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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1832, by Thomas Whittemore, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts.



To the Rev. Hosea Ballou :

RESPECTED BROTHER:-Having brought the following work to a close, I am impelled by a sense of my individual obligations to you, and of the debt of gratitude under which you have laid the Universalist community by your long and unremitted services, to make this insufficient acknowledgment. When you was about my age, you made the Parables of the New Testament the subject of particular and careful study, and at that time produced your highly valuable work which has since passed through repeated editions, and been very generally read by the religious denomination to which we belong. I am a humble follower in the path which you marked out. This work, on which I take the liberty to inscribe your name, was

commenced before it came to my knowledge that you intended revising your own. I rejoice that you have bestowed on the third edition the fruit of your study and reflection, since its first appearance. It may not be inproper to add, that this work has been prepared and published with the knowledge and encouragement of the respected booksellers, who possess the copy right of your Notes.

There will be found, respected Brother, a close agreement between our application of the Parables. The principal difference is this: I have brought forward, in defence of the views we entertain, the testimony of commentators of various denominations; and I have endeavoured to make the Parables better understood, and account for the imagery used in many of them, by a reference to the laws, customs and habits of the eastern nations. I regret that I have not been able to attain this part of my object to a fuller ex


In the hope that your valuable life and labors may be continued yet many years, I subscribe myself affectionately yours,


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