Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom

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Routledge, 2003 - Reference - 555 pages
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The intertwined issues of religious freedom, religious rights and church-state relations are a major issue around the world. In fact, much of the story of human history is the story of quests for freedom by different religious groups in different places at different times. These quests and stories continue today with the Baha'i in Iran, Muslims and Christians in India, Catholics and the Falun Gong in China, Scientologists in Germany and Spain, Rastafarians in Jamaica, Copts in Egypt and Muslims in France. This encyclopedia examines religious freedom, religious rights and church-state relations around the world both throughout history and in contemporary society. articles in five general topical categories. Basic concepts and ideas such as religious rights, freedom of conscience, natural rights and freedom from religion, fundamentalism, modernity and secularism. and covering nations with high degrees of religious freedom such as the United States to those with serious religion-based conflicts such as India, to nations with official religions such as Saudi Arabia and Greece. Medieval Europe, Imperial China, the Muslim Empire, the colonial United States and the Communist Soviet Union. have been the target of religious repression including the Coptic Christians, Cathars, Old Believers, Jehovah's Witnesses, Falun Gong and Scientologists. There are also descriptions of major international, regional and national laws, declarations and conventions concerning religious rights such as the First Amendment to the US Consitution, United Nations Declarations and conventions and the Code Noir.

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