfeit fifty

pounds. Id. s. 1, p. 19.
surveyor, &c. empowered to enter lands to fix boundaries.

Id. s. 2, p. 19.
where it is necessary to fix any mark in any garden, &c.
the occupier may employ a person to fix it.

Id. s. 2, p. 20.
satisfaction to be made for damages. Id. s. 2, p. 20.
appeal to quarter sessions. Id. s. 2, p. 21.
sheriffs in Scotland to settle the amount of compensation.

Id. s. 3, p. 21.
clerk of the peace of each county shall deliver to surveyor a

list of all the cities, towns, boroughs, parishes, &c.
within the county on penalty of ten pounds.

Id. s. 4, p. 21.



clerk of the peace shall attend surveyor on twenty days'
notice of defining the boundaries of counties, &c.

Id. s. 5, p. 22.
on failure of clerk of the peace attending, two inhabitants

may be required to attend. Id. s. 5, p. 22.
boundaries of the counties to be ascertained and marked out

by posts, stones, &c. Id. s. 6, p. 23.
penalty on removing or defacing boundary stones, &c.

Id. s. 7, p. 23.
penalty on obstructing survey. Id. s. 8, p.
allowance to parties, &c. attending to point out boundaries.

Id. s. 9, p. 24.
payments for damage, how to be made. Id. s. 10, p. 24.
penalty on parties, &c. not attending, or not pointing out

boundaries. Id. s. 11, p. 24.
Act not to affect any boundaries or rights of property.

Id, s. 12, p. 25.
recovery of penalties before two Justices of the Peace, sheriff,

deemsters, &c. Id. s. 13, p. 25.
application. Id. s. 13, p. 26.
plea of general issue. Id. s. 14,
interpretation clause. Id. s. 15, p. 27.
sheriff's clerk in Scotland to furnish lists.

Id. s. 16,


sheriff and magistrates of burghs in Scotland, to appoint

persons to attend the surveyor. Id. s. 17, p. 27.
duration of Act.

Id, s. 18,

Act may be repealed this session. Id. s. 19,


p. 26.

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An Act to amend an Act, of the fifth and sixth years of King

William the fourth, for the more easy recovery of tithes,
and to take away the jurisdiction from the ecclesiastical
courts in all matters relating to tithes of a certain

amount. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 36, p. 72.
enactments and provisions of recited Act, respecting pro-

ceedings for the recovery of certain tithes, and other
ecclesiastical dues, extended to all ecclesiastical courts

in England. Id. s. 1, p. 72.

An Act for removing doubts as to the continuance of certain

local turnpike Acts. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 9, p. 5.
certain local Acts declared to have been, and to be in force
until the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred

and forty-two. Id. s. 1, p. 6.

An Act to amend the Acts for regulating turnpike roads in

Id. s. 2,

England, so far as they relate to certain exemptions

from toll. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 33, p. 28.
tolls not to be taken for carts, &c. crossing roads, or passing

not above 100 yards thereon. Id. s. 1, p. 29.
extending powers of former Acts to this Act.


not to affect roads exempted by recited Act. Id. s. 3, p. 29.
TURNPIKE ROADS. See Highway Rate.
An Act to amend an Act of the third year of King George

the Fourth, for regulating turnpike roads in England,
and also, An Act of the fifth and sixth years of King
William the Fourth, for consolidating the laws relating

to highways in England. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 51, p. 107.
lands in the exclusive occupation of persons for agricultural

purposes, to be deemed inclosed lands. Id. s. 1, p. 108.
An Act to amend an Act, to extend the practice of vac-

cination. 4 & 5 Vict. c. 32,
expenses of vaccination to be defrayed out of the poor rates.

Id. s. 1, p. 28.
vaccination declared not to be parochial relief.

Id. s. 2, p. 28.

p. 28.


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